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  1. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Announcement How do autographs work?

    They're sold in the vendor hall next to the official con merch. The numbers are in the con book; I don't know if they're listed anywhere before the con. For what it's worth, here are the figures for this year. Also, earlier I said: I originally thought it was a bonus alongside an autograph, but it looks like it costs extra.
  2. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Announcement How do autographs work?

    You get in line, and when it's your turn you give the guest of honor your voucher and whatever it is you want them to sign. You can also take a photo with them. Some guests require more than one voucher for an autograph. You can buy autograph vouchers by themselves for $10 each. (Note, I've only done this once so some details may be off.)
  3. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Convention Newcomer!

    There are some posts here about rooms and rides, and you can also check out ConRoomies.
  4. Update: My car is full, sorry! (This same request is on ConRoomies.) I plan on leaving Thursday, but the time is flexible. If everyone can leave Thursday morning, that's great. Otherwise, we can leave in the evening. I plan on returning Sunday night (driving overnight until Monday morning). I can pick people up near Los Angeles, in Orange County, and in the Inland Empire (as long as it's not too far away; places like Ontario and Corona are okay). I plan on traveling up US 101, so I can also give a ride to people along the way (Ventura, Santa Barbara, etc.). To share the cost of gas, I'
  5. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Track URL not working

    This problem has been fixed: GitHub issue and pull request. Mods, feel free to lock this thread.
  6. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Pony.fm Unlimited

    You're missing an ® on "Microsoft® Edge™"
  7. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Track URL not working

    I think I'll stick it out for now; this was just a quick silly thing. Thanks for the suggestions, though.
  8. The URL for the latest song on my profile ("HOW DO I VAPE?") doesn't work. You can access the song by clicking on it, but if you copy and paste the URL, it doesn't work. The shortlink doesn't work either. I think it has something to do with the "slug" being empty (the title doesn't contain any ASCII characters).
  9. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Hearths Warming Contest Pony.fm's Hearth's Warming Contest!

    US Pacific Time (UTC-8 currently)
  10. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Hearths Warming Contest Pony.fm's Hearth's Warming Contest!

    Is this contest still open? I uploaded my song and I can't find the checkbox to submit. Also, I can't find the song on my profile page. The artist link on the song in question goes to a different profile. Something tells me this is a repeat of a problem I had last year.
  11. Awesome, @@Feld0! One last question, though. I notice that quotation marks are not mentioned in the list of disallowed characters in the settings: Can this be changed?
  12. My latest song, a remix of "Make a Wish," is not showing up on my profile. You can confirm this by following the link and clicking on my name. What's interesting is that my name is listed as Jack Fox Grayson (without quotation marks) on this track, while the name on my profile and the rest of my music is Jack "Fox" Grayson (with quotation marks, which is what I prefer). (You can compare this on the "Hardcore" genre listing.) And, in the artist list (currently between pages 22 and 23), there are two different artists, Jack "Fox" Grayson and Jack Fox Grayson. I assume that this latest song w
  13. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    MLP Texting is Magic

    From the latest ep (4.17):
  14. Jack "Fox" Grayson


    Ah, this is a classic. It all depends on how you treat "implied multiplication". Is it the same as regular multiplication, and thus on the same level as division, or is it different (and has greater precedence than division)? Same as regular multiplication: 48/2(9+3) = 48 / 2 * (9+3) = 48 / 2 * 27 = 288 Greater precedence: 48 / 2(9+3) = 48 / 24 = 2 I personally go with the latter for convenience.
  15. Let's try a few variations: Jack "Fox" Grayson: Twitter profile picture, not bad. jackgraysonfox: [Automatically corrected to jack grayson fox] Cover from one of my songs (from SoundCloud), okay. [Forcing "jackgraysonfox" gives my Twitter profile picture again.] And finally... Jack Grayson: This picture from Wikimedia Commons, used in the Wikipedia article about a C. Jackson Grayson. My name is pretty distinctive, and I'm not complaining.
  16. Jack "Fox" Grayson

    Feature Request Add "Bats" to Show Songs?

    This probably isn't necessary yet since the latest remixes are mostly of "Hearts Strong as Horses" (which was added).
  17. Nope, MP3 is lossy. And even in the lossy format realm, MP3 isn't the best. Vorbis is better at comparable bitrates.
  18. I don't know if I should do this since I try to keep my non-pony things away from this. ... Eh, whatever: someguy126 someanon126
  19. For now I just zoom out in my browser.
  20. So in an earlier thread I asked about including "Equestria Girls" songs in the list of show song tags, and they were added. They seem to be removed in the new beta, though. :okiedokielokie:
  21. Example: https://pony.fm/tracks?filter=songs-33 The results look okay, but when I try to play them, they don't match. When I try to click to the song page, it leads to a different song. Example: "Rihanna + Twilight Sparkle - We Found Love in Bloom." Strangely, though, the URL seems fine (https://pony.fm/tracks/69-rihanna-twilight-sparkle-we-found-love-in-bloom), but that is the wrong ID. (http://pony.fm/t69 leads to the song "Epic Wub Test 2", https://pony.fm/tracks/69-epic-wub-test-2.) This problem does not occur on any other filters.
  22. Many don't want to see Rule 34, but in the spirit of Love and Tolerance we shouldn't be trying to destroy it. But you're right, it shouldn't be thrown in people's faces. (Frankly I think Molestia isn't, actually.)
  23. Rape is a serious issue that I believe shouldn't be joked about1. However, shutting down the blog2 isn't the answer. Even if it's true that rape jokes increase the incidence of rape3, censoring such jokes isn't going to stop people who think rape isn't something serious. They'll keep telling rape jokes somewhere. If someone really wants to stop rape in terms of rape jokes, there should be a campaign to raise more awareness about the seriousness of rape4, maybe using some choice statistics. About the whole issue with children. Yes, the brony fandom produces quite a bit of content that is no
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