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  1. hey everypony glad to be back. doin bettter with money im sure im going to bronycon this year. yaay

  2. hey hey every pony.

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    2. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Well, the government just shut down, other than that, doing swell. How about yourself?

    3. appledan20%


      lol same. waiting for season 4

    4. Mr Underhill
  3. omg omg omg omg omg i got my blu ray equestria girls today.

  4. my birthday is coming up on the 29th and ill be broke as usual. im terrible with money.

  5. any other ponies live in pittsburgh pa or surrounding area

  6. im broke, im gonna have to take a job on a rock farm

  7. hi every pony sorry ive been gone for so long. needed a break. being very patient for season 4 and gta5

  8. i have to see equestria girls for the good of ponies. i dont really like the whole idea but its growing on me everyday and its like another episode that i just cant miss. and i love the song in the trailer. bronies and pegasisters unite, go and see the movie

    1. Snowy Storm

      Snowy Storm

      I can't go so could you just tell me if it was good.

  9. goin to sleep nite everyone thanks for your help

  10. not sure about this site. im feelin like a no pony and i have to do to much to be likedon here. the story of my life. cant give in to pressure

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    2. Accellerant


      Ya don't have to do much to be liked here, just post and participate with the community ;)

    3. GeneralDirection


      You've only been here a couple weeks, made 9 posts...and you almost have as many friends as I do. Not too shabby I'd say. You just need to post more and put yourself out there. :)

    4. Snowy Storm

      Snowy Storm

      Heck when life gives you lemons Make lemonaide! Don't worry even if we can't be there in person to help you. We'll try to help here. Just post more and you'll fit in.

  11. does any company make a good plush id like to get one that would be cool. as long as they dont look like the ponies fron mlp live
  12. like they did tupac. they should make mlp holograms that would be sooooooooo amazing. and it would be so realistic are minds wouldnt know how to react. emotions would run high. what are your thoughts
  13. i read your story and i really liked it. i hope you will continue it. kind of sad though cause it reminds me of some of the dreams i have which are very vivid. way to vivid . i wish that was me turning from human to pony.
  14. i really wish they would bring her back. and remember everyone snips and snails are slow also. its just not fair and its not her fault