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  2. iNsAnIty MaStEr

    Movies/TV Princess Unikitty Fanclub

    SCREW SHREK!!! Unikitty is Love. Unikitty is Life. Flandre Scarlet is cute and apparently insane... Sooooooooooooooo I SHIP IT LIKE FED-EX: UNIKITTY X FLANDREEEE XD
  3. iNsAnIty MaStEr

    Gaming Mario Kart 8

    @@ErBoi, Oh XD! Man... I really need to search more games right now... XD
  4. iNsAnIty MaStEr

    Gaming Mario Kart 8

    Darn! I wish I had a 3DS for MK8! But my mom wont buy it D: If I ever get one, I would always use Yoshi. And Baby Luigi on some occasions... Seriously. Stampylongnose just DOMINATED DanTDM using Baby Luigi on Mount Wario! And for Yoshi... He is just epic. He has a potential to be the most overpowered characters in the arcade version!
  5. Lucario on steroids? Or Zoaroak? Unless you can identify yoself, *SLAMZ DOOR*
  6. Typing with elbow: +~Fpaqwnhjr5tr4en EWsvgfwst5l.,hyr45yt~+/ Wut. With Nose: +~Fpoqajher5fed3 wdqaroed3t5~+/ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT With tounge: +~Flandre Scarlet~+/ XD
  7. The both of us are goint to be screwed @_@
  8. (Wow this is going extremely bad XD) Id sayyyy 3/10.
  9. Ohaidere! So basically to play this game is to rate the profile picture of the user above you in sadness! Its on a 1-10 scale! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO May the saddest picture win! NEXT POSTER STARTZ! Oh man im such a klutz!
  10. :3 I chose that one track that looks like Toads Turnpike... What was it? Anyway, here is my time: Lap 1: 1:00.76 Lap 2: 0:59.123 Lap 3: 1:00.13 Parts used: Sports Car Body Button wheels MKTV Parafoil
  11. @@C. Thunder Dash, 'W-WHAT?! ITS REALLY YOU?! ' Lunar Dash said in awe. 'Apparently my old team leader quitted street racing so I decided: "Hey! Why not try to get in that team who beated Grindspark! That would be awesome!" Soooooo..... Do you own this shop? I mean seriously. Its a honor to be in presence of such a epic pony!' He added.
  12. @@C. Thunder Dash, 'Really? Back at Fillydelphea, there are ALOOOOT of Ford GTs! Oh and can you keep a secret? *whispers I have a Supra* I am just here to upgrade my GT and my Supra... Especifically my Ford GT... Im planning to install 2 nitros and a cooling system... And apparently just change the tires...' Lunar Dash responded. 'Oh and also have you seen the racing team that beat Grindspark? I really want to join them. But I think my GT dosent have enough HP to make the cut...' He added.
  13. @@Toon Richard, 'Oh My Holy Sweet Celestia. THIS IS THE BEST TRACK EVER! I will wear my Patchouli Knowlage costume for this track! Since this legendary track changes every lap... I mean seriously, how did they do that?! Plus Patchouli ALLLLLLWAYS changes her moveset against ponies! This is gonna be the best race of my new career!!!' Lunar Dash said, sounding like a 3 year old.
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