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  1. NewCalamity

    Bladed / Exotic Weapons Thread

    Always wanted to pop back into this thread finally. While not entirely a weapon by itself, the bayonet on our Martini-Henry here is certainly fitting of the description. These photos are slightly out of date, as we've fully restored the Martini-Henry and its bayonet by this time. Might take a few shiny photos of it if someone's interested.
  2. NewCalamity

    Male Alicorn?

    Hello! Just swinging by to let you know I've merged your thread with an older, already existing thread on the very same subject! Always keep in mind that you can search for threads if you have a feeling the subject may have already been discussed in the past. Thanks!
  3. NewCalamity

    Gaming [Gaming] The Team Fortress 2 Thread

    Hello! Just chiming in to let you know I've gone ahead and merged your thread into our already very popular TF2 Megathread.
  4. NewCalamity

    Spoon to MLP Forums: Four to Beam Aboard

    As I've more than likely expressed to you folk, I'm ecstatic to get started on working with you folk, and filled with renewed vigour upon the news of DF's impending return. Hold the banner high! It was definitely a pleasure to have worked with SolarFox, and as always with our beloved moderators, it's a shame to see you go. As we all well know, the team will continue to be in capable hands and we'll never forget what you've done for us as a whole, SolarFox. I've utmost faith in these two (of course, I'm the most important admin, so my say is what got them in), and helping them get through the ropes of the first couple weeks will once again be great fun. Newer generations of helots moderators are always good fun, and a pleasure to add to our motley crew.
  5. NewCalamity

    Banned users unable to defend themselves

    Hello, As you've may or may not been aware, all members, banned or not, are entitled to creating support tickets filed under moderation dispute. It is there, such members are able to present their whole case and side of the story to the Administration team. If they feel they've been mistreated, they can argue their case there. As for the mention of discussing banned members on-site. I don't feel that the simple mention and reference of their name is an unacceptable act. However, if one does come across an abusive public post aimed towards a member, whether they be banned or not, the most prudent course of action would be to report the post in question so our Moderation team can have a look at it. Thanks for bringing these concerns to light!
  6. NewCalamity

    Allowing Members To Delete Own Posts

    Hello! This question has been brought up in the past so often that it's merited its' very own FAQ entry! Again, the reiterate, there's far too much possibility of members being able to erase their own histories as well as leave gaping holes in discussion threads, making them look shoddy and non-linear. If you wish a post of yours to be deleted, report it and state your reason clearly, if it is deemed a legitimate enough reason to merit hiding, it will be hidden as soon as possible. Thanks!
  7. NewCalamity

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Thanks! No, though I sure do wish I had the talent to x) Credit goes to my very good sweetheart of a friend, Kenniks.
  8. NewCalamity

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Hello! Just popping by to inform you that, as we already have a thread dedicated to chatting - I've merged your thread with the already existing 'General Chat Thread'. Always a good idea to ensure thread's don't already existing by searching beforehand ^^ Thanks!
  9. NewCalamity

    Let's put some effort in, alright?

    As the good Doctor says, leading by example is the best thing, especially a member, can do. As far as the moderation approach to posts that are unsatisfactory in quality goes, there's the "Pointless/Off-Topic" category for warning offending members. A problem we've been facing more and more as our numbers grow, is that many become completely turned-off when they are mercilessly given warning points for an offence they feel they did not commit - as much of the time, these offences are purely by mistake and without the knowledge that they were doing harm to the thread. Taking the amount of issues we've been running into regarding this particular offence, we've been mulling over what can be done about the folks who feel wronged too often by our iron-fisted will. As you and most others are most certainly aware of, this site has become rather large, and proactive moderation is not as easy as it once was. More and more, staff much rely on paragons to rise up from the community and do their best to report anything nasty they come across. Especially in the weeks leading up to the Winter Holidays, folks are busy and may not always dive onto a report, or any other issue right away. 'Tis the Season. In the end, report, report, report, is what you can do to help clean up some stray pointlessness, or off-topic posts you come across in your travels around here. Always keep in mind, our staff is here to help out as best we can - and in no way do we want to see nonsense linger any longer than it needs to.
  10. NewCalamity


    You had to use the photo of me sick with a cold, eating, in the morning, in London, didn't you? I REGRETFULLY INFORM YOU THAT I AM HERE. I AM ALWAYS HERE.
  11. NewCalamity

    Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens)

    I myself own the film and have seen it on two occasions. It should be noted that a fairly deep understanding of the various groups and associations that existed during their time, and what their function was in Germany's economic comeback is extremely helpful to appreciating the film properly. As, if you are not aware as to what is directly being appreciated in the speeches, it is difficult to fully grasp the messages. As for the cinematography, as many agree, it's rather captivating and it's no wonder her work is used as a model for film-makers even today.
  12. This thread appears to be related to the My Little Pony franchise and/or the Bronydom in general. Thus, it has been sentenced to Sugarcube Corner. This is an automatically generated message, by the way.
  13. NewCalamity

    Halloween Dress-Up Day


    Fictional? Bugger that - I'll be unimaginative as always and don last year's "outfit" ^^