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  1. I'd defiantly give it a shot, especially if the FiM team was working on it. However, if it isn't at least on par with G4 then I'd probably ignore it.
  2. RMX

    twilight lol

    *sniff* priceless. Just priceless. There are few words to describe what an artistic masterpiece this brilliant work this beautiful work is. Excuse me, for I must go cry, as I am not worthy to lay my own eyes upon this.
  3. I love Team Fortress 2. I've poured 1000 hours into it in only a few years. (which just proves I have too much time on my hands but still). I haven't been able to play in a while due to computer issues and recently I haven't been keeping up with updates and such, but the second I fix up my computer Im going to start playing again.
  5. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence You know this game has to be awesome, cause they even had to make up a word just to describe it! Another fine product by Kojima and Platinum games. I do admit this game was really annoying at first due to you being pathetically weak but it gets better as you buy the few weapons this game offers and upgrades to your sword. The story is cheezy as hell and I wish it just cut out all the war philosophy and kept it pure crazy but its Kojima so what can ya do? Its really short and you can beat it in a few hours, but like any other game by Platinum its meant to be
  6. I can't create a blog. I'm assuming you need to reach a specific number of posts?

    1. Darkshift


      You need to get to 5 posts

  7. Movies nights? Sweet. I request There will be Blood by Paul Anderson. One of my favourite movies of all time, and has one of the best ending scenes ever. Religion, Hatred, Oil, and Milkshakes. Its all here.
  8. RMX

    Hey there!

    Hey there, MLP Forums! I'm RMX, but you can just refer to me as Ruth. I've actually been a fan of MLP since I was a little girl. In fact, I was obsessed! Since I grew out of it I've regretted having said obsession until bronies started showing up. After seeing lots of pony stuff all over the internet for the longest while I finally went to see saw what all the pony hoopla was about and I was hooked by the very first episode! I came out of curiosity and nostalgia and stayed for the quality of the show. I'm a big fan of video games, cartoons and an avid collector of merchandise like action f
  9. I have a feeling you're trying to imply something about the OP but you're being so ridiculously vague about things I can't tell.
  10. Honestly I'm not very much a fan of the NES either. Almost all the games considered "classics" in its library have aged like crap and terrible compared to today's design standards. The only NES games I really like are the Classic Mega Man games and Mario 3 and I have found much more enjoyment out of my modern consoles than any "retro" system. And for the record, graphics aren't the only reason. I simply find more recent games more engaging and lively than 8-bit games. I know you're trying to satirize the dudebro gamers of today but you're blowing it so out of proportion and making it so st
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