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  1. I can't believe I've spent an hour and a half simply decorating and building a house for my sim... I haven't even really put any furniture inside yet, just decorating the outside
  2. Hey there!! Just letting you know, there's a great art resource area over here that really helped me out. I may not be the best artist but having lots of resources and references really does help. It's important to keep trying and working at improving as much as you're comfortable with. Anyways, my profile pic is actually from some concept art from Dragon Age 4, I really liked the fact that there was more green than anything and I also can't wait for the next installment of the series!!! I typically don't have a pony profile pic on here, I've thought about it but I haven't really gone through with it lol... Here's some examples of the most recent stuff I've drawn
  3. I'm thinking about food... Also, I haven't actually had dinner yet.
  4. Retail and fast food really suck to work in, you have to deal with A LOT of entitled people. Not everyone's bad but there's a fair amount of people treating you like you're a damned CEO even though it's probably not your fault that the store you work at has policies that ever so slightly inconvenience someone. Like, why yell at me for the store policy that I can't bag your groceries for you? My manager used to get really mad at me for bagging someone's groceries one too many times. I wasn't being paid enough to deal with that BS... I hated working in a restaurant too, maybe that's because I had a bad training session and poor management? Like, they would constantly tell me to go faster but no one ever told me how to go faster and whenever I asked they just told me to go faster... Not to mention, the manager would constantly take me away from my duties just to do something she wanted done which made my job even harder. So sorry I have 0 experience in this job and terribly sorry I can't do my job as quickly as someone who's been working there for 8 years... Also, Call centres REALLY suck, there's two different ones in town and I can say from listening to people who worked there or knew someone who worked there most of the time someone doesn't even last two months. The places near me does customer service for a few different places so most of the time, the employee someone's insulting or yelling at has no idea how the thing works, they know certain things that help them with the job and whatever company they're doing customer service for. It's a very stressful job and I have a lot of respect for people who can tolerate it for longer than two months. The call centres near me also have a $800-$900 sign-up bonus because they know most people don't last there for long so they're trying to attract as many people as they can lol.
  5. Who's your favourite SU character? Mine's Peridot!!! Also, welcome to the forums!!!
  6. Finding out that some of the staples I buy from the bulk store are on sale still, which made me pretty happy!!!
  7. I picked up some of my prescriptions that were ready and I also harvested A LOT of parsley!! I still had a lot left but I figured since the other plants unfortunately got tangled with my tomatoes, I'll leave them for later. Some animal has been munching on my tomatoes and leaving the half-eaten evidence behind
  8. I think I want to try making lumpia for my birthday next year...?
  9. I had a dream where I was a teen again but I went to a magic school that was located underground somewhere. The "courtyard" was located in this large area and sometimes there were vendors from above ground who would sell stuff. There was also a large gap with only one or two bridges connecting this "courtyard" area with the school itself. There were homes dotting the sides of this gap that some of the students and teachers would live in but it was mostly people who actually lived in those houses all the time. Most students lived in common areas dedicated to which school of magic they were majoring in instead of being sorted into houses. It's hard to remember much of the details about the dream but I can recall being stuck in some sort of garden maze with another student...? I don't quite recall why I was in the maze at all, maybe I was fleeing something or someone????? But yes, this school did teach things like math and science too, instead of focusing solely on magic.
  10. I'm currently 29 and people still seem to think I look young for my age, as if I just graduated high school a year ago or something lol... I think it really depends on the person and how they age. Some people can look young for their age in their 30's, some look old even though they're 24. Really depends on the person and also their circumstances.
  11. Just the fact that my game was running smoothly made me happy, also thinking of trying to draw my dragonborn made me kinda happy even though my drawing kinda sucks, the fact that I want to try in the first place is a good thing.
  12. It's ok, currently 8C. It was really nice out earlier, there was a bit of rain but it cleared up and I got to go for a walk. Thought it was going to rain more today...
  13. I'm feeling alright, just got a bit of a headache
  14. My memory's really REALLY finicky, like, I don't even remember going to school when I was younger. There's whole blocks of my memory that seem to be cut out. Yet at the same time my brain's like "Ay yo, want to remember that one crazy neighbour when you lived in that one house when you were 7? The one who'd constantly have to replace their garage door because they would always shoot a hole in it come New Year's?" Me: No thanks but I'm probably going to remember it anyways, right? Brain: Of course, dude, of courseeeee... Oh yeah, everything your grandma ever said to you but you've blocked out until this point in time is going to come rushing at you at the same time!! Have fun~!!!! My brain remembers the most random things about people but I can't even remember their names. It took me two YEARS to remember the names of my landlords... TWO. YEARS. Yet I could easily remember my old landlord's name from when I last lived with my mom, like wtf????? My mom always said that I simply wasn't paying enough attention to things but even when I do, I tend to forget lol...
  15. I think those with the proper gear for such a thing should have a choice in the matter, I don't think it's right or fair to them to go through with it when they can't even speak for themselves. Unless there was urgent medical need for such a procedure, of course.
  16. Where I live, we normally get A LOT of rain, makes me wonder if we're going to get a lot of snow when winter does actually hit or barely any like last winter.
  17. Since I don't really have any immediate family anymore, I do have extended family that I talk to sometimes, idk how old they are though.
  18. Cool is such an eye of the beholder sort of thing though? What I find cool might just be weird to others lol. Though if I were to say whether I was cool or not, probably not.
  19. Been a while since I posted one of these but here's my song of the day, hope you enjoy!!



  20. The only pie I don't like that I've tried so far is lemon pie, not a huge fan of lemons in the first place lol... My favourite pie is cherry, made it for my birthday last year for the first time!!! I like pie more than cake because pie isn't as overwhelmingly sweet as cake can be(unless I just have bad luck with cakes).
  21. I'm thinking of my trip to Michael's next month to get a better look at what they have available for yarn... I'll definitely be really busy on halloween, that much I'm certain of.
  22. I feel good, just relaxing day for me since it's sunday
  23. Trying to think about what my grocery bill next month would look like. I want to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 the month it comes out but I also want to ensure I can afford my bills and potentially start a new crochet project. Trying to make sure I don't get as much as I normally would even though I have to replenish things like my flour and all that... Should think of what I want to cook next month...