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  1. Is Samus Aran transgendered?

    > Tumblr Well what did you expect from that cesspool of carcinogens?
  2. Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    I sided with Walter the first time I played the game, and ended up in the Chaos Route as well. I remember siding with Walter because I was shocked at Law's whole "lol let's kill everyone who doesn't agree with us", but in the end Chaos pretty much follows the same ideal. If we're weighing the pros and cons of Chaos and Law, I'd say Law is superior because it provides actual stability, peace, and equality. Yeah, I've gone through the Alternate Tokyos already. I really enjoyed them as well, and their overworld tracks are one of my most favorite tracks of any game.They fit perfectly with their environment and make you feel the emotions of the people you're working with. The Blasted Tokyo theme feels barren and hopeless, oppressed by the hardships of the demons, desert, and poison. The Infernal Tokyo theme surprised me because it wasn't the chaotic melody I was expecting, it was melancholy and slow. It gave you a feeling of sadness and frustration, the same things Akira and his guys felt because of their overall weakness and inability to gain respect from any of the other demonoid groups. This theme is my favorite out of all the overworld themes, and I listen to it frequently. I know you've got to fight the Chaos and Law bosses, and like you said, they shouldn't be too difficult by the time I'm done with all the Hunter Quests. Do you know if I get access to the Law and Chaos specific demons though? For example, if you go Chaos, you get to fuse Vile Demiurge, and if you go Law, you get to fuse Herald Seraph. Beelzebub is a difficult boss to be sure. I'm pretty sure the reason you never got past him was because he's resistant against Physical. Obviously that'll give your guy some trouble. I fought and beat him once before, but I don't remember the details of the fight. Does he still have Death Flies? Death Flies was just completely fricking broken and unfair in Nocturne ;-;...
  3. OOC Superheroes RP (OOC)

    I could post, but it wouldn't do much good if Erperler isn't around to control Schwartz and his other characters.
  4. Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Well, after some more time playing the game I finally made it to the Alignment Lock in the Monochrome Forest. Funnily enough I got Neutral, but to be honest I did start gearing a lot of my choices to balance out the Chaos/Law points (I chose to side with Johnathan). The choices I made were still made as if I were in that situation though, but I think the only thing that made a huge difference was when the White asked me if I would Preserve or Destroy. I should have chosen Preservation, but I chose Destruction instead because I wanted to see what would happen. I would have just shut off the game to choose Preservation, but once I saw that I was on the Neutral route I just went with it since it's the only ending I've never gotten (White Ending excluded, I seriously hate that ending and have concluded its the "path" Navarre is supposed to stand for). You said Neutral route is difficult huh? Can you elaborate more? I know you said I have to do EVERY sidequest, but how many of those are there, and are they actually significant? Because if I find out I'm supposed to do every delivery quest and find every random quest given to you by demons, I think I'll go ahead and find somehow to screw the rules to destroy the Yamato Reactor afterall -_-... I think I'll be fine as far as difficulty goes. I'm not too far away from having all my stats at 100 (after which I'll invest all other points into Magic), and my skills and demons' skills all have the potential to heavily exploit a weakness since we all have the 4 elemental attacks. Boss fights have been easy as all hell because of that, even Kenji went down without much effort and I distinctly remember him being one of those bosses that gave me trouble the first time around. I've double checked the difficulty several times to make sure I wasn't playing on Fellow (Easy) mode, but it's been on Prentice since the beginning. I should be ready to face the DLC bosses, but fusing them is a different story. I'm Level 61 right now, but I remember most of them being around Level 90 and above at their base levels. I've looked into Devil Survivor, and it seems alright. I don't know which specific game to get though, so which do you recommend?
  5. OOC Superheroes RP (OOC)

    Sorry for the lack of posting on my part guys, I haven't posted because I wanted to wait for Erperler to do so first. I haven't been able to get in contact with him though, so I don't know what else to tell you guys.
  6. Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Yeah, it's gotten a lot easier now that I'm around... early midgame I'd say? My guess is probably off, but I'm right at the entrance of Kagome Tower (which by the way has a kickass theme I can relax to). I know I still have a long way to go before I'm anywhere close to the endgame. Once I'm at that part I'm going to be taking on the DLC demons: The Archangels, Sanat Kumara, and the Ancient of Days. I'd include Masakados, but I'm pretty sure you have to get the Neutral Route to try his quest. I'm not gunning for any particular alignment, I'm simply making the choices based on what I would do if I were in that situation. IV was my intro the SMT franchise, but even then I could tell it was a unique series. Many of the messages it conveys are admittedly questionable to me, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the series and even forcing recommending others to try it out. Since we're talking about IV, I'll say it has great characters and a great story that develops according to your moral choices. The choices thing is what made me love the game so much because it really makes you feel involved with everything in its world. As for the stats for my Flynn, I'm keeping most of them balanced for the time being. I think I'll be putting all of them to 100, then choose Magic and either Agility or Luck to concentrate on for the rest of the game. I might just keep all of them equal throughout though. I never really pick out specific demons, I just form my team based on what I have available to fuse and what I think looks cool . For now at least, I won't be doing the DLC quests for nothing after all xD! Magic is OP? Demifiend would like a word with you btw.
  7. Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    I've started replaying Shin Megami Tensei IV. It's a really fun game I got about two years ago for Christmas, but man is it hard. I even remember reading some random article about this being one of those games that forces you to humiliate yourself by lowering the difficulty. Regardless, I'd still recommend this game to anyone looking for a good RPG. I occasionally play FNAF 4, but I'm still too scared to play it continuously like I did the others ;~;...
  8. Mane 6 ponies sexuality?

