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  1. If you play any KingsIsle games, just share your true friend code below. I will try to update mine every 48 hours before it expires. 387K08010
  2. I've been sick for like 4 months. I hate being sick, c:
  3. Don't get me wrong, I want to be a lawyer. Anyways, I have some stories about stupid lawsuits. If you have any, please add to this collection. Some time ago, a lady walked into a McDonalds, ordered "extremely hot" coffee, and then proceded to spill it on herself. She filed a lawsuit, and became a millionheir after winning. Another, a guy broke into a house, and when he found no exit, almost died of starvation/dehydration until the family returned two days later. He sued them, and won. Wow.
  4. I just rabdonly started drawing pony artwork today, so i drew Rainbow Dash. I will take request, if you graciously would let me, but it would only be the head/wings so I don't mess up on CM's. Thanks.
  5. 1. My weight 2. For being smarter than most of the douchès. 3. Girls using me as a pawn in their silly game 4. Likin The Legend of Zelda 5. For being a total nerd. I express it. 6. For being quiet 7. Always being apolagetic 8. My voice. 9. My overly-active imagination 10. I like CoD Zombies more than multiplayer 11. I play Pokémon Y. 12. I stutter and say 'uhm' a lot! 13. Thirteen being my favorite number. 14. My laugh 15. My innability to lie. 16. Being scared of dying 17. Scared of being kidnapped 18. Choking at lunch. 19. [Removed] 20.Me liking school (sometimes.) Thats 20. I could probably do 20 more.
  6. Why would you do this to me... Anyway; If its a girl, either Rainbow Dash or the girl I likes voice. If it's a guy, Morgan Freeman or David Tennant.
  7. If I could help, though I need to know what the cover should basically look like. Like style/color ad that stuff. Thanks, ~Blaze Darkheart
  8. Oh, ok. Also I think I have like twenty more. Maybe if I can find them I cold upload them. I would also like to thank you, for welcoming me when I was new to the forums. I never had the chance to say that.
  9. You could use my OC Blaze if you will accept/allow him. His link is in my signature, so you could just click down there, or if you want, I will post a pic on the thread.
  10. Well, my neighbor and her friend were driving home one night, so they took a new road to the house. She was driving 75 before they flew off the road, slammed right into a tree, since they weren't wearing seatbelts, one of them flew into a tree, head first, blood and brains everywhere, while the other one landed in the grass. She looked over at her dead friend before she killed herself by jumping into the lake, atleast thats what the cops told us.
  11. Your so luckyyy. Where'd you get it? How much was it? So many questions.... Your so lucky you can actually wear it without getting beat up at school. QQ
  12. Everyone thinks I'm weird already, so what should I actually care? I mean seriously. I might actually tell my friends i'm a brony...
  13. I can help tutor Advanced Civics/World History, and creative writing. I can also do basic web development, and manga drawing lessons. c:
  14. Hey Al, hey shorty. Heh. Just kidding Ed. Anyway, where do you think you would be if none of this ever happened.
  15. Blaze Darkheart (2.0)