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Everything posted by Thuja

  1. Something long that drapes nicely.. Maybe cloaks or some sort of flowy outfit? Lots of alternative wear too, definitely!!! Since my preferred fashion is a mix of goth/fantasy/punk/vintage, probably something from one of those? I'd like to look like walking Bloodborne concept art or something lol...
  2. 99% of the time, I don't cringe. If it was an old post, I'd know that I was in a different headspace at the time. It's ok to make mistakes, that's just a part of growing up and changing who you are as a person. There're only a few posts I've made in the past where I'm like, "Oh boo, what is wrong with you?" or something similar lol... At the same time, some of my old posts can be triggering since it's talking about something difficult. Even though I'm out of those situations now, it's still sometimes hard to deal with the memory they've left behind.
  3. Well since the sun's currently setting, the moon isn't as obvious right now but beyond that, I normally don't see the moon since I'm on the wrong side of the building.
  4. *Boops @Dark Qiviut back* Hope you're having a good day!!
  5. This one where my teeth fell out and then my whole body twisted and turned inside out. My nightmares usually have A LOT of body horror, thankfully I don't have a lot of nightmares.
  6. Hmmm, I guess I'm feeling comfortable right now? And good. Just getting some baking done, currently waiting for the dough to rise but everything else is prepared and ready to go. Just listening to some music right now in the mean-time.
  7. Why do more people tend to notice MTFs instead of FTMs? Mostly toxic masculinity imo... Most FTMs can scoot by without being noticed if they want to "blend in" since it's more accepted to want to be a guy than it is a masculine presenting person wanting to be a woman. I mean, how many jokes in media have you seen when the punchline is "lol, man in dress" yet you barely see anything joking about "lol, woman in pants and short hair"? Not very many, sure they're still around but not as frequently. I'm ftm, so my view on the subject might be biased. Someone might look at a feminine body type wearing more masculine clothing but most people dismiss it as some woman who's being a "tomboy" but when a masculine figure wears something remotely feminine, you suddenly hear talk of "perverting the youth", "Man in dress wants to just be allowed to go into the women's restroom to assault women and girls!!" and other transphobic nonsense. Sometimes, people might complain about ftms or "tomboys" being in more feminine spaces, one instance I could think of was a butch woman who had officers called on her when she entered the women's restroom with her friends. Imagine two male officers trying to drag a woman out of the women's restroom even though her friends are yelling at them to leave and that she's a woman? She was a cis woman yet she was STILL treated like that because of how she was presenting, which is absolutely ridiculous. Our rigid definition of each sex and how people born into those sexes must act or present themselves is absolutely ridiculous and archaic. We need to start from the foundation up and make something that works for everyone instead of harming so many in our societies. Fix what is so obviously broken. Anyways, I tend to get some stuff from people, some slurs but not as often as I worried about, mostly because I'm a masculine presenting person yet have long hair but beyond that I normally go into men's specific rooms anyways without too many odd looks and I'm good, the hair still seems to confuse people but it's a cultural thing for me so I refuse to get it cut short again. That's just my guess as to why it seems like there're more MTFs than FTMs, it's more noticeable for a trans woman to want to wear a dress and makeup or express their femininity in anyway while for trans men, it's not, unless he expresses his identity to be a little too feminine sometimes like potentially still wearing makeup, dresses, what have you. Also, keep in mind that trans people are still people, I think some of us can be very kind yet some of us can be exceptionally grumpy, we're just like any other group of people. We're not all perfect little angels. But please understand that depending on where people are on their transitioning path, some things WILL trigger some sort of anxiety in themselves and they will feel the need to defend themselves. I still get triggered when I have to use my birth name and be referred to as "she" by people, do you honestly think I should just deal with it and let them continue making that mistake? I mean, people are STILL being murdered for being trans in the world, keep that in mind. We simply wish to live our lives the way we want to, isn't that what anyone else wants? Each fellow trans person I've met has gone through their transition differently, there really isn't one right way to go about it. Everyone'll react differently to hormones, at differing times in their lives and some trans people don't even want to take hormones, which is perfectly valid. Just please be patient with people and act with understanding and compassion. Also respect pronouns!!! If someone's appearance confuses you, don't assume he/she pronouns for their sake, assume They/Them pronouns until you can learn what their pronouns are. It ain't that hard to do once you practice it!
