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  1. ill be happy to join this party tomorrow i would join today but i need to get to bed i wish i saw this thread sooner, i am just running on and on to reach character minimum
  2. Littlest petshop to stronk humans are all good by nature Cyber men are the best villians for the solar empire derpy is not a good name ditsy is way better
  3. I can not wait personally been excited about this since it was announced as a potential spin off show so yeah i super excited
  4. No longer an option for me to stop. And trust me i have thought about it on multiple occasions but meh it will be worth it also colorado has been promised a con multiple times and is one of the best states in the country for such events. We don't make these cons for ourselves we make them for you guys. Also, off topic note grats on your wedding!!!!
  5. I'm sorry I got almost all H. It's just my life is going a direction I never thought it would and most of these don't really describe me well. What with running running of the leaves con Colorado http://rotlcon.com/about/news-2/ (in case you care), and starting my own business my life has taken one heck of a turn and I'm not sure how to react.
  6. Irrational fears aye? hmmm I got a few of those one is germs. I also freak right the hell out at the concept of hurricanes (glad I live in colorado) and the biggest one who still gets to me in king ramses (from courage the cowardly dog) "return the slab"
  7. I dont sleep much, not that i don't like sleeping and it's not like i don't try to sleep. just my body seems to think that its never a good time to sleep.
  8. i accept your generous invitation to your steam group my friend and will be happy to play with anyone here We flutterponies are awesome at games (now we are not)
  9. joeycrawford

    yo yo yo

    lies rarity has a flutterponies wings we were the first to have them lol....yeah they are rarities wings just recolored i have aweful arting skills so it was easier that way
  10. Running of the leaves convention colorado is up and running http://rotlcon.com/about/news-2/

  11. ok about pony cons in Colorado there is one that is up and running and accepting registrations. running of the leaves convention Colorado or http://rotlcon.com/ for short. Just thought i would let you know.
  12. joeycrawford

    The Crusades

    I would read the story if you were to write it out. On the note of the image itself I dig it personally. The concept is interesting but how would they join the Templar in the first place.
  13. give me human levels of intellect and i would be happy to be a pony not that i mind being human but ponies are so awesome and more importantly the worth thing they have ever dealt with only enslaved them he did not even kill them
  14. joeycrawford

    Clop survey

    I may not be a fan of this particular thing my self but there are far worse things you could be doing with your time....just sayin
  15. This episode may have left me wanting but it did do music like a boss. As for alicorn twilight I just hope the writers have the ability to make a character like that dynamic.
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