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  1. GlamourDolly

    Biggest Fashion Crimes?

    Being a Fashion Designer and studying the history of Fashion and trends..I honestly think the biggest fashion crime is not being yourself. I see to many times people all dressing a like and it seems especially in the last 10 years and today people just seem to wear the same thing over and over again. If you like it that is bravo! but I hear darling people tell me all the time oh I'm envious of how you can pull all dresses(I only wear dresse or skirts) Or pastels..I wish I could..I just tell them to try don't care about what anyone thinks! That is the beauty of fashion it is you're own ideal! and I think many people have lost that... Also brands like Holiester, Ambercomibe, Gucci, Coach are just so boring. plastering their logo on everything
  2. GlamourDolly

    Books worst book ever read

    50 Shades of Grey...Just pure tacky. I have read way more sexier, erotic and taboo then that waste of paper trash.
  3. GlamourDolly

    Rarity Fan Club

    I don't know. I hope the subways in Manehattan would be more cleaner then the ones in real life.. I have witnessed so many things on the subway..Prostitutes getting ready for work. People sleeping in their own puke, and the worst of all some man whipped his penis out and started masturbating and nasty gropers. ... There is also people fighting, and a lot of homeless(which is very hard to see) and once in a while you get crazy political and religious people shouting non stop.. but sometimes it can be fun! I have had a lot of fun conversations with people, I have been on a subway where everyone was dancing and there are sometimes lovely performers! I know tho being a broke college student cabs are expensive and being a fashion design student is even harder trying to get all of your things around the city is just a drab! So all in all I think Rarity is safe in Equestria but I would fear for her in real Manehattan.
  4. GlamourDolly

    MLP clip or pic that describes your job

    This song describes the life of a fashion designer.
  5. What on heavens earth are you?
  6. GlamourDolly

    RariPants pairing discussion

    Oh I do like Rarity with Fancy Pants. Their relationship would remind me so much of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. but my number 1 pairing is RariGhost of course. Don't you know they are Equestrias most darling couple. Rumor has it that they go on these long fabulous romantic vacations...and that he spoils her like a princess.
  7. GlamourDolly

    Things You DON'T Want to See in Season 5?

    I am a bit applaud by this.. However things I do not want to see is an episode about any background pony..Esp fan favorites as it wouldn't make sense unless it was written well.. I don't understand how people can say they don't want to see the mane six anymore? and how people can say they relate to derpy or Vinyl Scratch or other background ponies since we don't know nothing about their personality really.
  8. GlamourDolly

    Which Pony has the best Rainbow Power Attire?

    Darling of course Rarity! I love how flowy and voluminous her loose curls looked! my ranking 1: Rarity(Beautiful!) 2:AppleJack-Very cute! I love the green ribbon and colors 3:Pinkie Pie - Very fun and cute! 4:Twilight Sparkle-Loved her colors together 5: Fluttershy 6: Rainbow Dash - What I hate most is the style..It is not flattering at all to her. It ,looks way to hard on her..
  9. GlamourDolly

    Rarity Fan Club

    Oh darling you are absolutely right! Those poor souls wouldn't know taste even if it hit them on their heads.
  10. GlamourDolly

    What do you dislike about your favorite character?

    Rarity is my favorite and the only thing I dislike about her is that she doesn't get more episodes *cries*
  11. GlamourDolly

    Rarity Fan Club

    Also every Rarity hater must be put to wear only ugly, frumpy, unflattering, unfashionable clothes!
  12. GlamourDolly

    Rarity Fan Club

    Oh darling you beat me to it! I am going to spend the day watching my favorite Audrey Hepburn films! and that Breakfast at Tiffany's fanart is just lovely!
  13. GlamourDolly

    Rarity Fan Club

    Just got done sewing for one of my finals. I'm so exhausted..and should probably get to bed I have a hair appointment tomorrow at 10:30 so I'll have to watch the show later and it is on record. I'm really curious as to what will happen to Rarity and Spike.
  14. I think that is the whole point..It's funny how in this case non-Japanese people say it isn't racist just like in other forms of media and it's representation of other races.
  15. GlamourDolly

    Rarity Fan Club

    Old women's glasses?*cries* They are called cat eye glasses and having a red pair gives off a classy but flirty look. I have a pair A lot like Rarity's their so stylish and fun very 1950s! but real old ladies glasses aren't so bad either. I'm starting to see those big 80s circular ones all over New York. but on the topic that I unfashionable to talk about is The Rarity hate. At first I always wonder why Rarity gets so much flack for her actions then a lot of other characters, and I wonder if someone can way in on this topic. See My Little Pony is the first series I have ever gotten into that has a huge male fan base. Where as other shows I watch characters like Rarity are the most popular like Blair from The Facts of Life or Suzanne from Designing Women for example and those shows have mostly a female fan base. and I have noticed (not all I'm sure there are girls who hate her to) a lot of female fans seem to have Rarity as their favorite or Applejack for that matter and if not they are close up on their favorites list.