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  1. Hehe I have a family member on the forums, I think you may know her! Yes I am Frozens sister! And us brony siblings need to stay together, Hey Frozen now we need to get are older brother on the forums. (And our younger sister, in a few years she is a bit young at the moment! )
  2. Thanks! I really liked her colour scheme I thought it worked rather well. I am quite glad because this is my 2nd time drawing like this, quite happy with the result!
  3. ~Mellow Slash~

    Visual Art Platonic

    I really like the neon effects! They look like they are really lighten up! The effects on this piece are beautiful! I really need to see more pieces like this!
  4. ~Mellow Slash~

    My first sig

    Nice signature! A few things you could improve though is to maybe brighten it a bit, if you brighten RD and the text so they look bolder against the background, also you could move RD more to the corner because this will be a bit more symmetrical! But this is still a great Sig well done!
  5. Though the ponies have to same looking look, they have really different personalities, especially in the comics, Luna is the helper rather than the causer! Good theory but highly unlikely!
  6. Personally I think it depends on the cereal! If it is a cereal like Krave or something with a nice filling, but if it is a cereal like Corn flakes or Shreddies have to be with milk because they are a bit more bland!
  7. ~Mellow Slash~

    Mega Thread Unpopular Music Related Opinions

    Personally I love now a days music, but I dislike pop I don't mind singing it but the trends change to fast, and most of the singers are self obsessed (Not all, one example is Jessie J, she shaved her head for comic relief, she is a role model!) And one other thing is boy bands, One Direction? Union J? Go to hell! XD (I am joking, but normally it is not about the signing but the looks, which annoys me and they always sing in the same genre, which is quite annoying, I am not judging from their personality but there voices and looks annoy me! :3 Just being honest!) But the muse, they prove t
  8. ~Mellow Slash~

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    Hmmm, personally I just chose it because Mellow is my OC! Well I could have been more creative with that one but you know! I am quite lazy!
  9. ~Mellow Slash~

    Hey! ^_^

    See I know a reference when I see one! Thanks thats very kind of you! *Grabs cider and keeps off horseshoes* Awhhhhh yeah!
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Mellow Slash, hopefully a new artist on the seen! Basically I have been doing art on Paint.net since I was 10! But it has been much fun and now I know how to draw ponies! Anyway I drew my Mellow Slash (One of the 3 muskateers!) and her and her sword pointy! I really like her colour scheme and her overall design! Mellow is a cheeky chappy swordsman, she loves running around feeling the breeze, she is very skilled and is part of the three ponyteers! Her part is SKILL! Colour Scheme Cutie Mark Face Picture SLASH!!! Than
  11. ~Mellow Slash~

    Hey! ^_^

    Thanks! I like Rarity too! She is 3rd best pony! Sounds like a reference there, hmm I will have to google that in a minute :3 Thanks!
  12. ~Mellow Slash~

    Hey! ^_^

    Thanks! I will thanks! A princess lover eh? I love Luna myself! anyways thanks! Great love people who are into things like that! Anyways let me say I have had a previous account on this forum anyways, who is above a bunny rank So i think I know what to do! And thanks!
  13. ~Mellow Slash~

    Hey! ^_^

    Thanks everyone! I am very glad you are all welcoming me with open arms! Don't worry you will be seeing much more of me soon! /)
  14. I really like your style! Though some of the snouts are a little big, the proportions are really well scaled out! I shout out big well done to you!
  15. ~Mellow Slash~

    Hey! ^_^

    My name is Mellow Swipe! I am a 13 year (girl) brony who is here to protect the forums! I am part of a little group coming along who are going to be the ponyteers so feel free to look around for them once we all become active! I am a friends of Frozen Mints and I just love the fandom! Applejack is best pony... sorry other fans, I love being a brony, we a just such a good community! Few facts about me! Applejack is best pony! My favourite song from the series is Raise this barn! (I also like Bab seed and Cutie mark destiny song) Season 3 is the best! I support Twicorn and Equestria gir
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