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    If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.
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    My favorite types of music tend to vary on my mood but here's just a general list of genres I like:
    Metal (most power metal and heavy metal like Sabaton, A7X, and Rammstein)
    Hardstyle (DJ Zatox and Headhunterz ftw)
    Industrial (Eisenfunk)
    Aggrotech (Asphyxia, Xperiment, and Psyborg Corp.)
    Glitch (The Glitch Mob, Aphex Twin)

    Historical research is a love of mine. I love it when I learn a new tidbit of something that occurred during one of my favorite time periods that I research.

    I love researching:
    The Cold War
    Project Trinity
    Atomic bombs
    Nuclear weapons in general
    World War II
    The USSR
    Nazi Germany
    Josef Stalin
    Gregori Rasputin

    If you show me really interesting pieces of research I will love you forever.

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