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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Yeah back when I used pony avatars, I'd always have Fluttershy as mine. Obviously not so much these days, but I still would if I did.
  3. Deep Rock Galactic, because free weekend. Ended up buying it though since I'm having a lot of fun with the game. ^^
  4. Angry. Not even sad like I usually am, just angry. >:C Every time I express an interest in hanging out with 'friends' in whatever games they're playing, they always give me some roundabout answer like "oh you should open up and try to find people to play this game with!!!" as if that's not quite literally the exact thing I am trying to do (EDIT: that's just one example but it's always just as frustrating) . It's like they're actively trying to dissuade me from playing with them, like they're avoiding me, and I have no idea why. Completely different instances and people by the way.
  5. JackleberryCA

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    "This might possibly be the lamest and most pathetic way of going about this, but it might just be charming enough to work".
  6. Usually just go lay in bed, listen to Rolling Girl, and cry. How much I cry or whether I even bother going over to my bed or not just depends on how bad I feel.
  7. Just as an outlet for me to express myself; my interests and the like. Maybe vent a little too.
  8. I... don't know? Like I feel kinda better now, since I started talking to a friend again recently, which is nice, but I feel like it's also just highlighting how lonely and totally broken I am whenever they're not around. *shrug*
  9. Unknown Mother-Goose, by wowaka. Between Rolling Girl, Unhappy Refrain, World's End Dancehall, Two-Faced Lovers, and now this, he's very quickly becoming my favourite Vocaloid artist. It's such a shame that he passed earlier this year... er, rather, last year. 2019. :<
  10. Around other people? Yeah, I have a hard time showing almost any kind of emotion in front of others. On my own I don't mind crying at all though, in fact it feels kind of good, like a stress reliever. I'll even do it intentionally when I'm feeling really upset and need to just let off some steam.
  11. Yeah, but only because I'm shy and find doing just about anything in public embarrassing, lol.
  12. Catching up on some Halo games I never finished/missed out on originally, namely Halo 4 and Halo Wars 2.
  13. I started saving pretty hard once I realised I was spending WAY too much on stuff I never ended up using or needing in the first place. ^^;;
  14. JackleberryCA

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Of course she took the console with her- for some bloody reason- so now I'm gonna have to wait until NEXT weekend to get to use it, and that's not even a guarantee considering.
  15. I... worry too much about what I should say; am I adding too much information? Too little? Does it sound right? I get stuck in a loop of going back and reading my post, editing it, until eventually I either post it or just give up and maybe try again later. That's just posting, making new threads is even harder because on top of that I don't even know what to make a thread about in the first place. x.x
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