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  1. appledan20%

    omg greatest idea ever. hologram mlp's

    does any company make a good plush id like to get one that would be cool. as long as they dont look like the ponies fron mlp live
  2. like they did tupac. they should make mlp holograms that would be sooooooooo amazing. and it would be so realistic are minds wouldnt know how to react. emotions would run high. what are your thoughts
  3. appledan20%

    "Against The Rules" Rainbow Dash human fic

    i read your story and i really liked it. i hope you will continue it. kind of sad though cause it reminds me of some of the dreams i have which are very vivid. way to vivid . i wish that was me turning from human to pony.
  4. appledan20%


    i really wish they would bring her back. and remember everyone snips and snails are slow also. its just not fair and its not her fault
  5. appledan20%


    has anyone heard anything about derpy lately or if she may have a role in the new season. i just want to hear rumors or anything you mave have hear about her.??????????????????
  6. appledan20%

    brony attire

    cool. i do need some more gear i just have my one dash tee shirt. lol my gf cant stand mlp. sometimes i cant stand her lol. ive meet a few bronies and pegasisters on xbox live. i love the whole thing
  7. appledan20%

    brony attire

    im sorry that sucks. i dont wear mine much either. im kind of scared of that. im 25 and people can be cruel. i wish i could start a brony and pegasister town only for fans. thanks for replying. this is the first post on any social network ive done its nice to talk
  8. appledan20%

    brony attire

    does anyone else wear their brony attire in public and has anyone recognised it or made any comments. i have a rainbowdash tee shirt that sais deal with it. what do you have?
  9. this is my first post . i really feel like im a part of something cool cause i dont have a face book or do any other social media. hopefully i make a lot friends here. dont have a lot in real life