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  1. @@Kay Dreamer Wow, hey that's wonderful! You have a very sophisticated sounding voice. Very lovely. I had a listen to your Mother Knows Best cover as well and I especially liked that one, your voice suits that song so well I see what you mean about your vibrato, I really like it. It's very steady and controlled. You definitely deserve more views. Have you ever considered doing MLP covers too?
  2. @@Kay Dreamer Yes, probably! I've been in choirs for quite a number of years when I was a child. That could be it. And yes, please do. I love listening to people sing
  3. Thanks! I have tried slower vibrato when I was practicing how to better use it, but I think it just doesn't cut it for me, since it doesn't sound natural. I think it is because I've been trained in classical singing before for a few years and entered competitions for it but my teacher never really taught me how to use vibrato, it was self taught. But I think it was just the influence it did for me, I suppose. I would definitely like to hear your singing! ^__^
  4. You're making want to cover this song as well xD Can I do that? Well done! It's beautiful.
  5. I'll have to do some scoping around and will try to ask them heh. I've not been on here for a long time so I have to re-discover them all again x.x
  6. My harmonisation could use a lot of work, if I do say so myself haha. But I could try. I wanted to collab with many musicians since I like their work so much but I never knew how to approach them? Cus I've done so before but many of them just never responded to me. Oooh, who's Feather? (EDIT: Just looked up her work. She has a lovely voice )
  7. I like fan songs too and there are quite a few I would like to cover, although it is slightly more difficult since many of the songs I've liked aren't within my range (usually too low) or I've wondered about backing music, since not all songs have them. Sometimes I've wanted to just do them acapella but I didn't know whether that would be too plain or what for people to listen to. D:
  8. Well, you weren't wrong and were close because my range sprawls across alto to soprano since a vocalist's range can range across groups, not necessarily be restricted to one. ^^; Yeah, I wish I could see more singing covers on original MLP songs. The songs are really great and fun!
  9. Yes, I've been doing those things for many years now ^__^ When I first started singing, I was pretty terrible haha, I had no vocal control and my voice was really weak. I think I've come a long way doing those magical things and I will continue to do so. Thanks for that suggestion for practicing a song with and without vibrato to watch my pitch. I'll do that next time when I practice a song. Thank you! You were close though! xD Yes, flat notes are always a pain but I guess every singer ends up doing them all the time... And thanks very much, I appreciate that comment
  10. Heard about demo reels, but truthfully they need so much thought and planning and I've just been afraid to try haha. Guess I'll have to do more research into demos and see what I can add in mine if ever I do one. Thanks for your comments ^__^ Thank you! Although I should say that my vibrato wasn't there or natural from the start but the more singing I did, the more developed it became... I think haha. xD I agree with the comment you made on the wobbly bits. I think it was because I was trying hard to reduce the "p" sound on the every(p)ony because otherwise it would pop on my mic so I guess doing that threw it off a bit since my attention was somewhere else. But I'll keep working on it, thanks! You can find the karaoke from the person I credited. They managed to cut out the vocals and leave in the backing track from the original song. Not completely instrumental, but they did a good job cutting out the vocals for the very least! Thanks very much for your time! I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I did fall flat on a few notes, I agree... I wanted to do another take but all the other takes didn't sound "Rarity" enough because I suppose I was getting tired. I will do better for my next one, thanks For my range I would say I'm around alto-soprano(ish) (this was after I did a vocal range test by doing piano scales) And when I was in choir I was always put into soprano x__x Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I got carried away doing the Rarity voice I guess cus she's just too fun haha. Thank you!
  11. Aw I like it! So soothing Love the vocals. Makes me want to learn how to play this song too. Well done!
  12. Sure no worries, thanks for your time! Thanks very much! I really want to look into voice acting stuff but I just don't know how! Of course I'll need more practice too. But thanks so much for your comments again
  13. Hello! I've been MIA from this site in so long and forgot to respond to lots of replies to my previous dub practice. I got some good reviews on Rarity, so I decided to give her voice a go for a whole song and went for this one! I didn't intend to sound exactly like Rarity's original voice, but more like practicing her character while singing Hope you like it and thanks for watching. Any comments are greatly appreciated!
  14. Thanks for the comments you guys. I found it funny how one person says RD sounded awkward but the other thought it was a personal best. xDD That's quite interesting haha. But that aside, I appreciate any comment that flies my way. Thanks for considering me xD Let me know if ever you get to doing it, I might just be interested.
  15. I literally got goosebumps when I heard your Find a Pet cover. :D Great work!

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