    Didn't you just make this thread?
  9. Open Superheroes RP

    @@Jellal Fernandes Ammit watched through the shabti's eyes as it underwent the ritual in his stead. He silently mocked the whole ordeal, laughing at the gathering of brainwashed knights and particularly at Arthur, who actually seemed to think he was some sort of god now. Poor fool, his delusions would only make it easier to manipulate him, so Ammit would treat him like whatever he thought he was to further his own goals. The shabti was lowered into the magical healing pool behind it after it had finished repeating the chant. Ammit gradually began to feel rejuvenated, the ill effects of Abaddon's curse being removed as the other benefits of the pool kicked in. Hell, he actually felt stronger than before. Last but not least, he knew he had now had access to these mystical springs, and while he wouldn't need them anytime soon, they would serve their true purposes when the time came. The knights gave about 5 minutes of recovery time to "him", the shabti replying with words of gratitude and excitement for being part of this brotherhood. It told them it would be heading back to the room it had prepared in to retrieve his belongings, and off it went. When it got there, Ammit revealed himself and disenchanted the copy, returning it to its lifeless, miniature form which he then hid. He grabbed his staff and robes, then headed out to meet Arthur and his men. "King Arthur," he called with a wave, "Let us discuss our plans for the future." ---------- ---------- @ Yes, and he seems to be here for more than just vengeance and his usual attempts to spread destruction. "He didn't even try to fight me even though I was dealing with some superpowered Monty Python reject. Ammit actually helped him escape from me!" Casimir heard the sounds of vehicles rushing up outside the apartment complex. He looked outside the window, taking note that these vehicles were just a little too sleek and high tech compared to the other cheap cars in the area. On top of that, he began to feel Schwartz's brooding presence close in on them. Great. Just great. "King," Casimir said as he turned back to face the man, "Two things: Official looking vehicles just stopped by, and I seriously doubt you or Sasha were expecting any company. Second thing, Schwartz is coming, and she does not seem happy..." He glanced concernedly at Eunae. If she had regressed into such a poor condition from his presence alone, what would happen if there were TWO powerful dark presences around her (fighting each other no less)?
  10. Open Superheroes RP

    @@Jellal Fernandes Ammit laughed heartily as Rory eagerly welcomed him to Arthur's cause, the well feigned joy and enthusiasm hiding his true, dishonorable intentions and character. This was perfect, everything was going according to plan! He would continue this spiel as long as he needed to, acting in such a way that would make his guile indistinguishable from genuine friendship and loyalty. The sorcerer followed the head knight to the private chamber he had requested. Ammit surveyed the surroundings and the inside of the room, making sure there was nobody and nothing else that would be capable of spying on him... Good, all was clear, the only other person around being Rory. No matter, it would not be hard to deal with him. Ammit entered the room and closed the door behind him, then walked over to the center and bowed down with his front away from the door. Anyone that happened to somehow look inside the room would only think Ammit to be praying, or meditating to gather his bearings for the ritual. Some of that was true, but not all of it. See, Ammit had discretely pulled out a curious little item from his robe: a shabti. It was an unassuming clay figure molded in the likeness of Ammit. He held it to his mouth, whispering certain commands and incantations in Egyptian before biting the inside of his cheek. Blood seeped from the hidden wound, mixing with saliva that Ammit spat onto the figure to complete the spell. The shabti bearing his fresh blood would ensure that the beneficial effects of the ritual, primarily that of the access to the healing pools and the removal of Abaddon's curse, would be imparted to his actual person. The shabti was ready to be released, but not before a few final precautions. Ammit began to weave illusory magic about himself and the figurine, aimed to conceal himself from the others senses and to ensure that they would believe this replica of him actually was him. The second bit was probably overkill, as a properly made animated shabti would already look like an exact replica of him. It didn't matter. Ammit continued his magic until he faded from the senses completely, and all that was left was the now active shabti in the same spot and position its creator had been in. It stood and turned to walk towards the door, every motion as natural as Ammit's. It looked like him, walked like him, talked like him, and could even sweat and bleed like him. Such was the ancient art of shabti creation, to be a perfect servant to their creators. "Sir Rory," it said. "I am ready to undergo the ritual." The deceptive magic weaved around it was highly likely to avoid confusing the loyalty testing nature of the ritual
  11. Will you leave the fandom if G5 is dark and full of action?

