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    When life gives you lemons, SQUEEZE IT BACK INTO LIFE'S EYES!
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About Me

Hello! I am Flandre Scarlet, Nightmare Leveled Extra Boss in Touhou: EotSD!


My fave Mane 6 ponies:

1. :okiedokielokie:

2. :(

3. :huh:

4. B)

5. :o

6. :D


Fave BG Ponies:


1. :muffins:

2.HANDS! (if you know what I mean. ;))

3.Her name is French for candy.


999999999999999999999. Blue Blood.


Hardest Game Bosses:


2.Flandre Scaret


4.Master Hand (only him)

5.Master Hand and Crazy Hand


I also have a Ask Page.


Its here:


Blame John- xLegox