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  1. Honestly I don't watch MLP anymore or even participate in the community but I really do miss the good ole roleplaying days

  2. Oh hey this is a thing still

  3. Soooooo... Who watched/is watching Sense8?

  4. *rolls by in a stampede of tumbleweeds*

    1. Kyoshi


      I am picturing either a western theme or a town getting bit by a dust storm. :P

    2. Kyoshi


      Hit* Though I suppose it still makes sense.

  5. Listen kiddies. If/when you have children of your own, I highly recommend this: Please, for the love of Gandhi, don't name your kid Christian. Seriously. I'm not saying this because I hate Christians or whatever, but rather I'm saying this because they just might not end up following that faith, and it's going to be real awkward for them if that's the case. It's not even that nice sounding of a name in the first place TL;DR My name sucks and is inconvenient.
  6. Holy crap, these latest episodes for Flash and Arrow were tippy toppers

  7. *tumbleweed rolls by profile*

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    2. Zen


      *gets hit by tumbleweed* wow

      dumb tumbleweed

    3. Ampharos


      Aw darn, the tumbleweeds got out again... Sorry bout that.

    4. Zen


      i say we attack the tumbleweed! *picks up sword* We can not let this menace continue!

  8. Remember kids, Valentine's Day is a lie.
  9. Must. Have. DJ. Sona.

    1. Plume


      Doooo itttttt

  10. Monty Oum has been someone I looked up to for quite some time. His creative mind was so admirable, and he did not deserve what happened. Monty did so many incredible things in his life, and I'm now going to make sure I don't waste the life I'm privileged to have.

  11. I actually really need to learn other positions. Leona is pretty much the only champion I'm comfortable with. I'm a garbage adc, but I'm going to try getting better at mid and top, because I know at some point I'm going to run into another support main or Leona's going to be picked by the other team. Anyone have any recommendations for starting mid/top laners?
  12. Guys. Guys. Kalista and Leona work so god damn well together it's ridiculous. My friend and I have played that lane several times and we have a 100% winrate. Leona's passive and Kalista's w passive work really well together, as well as both ults. Kalista ults me in, I ult, then stun the adc again, all while Kal is just hammering away at the adc. Of course, I'm also hitting them, so Kal's w passive is chunking them down. And there's the sunlight debuff as well. Double kills all day. I swear it's broken. Story Time: We were in a pretty close game and the enemy team was going for drag. Bo
  13. Sorry to the people I'm 1x1 RPing with. "My Content" is down right now and I don't really feel too up to digging for our RPs. I'll post once "My Content" is back up.

  14. The beautiful warm colors were drowned out by the deep red that still clouded Pat's vision. Normally when this happened to her, she would be able to calm herself down because either she went to see Van, or knew she could get to him if she really had to. Just the thought that he could be there for her usually soothed Pat, but not this time. This time, she didn't know where he was. She couldn't get to him. He couldn't get to her. There was no one to comfort her, and this made Pat's condition only worse. Van was supposed to meet up with Pat for dinner, but Pat hadn't the slightest idea where
  15. Tenshi ni Fureta makes mi cri evertim

    1. Ampharos


      *Tenshi ni Fureta yo

  16. Your Lie in April is gonna be the death of me.

  17. K-On!! was so good! Still surprised a show like that had such an emotional final episode... Welp, time for the extra episodes and movie!

  18. I know, sorry I'll try and see if I can squeeze in a post tomorrow.
  19. Sorry guys! Just been real busy lately :/ Haven't had time for RPing at all.
  20. I think my top two ships are Yuiazu and Mugi x Ritsu

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    2. Llewellyn
    3. Llewellyn
    4. Ampharos


      Huh, meant to put "top two K-On!" ships there. Woops, lol.


      And yes, Ritsu XD

  21. K-On!! is my guiltiest guilty pleasure

  22. Just watched the latest episode of Your Lie in Apri. Excuse me while I go sob in the corner.l

  23. Ash nodded his head, smiling a bit sheepishly. "I rarely fly around, so I'm just not used to it I suppose. Sorry to have to bring you down, no pun intended," he replied, glancing down for anything in the area. "Not really. The only places I care about in this city are shops that sell tools and parts, and the eateries. I assume you don't want to help me carry dozens of pounds of scrap metal back to my shop, but I also don't know if you're already hungry. Sorry I'm not the best guide..."
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