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  1. Dark Wind

    Open Changeling War

    Watching from a distance, Dark Wind could now make his move knowing Milbee has been captured. Pretending to help fight the changelings with Raze and Cannonback. He slowly made his way a few feet behind them. Knowing how strong they were he decided to use one of his best tricks. "Raze, you look exhausted here's some food for you and your team." "Also, I think I saw the changelings capture Milbee. I'll go help her out." With that out of the way, he ran in Milbees direction leaving Raze with the poisoned food.
  2. I'd very much like to join this RP. Name: Dark Wind Gender: Male Race: Pegasus Special talent: Deception, and/or Dirty tricks Weapon: Cannon/ Spear(depend on the range of the target) Yes. Um. Is it possible for somepony to turn against his fellow pony and help the changelings fight in the battle?
  3. im so sorry im new to the website. thank you for pointing this out. i do indeed have a character and i probably will be joining this roleplay.
  4. this seems like a good idea but there needs to be more about the story. With the changelings returning they have to have a reason. I'd like to join in if there a spot open for an Antagonist. is it just the changelings or does Queen Chrysalis show up and do something.
  5. The Brony Youtube community has made an "Military Reacts Wonderbolts Academy". here's the link . Hope you all like it. Don't forget to subscribe.
  6. Watching all of Red vs Blue on Youtube.

  7. Dark Wind
  8. You know its a good thing.So many new possibles with her being an alicorn. I wonder Where the story is going to go now. I guess i'll watch and find out soon.
  9. I cant wait for BronyCon to arrive. I dont think my friends are going but I sure am. I cant wait to meet all the new people that show up, so many new friends to meet.
  10. E26 First sitting of my beloved Queen Chrysalis. I loved the part where she beat Celestia in a duel. I cant Believe love is what beat her. Im a huge fan of Queen Chrysalis and I hope she shows herself in later episodes.
  11. Finished "About Me"

  12. finding out more about Queen Chrysalis.

  13. just got back form the lake and im exhausted

    1. Falco55


      Oh. you'll be fine right?

    2. Dark Wind

      Dark Wind

      now it feels like i never went.

  14. About to go to the lake for the whole day

  15. just finished my introduction to the website/page/forums:)

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