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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Good Job! Although like a few have already mentioned the voice lacks emotion. For example, in the scene your reenacting Fluttershy's voice shows more excitement than usual while still being in her soft spoken manor to show that she is enjoying the picnic with the critters. It is good practice to try a range of different emotions when voice acting so that the character has more reality to them. I'm sure if you watch more of the Fluttershy based episodes you'll be able to identify the different emotions behind her voice that you may be able to mimic to help you progress. Once again Good Job and Keep It Up!
  4. Welcome Koki! As you can see there is always people on hand to give a warm greeting to this forum. Don't worry about having the 'New Guy' shyness, it happens to all of us If you have any drawings you would like to share, be sure to post it in Octavia's Hall for everyone to see See ya' round!
  5. Wow, It has been a long time since I was last on here.

  6. Yes, after a long time of concentrating on just digital work. I finally picked up my pencil and stared drawing again. Here's the work-in-progress which I feel can still use a lot of work... but I bet you can guess which game I've been playing recently. I'll post the final product once it's finished, but for now. Enjoy
  7. Its OK Freida. Maybe next time. Well it was fun watching all the shocked OC's roll in, and I must admit, there is a lot of talent in this forum. To be honest, I had no idea how I would have spent the money here in the UK anyway. So, congrats to The Original PWD. and I can't wait for the animation.
  8. Well, she's been rushed but I've finished (for now). Is this the expression you were looking for? I can always update expression/stance if needed. I'm not happy with how I made her mane, but it'll have to do for now :/
  9. This explains it a lot better than I could. I've never been good at explaining things, I suppose that's why I wouldn't be a good teacher
  10. Profile is where the character is fully facing to the left or right, and 3q profile is where the character is facing left or right but on a angle. I've attached an image explaining what I mean
  11. Thanks, I'll get working on the expression as soon as I get to my laptop. Also by side do you mean profile or 3q profile? Because I can start on whichever you prefer (but it may take a while to complete)