  8. Oh gosh, must be 12 or 13 years ago? Last zoo I went to was the philly zoo when I lived in the area. Was kinda disappointed that they didn't have a butterfly hut like the Detroit zoo does and I think going there was a spur of the moment thing from my mom since we were driving in the area and she was like, "hey do you want to check out the zoo?!" it was nearing closing time by the time we found a parking spot and actually got to the zoo but it was fine, didn't really get to see much though.
  9. Great job, it's good to see how much you've improved over a short time!! Keep it up!
  10. I sometimes will, I've never really been comfortable with my appearance though so I don't really take photos of myself. I think in total, I've probably uploaded 3 or 4 pictures of myself since being on the internet, most of those have been recent, mostly for the sake of family members that haven't seen me since I was a baby.
  11. I don't see the point in talking about my sexual history with someone unless I plan on sleeping with them. I don't really think it's anyone's business but mine outside of that, or my doctor.
  12. Since I no longer live in the same country as where I went to school, no, I don't. Also since my schooling years have always been a bit traumatic for me, I don't even want to revisit areas like that. If you think it wasn't as bad as I'm saying it was, I was once sexually assaulted on a school bus and the friends of the people involved would taunt me for the rest of the school year because of it. I absolutely do not want to go back to places where such things happened, even if I'm in a better place mentally and emotionally now. Not to mention, I've moved so many times through my school years that I don't see the point in doing a tour through the US just to revisit my old schools. I think the only place I'd like to go to is when I went to school in Ventura, California. It was a good school with some great teachers and the bullying wasn't that bad there and I actually had a good circle of friends there. Would like to see most of them again, they were good people but from what I heard from a friend I used to be in contact with, the group fell apart over time which sucks but I guess that happens with a lot of high school friend groups.
  13. That would be up to the person to decide, none of my business anyways. I kinda think shaving your body outside of a need is a bit weird, no matter your gender or sex but I guess that's just coming from someone who was forced to shave their legs for years because "women shouldn't have hairy legs" or something stupid like that. I like most of my body hair but that doesn't mean other people should too, if they want to shave? Go for it. If they don't want to shave? Go for it, none of my business anyways.
  14. idk, I'd rather not turn this into a debate that clogs this topic up though. Guess it's just personal preference.
  15. You ain't ugly, you're just not your own type! There are people out there who will find you attractive, even if you don't see it in yourself!
  16. Sure, if she were, let's say, 18 or 19 and he was 24 or something, it wouldn't be as strange to me but she was legally a child, she was a minor at the time of his post. That's wading into legal territory there and he would've been liable to being arrested or something if he took the relationship too far when she was underage. Now that she isn't a minor, I don't really mind it. As long as all parties involved in a relationship are consenting ADULTS, go for it I don't care. Sure, just because teens these days like acting older, they aren't mentally or emotionally mature enough to really be able to be handle a relationship with an adult like an adult. They are still children imo and wanting to have a relationship with a 16 year old is highly inappropriate to me. That's just me though...
  17. I admire you, just not in a crush way Also, can we please talk about the guy that had a crush on a 16 year old when he was 21???? That didn't seem highly inappropriate to anyone else? Just me..? You are an adult man who has a crush on a child, never pursue a relationship with a CHILD wtf...
  18. finished my piece, looks good.  The hooves didn't exactly turn out how I was hoping but I think I did good.

