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  1. Cutelestia

    Letter to Tara Strong

    ''rewarded'' ~~~~~~~~~~ For something.
  2. One theory says that they are ''real world'' horses. ''Kamehameha!''
  3. ''Use your royal nostrils to feel the superior smell!'' ''If you want to cure my hangover, just kiss me between my nostrils. That whisky was an awful idea, honestly.''
  4. ''Dats a nice weed you've got there homie!''
  5. If any of you, like me, is going to Matura tommorow, on Monday, I wish you best luck. You see, non Polish people, Matura is our most important exam we have in our country. This Monday, we have Polish Language, Tuesday-Math, Wednesday-English Language. It's a gateway to higher education. So: Niech los wam sprzyja! (May the odds be ever in your favor!) Bumping because of no replies. Bump yet again. Now it's the time I go to my school for the test of my life. Wish me and other people luck.
  6. Dat cute nostrils, dat cute muzzle.
  7. Jackpot! Three alicorns with double nostrils. Can I kiss you between your nostrils, Celestia? Ignore Obama, he is not an Alicorn. But Celestia is so adorable with this open mouth.
  8. Loads and loads of cute nostrils:
  9. Celestia has the cutest muzzle and nostrils I've ever seen!
  10. Oh, there are some ways to be with her. One is Lucid Dreaming. Second, plushie with AI like Siri but better, complete with a roboskeleton. I see this as a reality in 10 years or sooner. Third, in about 25 years you will be able to enter the matrix by using the brain-computer interface, which will allow you to meet Fluttershy. She is only fictional now...
  11. Well, level 7 is for those who feel close to the personality of their favorite character. I would love to be with Twilight, that is, level 6, but it is my biggest desire to become her. Though if you would become her, you would also have her personality! You could bring happiness to your friends. As for me, I would love to learn everything Twilight knows.
  12. Not as a mask, but I would love to have a lucid dream about being her and learning magic.
  13. Look at the poll and answer. As for me, Level 7. I want to become my favorite character, that is, Twilight Sparkle.
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