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  1. This looks really cool! Just a couple questions though. 1. Will it be available to the public? 2. Is it free or do you pay (I don't have a credit card and don't want to ask my parents to use theirs) 3. Will we download it or will it be browser based? 4. What does the game include? (What are some fun things to do on it)
  2. Honestly I love them all! But I don't like Twilight as Rainbow Dash the colors are just sort of cheesy on her. My favorite is either Rarity with Pinkie Pie's colors or Rainbow Dash with Twilight Sparkle's colors.
  3. The worst pain I have ever experienced is when I dislocated my hip. I don't even remember how it happened since apparently i blacked out right after it happened because of the pain. So yeah....
  4. Poland is one of my favorite countries if not my favorite! First of all I I am 50% Polish. Second of all I have cousins in Poland. Last but not least Uczę się polskiego and if you don't know what that means it means I am learning Polish.
  5. Lightning Dancer

    Music Do You Like Miley Cyrus?

    First things first. She is just an immature talentless "pop star" who is going to extreme circumstances to get rid of her old Disney Channel image. Her hair-do is absolutely hideous and her music is nothing but garbage. I wouldn't be surprised if she started on drugs and got thrown in jail. now she is just another Lindsey Lohan in my eyes.
  6. I personally think Rarity had it the worst. First of all weather is a pegasus job not a unicorns. Second of all she never had to deal with controlling the weather her whole life and suddenly she's in charge of everything. Last but not least all the ponies in Ponyville started yelling at her and were upset with her even though this was her first time controlling the weather.
  7. I personally think Rarity is 18-19 Twilight 19-20 Pinkie Pie 17-18 Rainbow Dash 18-19 Fluttershy 18-19 Apple Jack 19-20 I honestly have nooo clue.
  8. Google is the best search engine. 1. It's easy to use 2. Hundreds of results based on one key word 3. Google is reliable I just don't see how anyone can love Bing.
  9. I think Apple Jack was the cutest filly. Except without the beehive hair. Her cute southern accent used on a little filly version is absolutely adorable!
  10. i choose Big Mac the stallion. First of all I don't like Mc Donald's greasy "food". Second of all Big Mac is my favorite stallion in the MLP:FiM series. Also he's Apple Jack's big brother I gotta respect that
  11. For me I find Babs Seed, Smile, At The Gala, and Share and Care the catchiest. For some reason if I have a MLP:FiM song stuck in my head it's always one of these.
  12. I want to change my member title to "The Apple Jack Fanatic" but I can't find out how. So I was wondering if you have to donate or something. Or if a mod has to do it. I just don't know. I've seen other cupcakes with custom member titles so I'm pretty sure it isn't based on rank.
  13. At first I thoight maybe Pinkie Pie could confuse him but then I realized he could distract her with most anything. So, I decided that Twilight would have the greatest chances because she could out smart him. But if we were doing pairs I would choose Pinkie Pie and Twilight because Pinkie Pie could attempt to confuse him while Twilight could use magic on him while he was distracted!
  14. Lightning Dancer

    Applejack Fan Club

    I thought I'd try my hand at GIFS and turns out I'm not half that bad! Anyways here are come Apple Jack GIFS I made. I hope you like them! If you like them brohoof them!
  15. OMG this is so great! You should totally post this at the Apple Jack fan club! We'd love to see it! Also I give it a 9 out of ten. Although I love it it is a little hard to see in places. (Here's a link to the AJ club http://mlpforums.com/topic/4725-applejack-fan-club/)
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