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  1. Getting ready to go on a date with my amazing boyfriend!

  2. At home, sweating without AC. Ugh. ):

  3. Okay, um, I am a Blogger. I blog whenever I can, but I have no idea how to understand, nor work Forums. Can someone help me please? I am very interested in this site, and I would love to know how it works. Thanks! Star Catcher
  4. Welcome, Star Catcher! :D

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      Your welcome! :D Enjoy your stay, I'm your forum guide. :P

    3. Star Catcher

      Star Catcher

      Okay! Well, I have a Forum Guide, though....................... Thanks anyway/

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      Well your welcome! And if you want to add me, you can. ;)

  5. Hanging with my Bestie! :D :D :D