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  1. i am a writer i am also very dyslexsic and if you do have what i have may i ask do you see it visualy and feel as if you are truely there? as if its all real ? do the people/characters you create in that world live as if they are real? if so THANK GOD THAT I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS also its not that i am crazy i know its not really there but it feels real you know ;P
  2. my dark secret is that i love fantasy more than reallity i love just sitting in a dark room putting on some music and just drift away in my own little world of fantasy i can just sit there for hours as reallity melts away
  4. i am a male and i hate that no matter what i try to do i always look like i am an aggrasive person i just have that kinda look to me and me being a very tall person does not help and all my guy friends just want me to bro out with them and sure i like a drink or to but i also love to just talk to people instead of just belch nonsence about SPORTS ect
  5. Brick

    ..Hi.. :)

    Welcome to the forums i hope you will enjoy your stay here :3 if you need to talk to some one brick will be here for anypony so just send me a text on the forum incase you do have a nice day
  6. fell down the stairs and only a few bruises today was a good day

    1. Bronychan1214


      Good thing they were only bruises.

  7. @Gloomfury, Brick woke up before sunrise as part of his original routine and rubbed his eyes alittle and got ou of bed and looked to see if he needed more fire wood or food, and he was running low on both , well this means i will need to go to ponyville to buy more food but first i need to cut more firewood the woods get alittle to cold at night to not get firewood first, he left his cabin and went out to cuts some wood. 2 hours later he had enough to last him for a few weeks, he lookt up and saw the sun was rising, oh my i hope i can still make it in time before it gets crowdy, Brick rushed
  8. Brick

    Open Strange place

    A crowed formed around brick in the hallway all the ponies afraid and shivering chello asked brick if he this all by him self brick places a hoof on his head and says noo, i had a gaurdian pony i would have died with out this pony chello lookt confused but you were the only one we saw leave, well apperantly not brick was looking for the sketch fellow but he could not find him as if he just vanished hmmm alright every pony line up unicorns on the left pegasuses in th middle and earth ponies on the right he asked everypony their talent only a few mattered to his plan ne unicorn was a tailor her
  9. Brick

    Hey, friend!

    Welcome to the forums hope you will make loads of friends here
  10. Brick

    Open Strange place

    brick wakes up to see a bat pony infront of him hes blind rage is gone and he blinked ones or twice to see if it was indeed a bat pony (because he never seen one in real life he only heard tales) he tried getting up but he felt very weak: what did you do to me and is this permanent : the bat pony blinkt and smiled :brick yelled behind you as a hooded pony tried to sneak up on the pony but he quickly flew up and shot a dart in the hooded pony he fell down almost instantly brick was shocked how fast this pony was and how silent he flew up who are you? and do you have any idea where we are and di
  11. writers block argh!

  12. Brick

    Open Strange place

    Brick noticed a light and a pony in a hood cascaded in the light he ran up to the pony yelling HE WHERE ARE YOU GOING but the door shut before the pony heard. brick walked up to the door and lisend he heard 2 voices a females and a males he waited untill he did not hear them anymore and bucked the door open he ran in but was greeted by an empty hall way with to doors one on the right and one on the left the ponies wanted to get out brick told them to stay where they were, Its not safe to come out yet let me see whats going on the i will come back for you chello objected but looking at brick fi
  13. doing my exams... and just like that im back on my meds woooh fear of failure is awesome

  14. I love the part of most games is being the hero it makes me feel beter because in real life i am just a normal guy that can never be a hero
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