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    If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.
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    My favorite types of music tend to vary on my mood but here's just a general list of genres I like:
    Metal (most power metal and heavy metal like Sabaton, A7X, and Rammstein)
    Hardstyle (DJ Zatox and Headhunterz ftw)
    Industrial (Eisenfunk)
    Aggrotech (Asphyxia, Xperiment, and Psyborg Corp.)
    Glitch (The Glitch Mob, Aphex Twin)

    Historical research is a love of mine. I love it when I learn a new tidbit of something that occurred during one of my favorite time periods that I research.

    I love researching:
    The Cold War
    Project Trinity
    Atomic bombs
    Nuclear weapons in general
    World War II
    The USSR
    Nazi Germany
    Josef Stalin
    Gregori Rasputin

    If you show me really interesting pieces of research I will love you forever.

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  1. Oh! My OC Nuclear would be perfect for Demolition! Here!
  2. I'm sorry to say guys but I'm gonna have to pull out both of my characters from this RP. I'm really stressed out over things in real life and I can't focus on the forums right now. Sorry.
  3. Nuclear thought she saw Comet look at her but shrugged it off, looking back at Twilight. 'I hope she's feeling a little better...' The gray mare discreetly scratched her other foreleg, getting rid of an itch she had. "I agree, cause if it was angry that it was unable to control you, Princess. It will most likely deem you a threat to its plan."
  4. @, @@Comet Starflash, Nuclear ran forward so that she was beside Comet. She raised her head in a confident manner. "I wish to join the guard too if you will have me, Your Highness." She bowed her head. She wasn't about to let Comet run off into danger with her being able to keep an eye on him.
  5. Nuclear huffed, stomping a hoof. "I am not a helpless little filly you know!" she snapped, lowering her ears. 'I can defend myself easily....' she thought, feeling her magic prickle through her coat. 'If I was mad enough and not in the right mind I could level all of Ponyville...'
  6. Nuclear followed, her coat bristling with uncertainty. She stayed close to Comet, her yellow-eyed gaze staring at the strange creature in addition to the Princesses. The mare narrowed her eyes, prepared to make a stand if need be. "What the buck is going on here?!"
  7. Nuclear Neurotic Nuclear stretched, popping her back. "Well, yeah. I may be a tad passive considering my abilities. But I know I could kick some serious butt out there." She grabbed a loaf of bread from a cupboard. "And again, I'd feel a lot better knowing that you were safe."
  8. Nuclear frowned, her ears lowering. "Do you not have a place to stay?" she asked, putting a hoof on his shoulder. "I could see if you could stay at Icy Delights temporarily while you look for another place to stay if you want?" The mare looked at Comet with concern before yawning.
  9. Corporate Crime The green stallion walked through the Crystal Empire's train station, his mismatched eyes greedily looking over the beautiful crystalline architecture. "Mmm...I should come here more often..." He smiled to himself, finally stepping into one of the streets. Nuclear Neurotic The gray mare groaned, turning over in her bed as she smelled food being made. "....IB...?" she mumbled tiredly, getting out of her bed. She heard her friends still asleep which ruled them out. Nuclear entered the kitchen and was mildly surprised to see Comet cooking. "Oh, you didn't have to do that. You could've woken me up to do it."
  10. Nuclear bit her lip nervously, She was expecting a fight, but now that it was actually happening she was a little frightened. 'Oh Celestia..' she thought, furrowing her brow as her yellow eyes watched the suspicious aircraft. The gray mare breathed slowly, her hooves hovering over her controls in case of a confrontation.
  11. Nuclear stayed still for another moment or two before pulling away and laughing at Comet's shape-shifting. "What the buck?" she remarked, trying to stifle her laughter. "Really happy aren't you?" Nuclear asked as she put a hoof to her mouth to muffle her giggles.