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  1. I'm scared for tomorrow's episode


    1. Kyoshi


      Possible death via bludgeoning. :O

    2. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Between sisters, too. :o

  2. Now I see why people drink their problems away.

  3. If the future is riding on WMATA, we're fucked.

  4. I think for the first time being in a really crowded place has really killed my enthusiasm for something. 

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    2. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Yeah it was pretty fun. ^_^

      Another thing about today was that my mom was more or less controlling me around. I just wanted to look around for myself, didn't get much time to do that. 

    3. Kyoshi


      This (today) was the food get-together thingy right? At least Friday went well. :)

    4. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Yeah, it's not like it was bad or anything, it was just...ugh. xD