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  1. Red didn't want to get in a fight with the new pony, so he just listened to the two fight from the ground. The fighting got louder and louder and more annoying as well. Just as Red was about to fly up there and do something timberwolves appeared. It wasn't rare to see these creatures while flying over the forest, but to see the whole pack up close was a different story. Normally, he would take flight and leave, but he didn't want to abandon the group, so he tried to fly and do the same thing ad the other pegasus. But the cloak he wore didn't let him fly and even if it did, it was too heavy to fly at a speed where the wolves would get hurt. "Oh, so THAT'S WHY I never wore this." He said, annoyed. Finally getting the thing off, Red took flight and went higher and higher. When high enough, Red just closed his wings and eyes for a second. The feeling of falling always filled his heart with adrenaline and a large grin formed on his face. Once opening his eyes again, he started spinning to gain more speed and put his front hooves forward. Picking out a timberwolf, he locked his course on it and came spinning down towards it. "INCOMING!" The pegasus yelled and smashed into one of the wolves, knocking it Celestia knows where. Dissapearing into the woods and flying out again, he yelled: ''Woohohoo! I forgot how much fun this was!" Before flying into the clouds again.
  2. Sorry, I kind of looked at her reference pic without looking under the appearence tab in her character page. I thought she was grey with black outlines
  3. @, Red watched the knife fly into a tree behind them. What was Raze doing? About question his actions, Red noticed a grey unicorn jump down from the tree and took a hostile looking stance. It seemed that Clover had already met the pony and wasn't too happy to see her again. From the stance that the pegasus took, she didn't feel any different. Why was the grey pegasus following them? Was she trying to rob them while they were asleep. Those thoughts swam around Red's mind until he ereased them all. There was one thing he had learned from the school that he went to. And that was to listen both part of the stories, and the best way to do that now, was to listen to local sources. Red was about to ask Clover about what was going on, but the pegasus decided to open her mouth. After listening to what she had to say, he spoke up. "Well, what do you think alicorns are doing here? Are they here to destroy your land? Or are they just passing through? Which option seems more likely to you? We had no intention to burn your... home. Why would we do that anyway?" He asked with a confident tone.
  4. Okay, admit it, you too ran out of the room, screaming your heart out when the sun appeared. What kind of drugs were they on when they made... THAT? Also...
  5. Don't Starve together is coming out soon. Anyone wanna together when that happens?

  6. ((Well I guess it's my turn to apologize for not posting.)) As Red stepped into the Everfree forest with the rest of the group, he pulled his cloak thighter around him. The forest was a dangereous place, but at the same time interesting and even appealing to some. All sorts of animals lived here, which made it understandable, but since Red didn't really pay attention to animals that much, he tried to avoid this place. Flying over it was a different story, however. Trying to not pay attention to all the suspicious and eerie sounds that occured around them, he started to think about the thing that Starswirl was looking for. What was it that forced that pony to go to the edge of Equestria and beyond? What was it that brought death even to him after who know how long searching it? An ancient spellbook? A staff so powerful, that even the princesses can't stand against it? Maybe there was a mug of the best apple cider in the whole universe? Wouldn't that be funny? If they got there, hungry, half dead, freezing and their reward would be just a pint of apple cider? That thought made him grow a smirk on his face, as they continued onward.
  7. Well one thing was for sure, everyone seemed to be pretty serious about the trip now. The alicorns were teleporting away and back with supplies. When Lightning shook her bag of bits, Red was reminded that he had no money whatsoever and he didn't really have anything at home... except for one thing. "Well I guess I'll just go get my stuff." He said and flew away, leaving a cloud of dust behind. His home wasn't far away, which made him a bit sad, because he absolutely loved flying. After the short flight, Red arrived at his doorstep and opened the door with the key he kept under his doormat. Not very original, but so far he hadn't gotten robbed, so he sticked to it. Once inside, he opened his closet and took out a linen cloak, that he once bought but never got to use. Assuming it was a travel cloak, he put it on and went over to the mirror to quickly see how it looked. "Heh, I look like a veteran adventurer. The kind who has been everywhere and seen everything. Like Starswirl, I guess." That got him to think. Why did Starswirl die? Wasn't he the most powerful unicorn ever? If even he couldn't do it, why does this Raze guy think that a bunch of random ponies who he gathered to the bulletin board. Was it that there was alicorns? Maybe. For now, Red shook off the thoughts and flew out of the door, quickly locking it. His old neighbour seeing him storm off with a travel cloak asked: "Redstorm, where are you going?" "I'm going on an adventure!" He yelled back, picking up the pace and leaving his neighbour with a question mark on her face. ((It's funny, because Hobbit.)) Finally, he arrived at the board again, heart beating. "I'm ready!"
