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  1. I finished Kill la Kill like a week or so ago, and also The Saga of Tanya the Evil just the other night. Both great anime IMO, I enjoyed the latter one especially. I just wish I could watch the movie as well, I can't seem to find it anywhere. :'<
  2. I finally got around to watching JoJo's (starting from part one ofc), and oh boy, what a bizarre adventure that was! I think parts 2, 3, and 5 were my favourites, but they were all really good IMO. Heck, I might just have to go back and rewatch the whole thing again. :'D
  3. Excited; the Minecraft community I've made my home in is finally updating the server to 1.14.4, and also resetting the map for it too. I was just getting burned out on the current one so a nice, fresh start is just what I need. :3
  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. JackleberryCA


      Hey thank you! \o/

  5. Some of my friends and I started playing Guild Wars 2 recently. It's my first ever MMO so some things are a little confusing but honestly I'm really into it. ^^
  6. I've been listening to this song a lot recently. I feel like it sort of matches how I've been feeling in a way, not so much in the lyrics but more so just the tone of the song, like the melancholy nature of it I guess? That's not to say I'm feeling depressed, I'm okay trust me. It's a long story that's sorta complicated, but I've just been dealing with some emotions lately, still trying to figure things out and all. I'm actually talking to a friend who's been incredibly kind, patient, and supportive of me so I reckon things will turn out just fine in the end.
  7. I'm feeling pretty great right now! Long story short, I spent all evening helping out with an event that's being put together for a community I'm a part of (which starts tomorrow [or later today w/e]), and I had a really good time! I was even praised by someone I look up to for helping out, which is still making me feel all giddy inside, haha~ This, plus another positive experience I had with them a few days ago, has left me in a pretty good mood as of late.
  8. I like to do a lot of things in 3s or 5s and so forth, so odd numbers it is for me.