    Sage Joy.png

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    2. Thuja


      Practice helps and studying shapes, nothing's going to be perfect the first time and I find it helps to see humour in your art if it isn't up to your standards.  It's better to laugh at mistakes than to let them consume you

    3. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      I just don;t have the hand-eye coordination tbh. 

    4. Thuja


      Ah ok, that's understandable, sorry to hear that!

  19. *Hugs @TheRockARooster back* remember to drink water and have a good day!!!
  20. Can someone help me with this?  I'm trying to sketch out a new profile pic thing for my oc Sage but I'm not really sure how to go about actually drawing him clapping???  He's supposed to be laughing and clapping at the same time?  His muzzle looks kinda odd now but hopefully it won't look as out of place when I start actually drawing it.  Any ideas?  idk what I'm doing with his teeth though, they kinda look like barney the dinosaur's teeth right now lol...


    help me out here.PNG

    1. Thuja


      After watching a few gifs of ponies clapping in the direction I want, kinda worked on it a bit?  idk...  I'm ready to simply give up and move on with the piece?  Could probably work on the placement of the feathering on that one leg, looks a bit wonky to me once I think about it...

      What am I doing..PNG

    2. Thuja


      Fixed it up a bit, I'm going to move on with it...

  21. *Hugs @Kyoshi back* Hope you're having a good one!!
  22. My name is Sage and my island name is Bkej You can send whatever you want, no biggie. Were you just going to send it or come to my island to drop it off? I don't know what one can do to send stuff
  23. I've tried with no success, my phone isn't just not connecting to my wifi like a lot of the questions that showed up in your link. It's not finding any wifi, at all, it's like wifi no longer exists for this phone.
  24. Verdana font, definitely. Looks professional yet laid back at the same time to me and I always gravitate towards the font on places that it's available.
  25. I think my last job as a dishwasher was pretty difficult. It wasn't the work itself that made it difficult, I could've stood there for longer, it was one of my managers that made it difficult for me. She kept expecting me to know what I was doing even though she knew that this was my first time working in a restaurant. She expected me to be as fast as the other dishwasher that was working there for 7 years. The person who was there never even trained me properly. Everyone kept telling me to go faster but no one told me how to go faster and when I tried going about washing dishes the same as she did, I would be yelled at for wasting water or not putting enough through the dishwasher. On top of constantly having a huge pile of pots, pans and other dishes waiting for me, they expected me to do other tasks like thoroughly clean the bathrooms, mopping and doing other tasks that take me from my initial job. They expected me to do all of that in 15 minutes yet tell me to take more time doing them? "Cleaning the bathrooms should be your first priority" so what about the whole ass cart of dishes that need to be cleaned? What about the pots and pans that the cook was supposed to clean BEFORE I got there but never did himself? The fact that the dishwasher constantly broke took time out of what I was supposed to be doing and you expect me to do all of that in only 4 hours?????? The fact that they would only give me four hours a day to do all of that really limited how much I could actually get done. I hated that place because of all the expectations that I, someone who's never held that position before, magically knows what I'm supposed to be doing and could clean an entire four rack cart of dishes in only 30 minutes. I make a lot of mistakes when I'm rushing myself that much and much of that needs to be redone anyways, it's a waste of time, water and effort. Not to mention that the person I mentioned who's worked there for 7 years? She made tons of mistakes and a lot needed to be rewashed and scrubbed anyways so why the hell were they constantly making her out to be this godly character? Not to mention, the manager would treat me like dirt. She always deadnamed me and would misgender me a lot too. I thought it was first because she wasn't used to it and was stuck in her ways but oh no, she made a game out of it. I'm a private person usually, I only tell people that need to know irl, mostly to keep myself safe. Just seeing the blatant disrespect from her really ruined the job for me along with everything I mentioned in this post. Never want to work in that position or pretty much any other restaurant again, only four hours a day for two or three days of the week? Who can live off of that? I certainly couldn't and they weren't flexible with people who wanted to work a second job, I can't tell you how many people left that place in the time I was there because they weren't lenient with anyone. That place is a revolving door for most people, I saw at least 20 people leave for one reason or another when I worked there. Only three core staff members worked there it seemed. Also, I wouldn't suggest people eat there since the amount of dirty plates, using bad food yet still be approved by the local food safety people is a joke and I tell people not to eat there. I mean, if the person who has to wash the toilets AND clean the plates(which, btw the lady who "trained" me never washed her hands before cleaning plates, she said you didn't need to) says anything to you, the quality of the food should. I had been thinking of quitting there for a few months but this one incident with my manager made me really want to quit. This one time I was washing dishes and left a cup to dry on the other side after putting everything else away. She comes up to me and says something, I couldn't hear her very well because of the washing machine. I thought she asked me if I was doing silverware but I said no, she got mad at me and started ranting about wasting water and if she ever caught me doing that again, she would fire me. She apparently was asking something along the lines of if I cleaned anything else besides that cup. I was really confused for a hot second and had no idea what she was talking about. I tried explaining to her what I did but she wouldn't have it and merely stormed off. One of the other cooks who'd been there for a while was talking to me about it but in that moment I decided that it would be best to leave. I'm glad I did, I had been dreading going to work for a few weeks before that and the pay and hours I was getting were absolute garbage. Felt good to leave, now I don't hate myself anymore for staying there. She made the job harder than it should've been, like, sorry I can't read your mind nor am I a robot who could clean everything in a matter of seconds or whatever she wanted.