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  1. Angelica Musique
  2. I totally agree! The movie was wayyy to rushed, and that mixed with the constant camera moving at the beginning made it hard to absorb. They could've made it a lot longer. Titanic did that, and that movie's still doing great.
  3. Just wondering. And then some people have sparkly cupcakes like Spike got on his birthday- how do I get one of those? Oh wait! Now I have a cupcake! What is this?!
  4. Personally, I love the movie and the books, but I thought it was rushed and the constant camera moving at the beginning gave me a headache. (Honestly, ever heard of a tripod?) ANYWAYS, who was your favorite character? Mine's either Katniss or Peeta. Or both. Or Rue. Peeta and Cato I love, they're gorgeous.
  5. could you do one of my avatar trotting plz? thanks!
  6. well, then if they lie about their age, they should expect more mature people in the chatroom. they shouldnt be able to change their age after they first put it in the website.
  7. umm if innapropriate talk in front of kids is such a problem, why don't you just make two chatrooms??? 1 for 13 and under, and one for 14 plus... doesnt seem that complicated to me...