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  1. Gendo Pie

    Gendo has arrived.

    Why u be punnieing me liek dis! Not punny man , really not not punny.
  2. Why hello there , Gendo here. Brick has linked me to here thought why not . Kinda been the Brick, That keeps Brick standing through all hes been through. (Ooooh the puns xD) What is there to tell. Photoshopping for a while. Been drawing alot lately , might share those later (If u guys want me to), has no ponies though. Studying Japanese at the moment. Thats about it i guess xD , if u have any questions feel free to ask them
  3. Gendo Pie

    Some drawings

    Loving the one u made for me mate (The applejack one). Still got it hanging on my wall And as promised ill make u an Avatar & Signature
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