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  1. Well, it's pretty basic as I'm not much of a cook, but I always like to make a 'pancake' egg (flat, non-scrambled), with a side of beans, some toast, and a cup of tea. Maybe mix in some other stuff, like shredded cheese, or substitute one thing for something else if I need to. It's always my favourite meal of the day, though as breakfast-y as it sounds I usually make it closer to lunch, or whenever I feel like. ^^
  2. Pokemon Shield, and Halo Reach on PC. Really bringing me back to the old days, when I still had friends and we'd play Halo and whatnot on Xbox. Feels weird going back to controller aiming for an FPS, but it feels more convenient for most purposes than the mouse/keyboard (unless I'm sniping, then I can just switch on the fly). As for the new Pokemon games, well... they have many issues no doubt about that, but honestly I'm still having a good time playing them, and I expected as much. They are still fun games at their core IMO, I just feel like they had the perfect opportunity to go big this time, and... they really didn't. :< (Also my fave Lopunny isn't in the game ;_;)
  3. Several actually. Dishonored; got it for cheap, gonna try to beat it 100% stealth-like, no kills or alerting guards, as is tradition with any stealth game I've played. TH10: Mountain of Faith; great soundtrack all around, love the power-based bomb system, and I think I can beat it 1cc if I can just make it to the last stage with enough lives to spare. Space Engineers; gonna build my biggest ship yet, at around 750+ blocks in length, versus my current largest ~200.
  4. Somehow I have ~209,270 views. Gotta imagine most of that comes from back when I was still active here all the time, but even still, I wasn't THAT active. Or interesting for that matter.
  5. From a store? Never. But there was a time when I was stealing things from school on a regular basis. One time I almost went home with my bag literally packed with toys I took from the other kids; the ultimate heist. Turns out when everyone's stuff goes missing at once, people start to get suspicious. ^^;; I haven't stolen anything since.
  6. Touhou Project is simply soul crushing. It's so stressful trying to make it to the end without continues, and whenever I come close and think I have a chance at actually beating a game, I choke and die in the most frustrating ways possible and it makes me wanna die IRL x.x
  7. Oh yeah, "Lost On The Moon" always reminds me of my earlier brony days, and the good times I had on here. Oh how I wish I could go back and experience that all over again. ^^
  8. I finished Kill la Kill like a week or so ago, and also The Saga of Tanya the Evil just the other night. Both great anime IMO, I enjoyed the latter one especially. I just wish I could watch the movie as well, I can't seem to find it anywhere. :'<
  9. I finally got around to watching JoJo's (starting from part one ofc), and oh boy, what a bizarre adventure that was! I think parts 2, 3, and 5 were my favourites, but they were all really good IMO. Heck, I might just have to go back and rewatch the whole thing again. :'D
  10. Excited; the Minecraft community I've made my home in is finally updating the server to 1.14.4, and also resetting the map for it too. I was just getting burned out on the current one so a nice, fresh start is just what I need. :3
  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. JackleberryCA


      Hey thank you! \o/

  12. Some of my friends and I started playing Guild Wars 2 recently. It's my first ever MMO so some things are a little confusing but honestly I'm really into it. ^^
  13. I've been listening to this song a lot recently. I feel like it sort of matches how I've been feeling in a way, not so much in the lyrics but more so just the tone of the song, like the melancholy nature of it I guess? That's not to say I'm feeling depressed, I'm okay trust me. It's a long story that's sorta complicated, but I've just been dealing with some emotions lately, still trying to figure things out and all. I'm actually talking to a friend who's been incredibly kind, patient, and supportive of me so I reckon things will turn out just fine in the end.
  14. I'm feeling pretty great right now! Long story short, I spent all evening helping out with an event that's being put together for a community I'm a part of (which starts tomorrow [or later today w/e]), and I had a really good time! I was even praised by someone I look up to for helping out, which is still making me feel all giddy inside, haha~ This, plus another positive experience I had with them a few days ago, has left me in a pretty good mood as of late.