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  1. Do you have a link to the thread? Maybe it was the plot or the rules.
  2. I'd like to sign up for this. I'm using my phone, so it's hard for me to link it. His name is Drill Horn. Hope it's not to much trouble.
  3. @@Swinton, "Well, that's over..." Drill Horn grabbed Fluorescent by 2 legs and dragged him up the stairs to the next floor. "I know some of you can't fight, but c'mon! It's only the 3rd floor! You could probably just tackle them". Drill reached the top of the stairs. "Yeah, uh, I'm just gonna charge in this time". Drill Horn went in. Unlike the other floors though. This one seemed more complex. There was a tiny bridge connecting 2 pillars together. There were also a few blocks of stone on the floor. Drill Horn knew he walked into a trap. An ambush to be more exact. One pony his head out of the bridge, and 3 other ponies came from behind the stone blocks.
  4. Drill Horn watched a couple dozens of ponies charge into the room. "Um, I'm guessing another trick right? Or is this real?" He went into the group of ponies to blend in. If the unicorns didn't know who was real then he could attack them while being hidden. He gripped his stone sword and smacked on of the unicorns in the face.
  5. Drill Horn thought to himself. "Oh great, now I have to fight". He wasn't really the fighting type of pony. He liked to craft and make stuff, but he had to more if he wanted to help the team. "Alright let's go guys!" He went in with Crimson. They were more focused on him than Drill Horn. He decided now was a good chance to attack safely. He didn't have a weapon so he quickly made a stone sword in less than 7 seconds. He sliced at one of the unicorns back. Although, it was a sword, the stone didn't do much. It made a medium sized cute on his back and staggered him, but didn't kill him. Mirror was right though, they were still pretty stupid. Instead of attacking Drill right on the spot the unicorn charged a fireball spell that took 6-8 seconds to perform. Sure it would probably badly injure someone, but Drill Horn was standing 2 feet away from it. He just walked up to it and punched it. He knocked the unicorn out. Drill Horn felt good inside. He loved the feel of the adrenaline when he was fighting. It was a feeling he never felt before. Then he took cover and hid. He showed what he could do. Crimson said everypony should attack, so we know how to work with each other. He watched and waited for someone else to fight. (I got bored, so I wrote a story for you guys )
  6. It doesnt matter. Just something about more unicorns that were maybe a bit stronger. Something like that. @,
  7. "I guess we just wait for Mirror Image to come back". Drill Horn watched Fluorescent Fire play with a flame and lose control of it. He stepped back. "Woah, don't burn us to death". He smiled. "I suppose I can try to make better weapons for people that don't have a badass weapon". He looked at Crimson. Drill started to tinker with stone and wood again. He also 1 tiny scrap of steel. It won't do much, but it will make a weapon at least a little bit better. After making a punch of stupid inventions. He stood up. I don't know what I'm making any more. We need to go into the room and fight already. He peaked his head inside again. "Mirror? Are you there?".
  8. @, Sorry, we're no longer accepting. If someone drops out, I'll let you in.
  9. Drill Horn decided there was nothing to look for. It was only the second floor after all. The tower was probably more than 100 levels high. "You guys ready to go to the next floor?" He shout at the bottom of the stairs. He walking up without waiting for everyone else". Like before, he slightly opened the door and looked inside.
  10. Yes. I was playing Watch Dogs and this random lady was leaning on nothing but air.
  11. Granted, but it taste bad I wish I was immune to diseases.
  12. I like the long mane better because the same reasons everyone else does. The short mane isn't bad though.