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  1. If Rainbow Dash is mentioned in the book and is literally on the cover, won't that be a bit suspicious?
  2. Has anybody made those? I'm worse than horrible when it comes to drawing.
  3. I ran out of ideas for java games so does anyone have any ideas?
  4. I like the shaders/filters in the episode. It was the best part. DHX is having good creativity now.
  5. Twilight is coming back to the castle after the mane six fixed it. She went to the place where the elements were kept after 1000 years ago. As soon as she stepped into the room, her hoof started glowing black, then a cyan mark representing an alicorn popped where she stepped. She could'nt move. The place where the elements were kept a 1000 years ago started to move away from twilight. Blow the spot, There was a dark blue triangle shaped element. Twilight didnt have an idea on why all that happened. She picked the element. The next day, white clouds started to form around the Crystal Empire, The clouds started to get black, as soon as they did, the clouds started to go down and a black cylinder started forming around the empire, through the cylinder, Crystal Sombra appeared. But for some reason, nopony knew about the attack, not even Celestia. The other next day, when twilight woke up, the 7th element was floating in front of her, then going towards the empire. Twilight followed it. The closer she came to the empire, she started to become transparent, though, she was able to see herself. She started to see the black cylinder. She wasent able to see through it. She wasent even able to go through it. She 7th element started to go into her. She became dark, and she became like sombra, but with inverted colors, also she was still on the good side. But sombra already took the Crystal Heart so she it still too powerful. The empires castle started to break and fall. Dark twilight summoned her friends. Her friends went into her. Forming a new character, a hero called Twashytypieboom (what...)... The mane six together had the same amount of power of Sombra and the Crystal Heart together. Not only that but the same alicorn marks appeared below Twashytypieboom (still a wierd name...). But there was 2 of them! One was yellow, and one was blue, from the marks, Celestia and Luna appeared. All the alicorns made a power beam and pointed at one point so the beams align to one powerful beam. Strucking sombra. But they had to sacrifice the Crystal Heart. So twashytypieboom got an idea on making a better one. A pink one. She made it so that taking off some parts disables functions. The crystal empire was saved once again.
  6. It was ok. But I LOVED IT SO MUCH MANNN!
  7. The BEST part WAS FLUTTERHULK!!!! Hmm. but the worst part that it was a Equestria Girls plotforce.
  8. i love the part when she does the Eye, Ear, Knee Door thing on twilight!!!
  9. Wait... No Rarity episode in the season?!?! What in the equestria are Hasbro thinking?!?! Is it because of too much hate on rarity!?! I mean now we have to wait until 2014 for s4 and get a Rarity episode but Why not in s3?????!? Anyway this episode was awesome that it showed us what Twilight and her friends were doing while spike doing animal care.
  10. I mean. I was much surprised to see Princess Celestia yelling at Twilight like she is her mom. I didnt even think it would happen. But i did notice that she did the wrong spell on the door. I cried of that stained glass of sombra defeating Twilight in the fear vision.
  11. Life is for love. But sometimes the best comes up. So what is the best LOVE moments in your life? Lemme start sharing mine: I was in japan. I was 8. Waiting for my Mom in the child school (the school where they keep school students until they're mom comes). I found a beautiful girl ever! Ever since i saw her i was running away from her like lightning! ||||||=/=||||||| Brohoofed. Now i went back to my home country 2 years later. I was missing here badly! But now i have another girlfriend. {Wait... Is This Called A SAD Story, A LOVE Story Or a Twilight Story??!?} So, Let me ask again. What is the best "LOVE" moments in your life? Unleash Your Secrets!
  12. I hear my moms voice. she commands me every 12 seconds i cant stand it anymore! good thing she is now busy doing piano things. finished and it was 99 characters!!!!
  13. My Own Web-Kit Browser. Which means Google Chrome. pony! 56 more characters! umm. I made it with Vb. I could'nt even find a Initilize Component Tutorial!
  14. Probably had to be a super market with a cart that children can go into. and you can control wheels from the inside! It was when i was about 6 or 7 years old. when i became 9, I was too big to even fit .
  15. Well no. There will be a S4. I think it will be quite interesting with her being as an princess. like where is she going to rule, and how will she command the guards on what to do. who knows. Each generation is 10 years. Our favorite generation is g4. It started on 2010. Who knows. Is Hasbro going to continue the show until 2020? Will there be a season 5? or 6? No one knows except our god Celestia.