  8. @, Red was about to answer Lighting, but a new pony walked up to them. From the brief conversation he had with Lighting it seemed that his name was Raze and he was the one who posted the note. To Red, he looked... familiar as well. Shaking his head, he stopped trying to remember that stallion and thought it was better to listen what he actually had to say. *Well, I'm okay with travel, I guess. I mean, I'm broke and can't even afford a decent meal anymore.* But it was the last part of Razes story that made his jaw drop. "Starswirl THE Bearded? Are you joking?" Grabbing one of the many notes, Red quickly read through it. "You're not joking... these are the note's of Starswirl!" He said out lout, fascinated. "Where in Equestria did you get these?"
  9. @@Lightning Bliss, The alicorns seemed more and more friendly to Red as he was used to more important ponies be more serious as well, but those three didn't seem to care about their position and seemed to make friends with each other. One of the alicorns turned to Red and asked for his name, sounding quite shy, which made no sense to him, since she was a princess after all and he rembered Celestia and Luna to be extremely charismatic. She seemed to take Red equal to herself and the other alicorns. "Uh, yes.. well I'm Redstorm. Nice to meet you, Lighting. Yes, I actually came here for the job, but I thought it was for you three... I mean for what other reason would three alicorns be together in this small village?"
  10. @@Pripyat Pony, Red quickly stood up again, smiling. "Oh, okay! Wait, but how did y-" He was cut off by the feeling of someone else behind his back, turning around, he saw two more alicorns. *What the hay is this!? An alicorn reunion? Maybe this job was spesifically for them and I'm just being a pest in the middle?* Seeing that the more important ones were talking to eachother now, he walked backwards, mumbling excuses to himself. Paying more attention to where he was stepping, to what the three were saying, Red felt the shaky legs coming back. With the words "I'm just going to be on my way." he slowly moved away from them. *But what if they aren't here for the job, what if this is all a big coincidence or something? No, I have to stay here, just in case. I'm just going to wait till they finish talking about saving the world or whatever, do something royal and then maybe head for Canterlot... because that's what they do, right?*
  11. @@Pripyat Pony, Looking at the board again, Red noticed that another pony had seen it. *Oh sweet Celestia, is that an Alicorn? Is she a sister of Celestia or Twilight?* Red thought to himself, panicking. Never had he heard of ANOTHER princess and never had he actually seen another alicorn. Thinking of asking Twilight about this matter, Red started walking towards her house, but after a few steps froze in place. The alicorn was looking at him, for whatever reason. *Should I greet her? If I don't, she might get the wrong impression... then again, if I do and she's not a princess...* Realizing, that he had stood there forever, Red started walking towards the alicorn, his legs were shaking, and sweat was dripping from his forehead. Never had he greeted a princess personally, and the fact that the whole town square was probably watching, didn't make it better. When close enough, he awkwardly bowed. "Um... your highness? Is there anything I can do for you?" He asked, in his most polite voice. The thought *I'm making a complete fool of myself, I'm making a complete fool of myself...* repeated itself in his head countless times after he had said those words...
  12. It started out just as a normal day for Redstorm, which was pretty repetative for him. Eat, go out, fly, hopefully make some money off of some random races if present. Everything seemed much less interesting, when he had to do the same things every single day, with no variation. Well, there weren't any random races around, so that was a plus and a minus at the same time. On the good side, he could now things that he never had time to do. On the bad side, he really needed money, and he wasn't going to hit a new low by sweeping the town hall's floor, just to get a few bits. Getting out of his house, he realized the money situation was worse than he thought. He had to go to Sucarcube Corner to buy a cupcake, because there was nothing to eat at home besides two pieces of bread, that smelled funny. Paying the bits for his food, he went outside and started to eat his breakfast, if you could call it that. This couldn't go on like this, he needed money and he needed it fast. Otherwise, tomorrow he was going to eat that orange behind his shelf, that was rotting and he always forgot to clean that up. Just the thought of that made him shudder. Gobbling down his last piece of food, he looked around, hoping to find someone who needs help with something. That didn't work out. Everyone seemed to do just fine, except him. Suddenly, a lightbulb appeared over his head. *The bulletin board!* He thought to himself, and picked up pace. Of course! There was always something there, from helping at the kitchen, to bashing clouds. As he arrived, he noticed that it was oddly empty today, which seemed to be the explenation of everyone being so happy... There were other notes attached to it, but they were so old, Red couldn't read them, so he looked at the one, which clearly stood out from the rest. Lucrative but Well-paying offer Ponies of all species welcome to join If interested, meet at this location at 11:00 PM sharp. The only thing that Red actually read was the first line and the time. *Well paying? Well, I hope that's going to be the truth, because I could really use some money about now.* Afraid to go anywhere else, Red decided to wait where he stood, because who knows? Maybe if he goes away, the job may be taken by someone else.
  13. Well you said that if we have seen the movies or read the books, then we know what to except, so.... But Whatever.