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  1. Nyu

    Well, hello! :D

    Thanks! Thanksies! Much appreciated, I'll have to look into that! Yay! Thanks again.
  2. Every one of my brony-ish friends wants it dead. I'm the only one who actually would like to give it an open-minded chance. I mean, it looks like a cute little movie; granted, I'm not sure how I'll see it unless it's online somewhere... But, aside from the seemingly cliche idea of a geek/nerd girl winning the prom thing, I think it has some potential. Count Nyu in!
  3. Nyu

    Well, hello! :D

    Thank you, everypony! I can't wait to get involved in all the forum has to offer. ?
  4. Nyu

    Thanks for adding me! :D <3

    1. Otter


      No problem! :3

  5. Yeah, Attack on Titan is good. It's also relatively new.

    1. Nyu


      I'll have to add it to my list of things to watch. <3 Thanks. :D

  6. Nyu

    Well, hello! :D

    I've watched some of Mirai Nikki, Yuno is absolutely adorab- I uh, I mean, absolutely violent and I shouldn't find her adorable at all. I haven't yet! Is it any good?
  7. Nyu

    Well, hello! :D

    Thank you! You've got it completely right, haha. Don't worry, I like other animes, not all gory yandere-fests. Evangelion's one of my favorites, I'm currently watching Claymore as well.
  8. Hey! Not entirely sure what I should say here... I'm a brony/pegasister from Washington (state). I've been involved in the fandom since 2011, if my memory serves me right. I'm really into anime, Sherlock, crime investigation shows and such. I enjoy a variety of music; pretty much everything except country music. Fluttershy's my favorite pony of the mane 6, simply because I believe she best embodies my personality traits. I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have. If you're wondering, my avatar and name come from the anime Elfen Lied. I've got quite a few MLP:FiM related items, probably more than I've photographed. Here's my Derpy Hooves messenger bag. http://maremacht.deviantart.com/art/Sakura-Con-Stuff-362199901 I think that's pretty much it, I hope to be able to meet lots of you!
  9. Nyu

    Hii? ^^

    Cool! Everfree Northwest actually has a table there. Yup, precisely what reminded me of it. I'm hoping to clear up my schedule so I can attend.
  10. Nyu

    Hii? ^^

    Thanks everypony! I'm actually at Sakura-con right now. I hope I'll be able to attend Everfree this year.
  11. Hello! I'm Nyu, figured I'd join in the fun. MLP:FiM's fandom is quite an amazing thing. Umm... Not sure what to say, I like anime, I'm a furry and brony/pegasister. If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer them. Thanks, ~Nyu