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  1. Smile

    Are there any old users still active here?

    I suppose so, but I've never been super active.
  2. Smile

    Confession Time!

    last confession I made was removed by a mod that's mine
  3. I also have a black lab, no current pics
  4. Smile

    Finding your next best friend

    Name: Ben Age: 19(20 in 2 months) .. Gender: male Country: USA Likes: Talking a lot, I do enjoy conversation with others. More... Dark types of conversation, and I know it's weird to say but I enjoy some awkwardness. I love anything related to the paranormal. I also REALLY love my animals, they are the most important part of my life. I plan on going to school in the near future to becoming a vet technician. Dislikes: Small talk for sure! Sometimes it's fine... Obnoxious people, unless.. It's me! Hobbies: None other than playing games and working out/walking my dogs right now Working on my education and such lately. Other Info: I'm just gonna say it right now. I really do not like talking to other guys. I really only find myself getting along, and having genuine conversations with females. It's just how and who I am.
  5. Smile

    What is wrong with you?

    do you really want to know what's wrong with me? I enjoy pain, emotional and physical pain. Otherwise I'm quite empty. I have major OCD issues. Since I was very young I've had very impulsive thoughts, images inside my head. Very young. Compulsions which I've somehow managed to control(Hurting others, yelling/saying offensive things, and other things that weren't very healthy for me). Most of these still stick with me, not to mention the smaller things that bothered me. but whatev.. I have a very weird, and different personality. Including every so often I will have a very explosive anger episode. Which doesn't last long. Happens once probably every few months. I'm on medications too. I am seriously paranoid, I believe everyone is against me at some points. Smallest sounds, noises, throw me off. Sometimes hearing/seeing things that aren't there. Usually something that will throw me off guard, put me in a state of paranoia. It's in fact happening more often lately, but not severely. Because of a lot of these problems, I enjoy being alone. Even though I've been working on being able to socialize, making friends with my therapist right now. I don't have a huge anxiety problem like I used to when talking with others, like I used to.. I just don't care to talk to others, it doesn't interest me. But it can make me jealous and angry seeing others do so. And well... the last thing that's REALLY wrong with me... Even though I've accepted myself for it, and have been trying to help my own self lately because I want a normal life. I want a family, or at least having something close to it. Basically, I'm all sorts of fucked up.
  6. Smile

    Mega Thread General Contact Sharing Thread

    SmiLe^_^#2570 kik: BenTKD1
  7. Smile

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I really only have desires, for both male and female. I do not easily fall for someone, and if I do. Probably not for very long either.
  8. Smile

    How to start liking Donald Trump?

    Well, he's not a Clinton. That's all you need to start liking him.
  9. Smile

    Confession Time!

    Guess I'll put up a real confession. It's bad enough I can't go into details. I'm a fucked up person, I'm a sociopath. If I was to say what was going on in my mind on a daily basis, I would be fired from my job and likely rejected from my family or forced to seek help. Even though I have, it's just. Everything except one thing, which I know can't be cured whether others think so or not. I don't think I can relate to anyone. and it would be interesting to find someone who can
  10. Smile

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    Forum Member Crush: get me to have a crush on someone. not yet. Pony Crush: none IRL Crush: i do but probably not so safe to say xd
  11. Smile

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    I want more people on my new kik Its BenTKD1 please add
  12. Smile

    Psychiatrists good or bad?

    I think you are talking about psychologists? I see both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Both are very nice to me, and helps me to keep my sanity. KEeps me in touch with reality. all my psychiatrist does is find out which medication is best for me, that's all they do.
  13. Smile

    Should chastity be cherished?

    Honestly, I never really cared about protecting it. Don't plan on getting married or have a really meaningful relationship unless it somehow comes up. I lost my virginity to some random person. I find it all just fun, personally. I don't feel guilty about any of it.
  14. Smile

    How tall do you prefer your partner?

    definitely prefer shorter.
  15. Smile

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    talkative, I want to talk. that's all and slightly annoyed about having trouble seeing. Adjusting to new glasses....