    If G5 does turn out to be dark and action packed, then I will actually come back to the fandom. Stuff like that is more my style, and I think such an atmosphere will be a more effective way to discuss more serious things in a better manner.
  12. Open Superheroes RP

    @@Jellal Fernandes Ammit noticed the knights in Arthur's keep shift their positions and chances. Looks like he wasn't being given much of a choice on submitting to the ritual or not. The sorcerer laughed inwardly. He could refuse, then easily deal with Arthur and the rest of his men with powers he could not even imagine. Or, he could "accept" and undergo the ritual in a way, yet still escape doing so through subtle trickery that would not be anticipated. The second option seemed like the best choice, for if he did refuse and take out Arthur and his men, he would have lost a valuable asset. "Very well then, if this ritual will ensure our partnership and allow our visions of peace to come to fruition, then I will undergo this ritual you speak of." He stood and bowed respectfully. Now was the time to work his guile. "I must request, noble one, that you grant me a private room to prepare. It has been long since I underwent any sort of ritual on my person, and quite honestly I am rather nervous. The last one I was part of was a trap set by the demon, and it was less than a pleasant experience. However, I trust you, which is why I have agreed, but I need my time to prepare myself."
  13. OOC Superheroes RP (OOC)

    @@dragon4111 "Prey". You're not good at being subtle if you're still trying to go for that. I doubt any of the other people with female characters are interested anyway.
  14. OOC Superheroes RP (OOC)

    @@dragon4111 I'm curious as to how Draco is able to hear any part of the things being said in Sasha's apartment. Seeing how he's talking to a manager, I'm going to take a wild guess and say he's in a separate area/room, so logically he wouldn't be able to hear any of what was being said from that far away (especially since their apartment has been implied to be on a higher floor). I also find it curious and kind of funny how you seem to be choosing to focus on Apollo and Capricorn, even though my character is a big part of their interactions and what Draco supposedly heard was said by him specifically. Also, is their any good reason why Draco is all of a sudden choosing to move to Sasha's apartment complex?
  15. Open Superheroes RP

    @@Jellal Fernandes Servants all across the globe, eh? That was certainly unexpected, but Ammit was pleased to hear it. Such a force at Arthur's disposal will inadvertently serve the mage well, especially since there were several ancient relics he needed to acquire to begin putting his plan into motion. As with any items of power, they were scattered, but he knew that most of them were located in regions of Africa and the Middle East, the lands of the old kingdoms. Luck would have it that the final items he needed were right here in Tollopolis, hidden and protected by its magical sects. Ammit obviously needed to bypass these guardians, but even if he did, it wouldn't matter much if he didn't have the other pieces of his ritual to unlock the full potential of these things... Unfortunately, it seemed as if Arthur was not going to just join forces with him out of gratitude. The man was urging Ammit to undergo his own special ritual that would "prove" his allegiance to him. Ammit should have expected this, as no man as prideful and deluded as Arthur would offer their partnership for free. It was still annoying nonetheless, and Ammit had a hunch that this ritual would impart some sort of spell that would bind, or at least attempt to bind, his will to Arthur's. He would not allow this, and neither would his chaotic deities. The promise of the healing pools was tempting however, for such a thing was to be part of his ultimate ritual in the long run. Thankfully, Arthur seemed to hold certain ideals that Ammit could easily appeal to and exploit, namely those of tyranny and rule by might. The mage understood these well, and even the deities he was aligned with followed them. "I would like to thank you for the hospitality you have offered me," Ammit began as he finished up the food and drink he had been working on. "It befits that of a noble king spoken of in song and legend. The ideals which you hold do as well, and it pleases me to know that you believe so strongly in them. Nothing great was ever achieved through fickleness after all. I would like you to know that I too stand for such ideals, and actually have plans of my own to bring down their proper laws AND the patrons that shall help us all to enforce them. Make no mistake, I would gladly offer you my allegiance, but I believe you need to recognize more clearly that we are both working for the same goals. Because of this, we are already unavoidably allied to each other, and thus must offer our priceless aid to one another for the greater good. I have many forces and powers at my side, including that of the beings that will help us all to achieve and maintain peace and order. They have many secrets to share, including that of the healing pools which you have informed me of. We can help you in realizing the true potential of these magical pools, but I would request that we continue our partnership with 'no strings attached', as is the modern term for these lawless people. If you do so, it would not only be a great service to me, but to the powerful beings I have spoken about. They would remember to bless your rule if you do so as well, increasing the power and fame which you already have in greatness." Ammit ended his monologue and waited for the king to respond. ---------- ---------- @, @@Capricorn Things had finally died down, and in the end there were no civilian casualties aside from the police men that Arthur had butchered. Abaddon decided that it was safe to return to King and the others, especially now that he could not feel Ammit's vile presence around the area. It bodes ill for all of us that he has returned. He has foul intentions in mind, and not just the usual chaos and destruction he has spread in the past. "I know, I felt it too. He's somehow managed to become attuned to those pretender gods of chaos, more than before at least. He's communing with them like I do with you..." Abaddon arrived at the apartment complex and flew over to the open window he had exited from and entered Sasha's apartment. "Bad news guys. And I mean really bad news." He had almost forgotten that the stranger was staying with them. He wordlessly commanded the darkness to recede into his being, dissolving the demonic form and returning him to his regular human appearance. "Long story short, Ammit's back."