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  1. Luna is best princess no reason required, end of conversation
  2. im back for realz now and will be on frequently starting now

  3. IM BACK!

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    2. DaReaper


      Good shit bro

    3. HunterScars


      So it's bout 11:15 pm here and I gotta be up by 6:30 tomorrow to fly home I must say good night and see you whithin the next couple of days

    4. Blue Bay

      Blue Bay

      HOLY...HE'S BACK

  4. tonight marks my last night on the forums for along time guys its been an awesome experience getting to know you all. thanks ! and ill see you all later

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    2. Scootalove


      It's been a good run, have a good life.

    3. Dsanders


      See ya! Take care!

    4. Oh Akatosh why

      Oh Akatosh why

      It's been an honor. *salutes*

  5. Hey man! :D

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    2. HunterScars


      just graduated grade 12 as of yesterday and im my final exams as of tomorrow so yeah not much

    3. Sir.Flutter Hooves

      Sir.Flutter Hooves

      Congrats bro! Really happy for you! :D

    4. HunterScars


      thanks man



      the ceremony was boring though our headmaster just kept talking for hours and the P&C guy wsnt literate so his speech dragged on for forever

  6. uhm did you say in your deviant art description that it was made in GIMPshop ? if that is the case it is sadly not a vector a vector is a image is made through programs like photoshop , inkscape / ponyscape ( user made version) , and adobe illustrator with formats such as .psd .svg .svgz ( compressed svg) or .ai i believe that the image you have created to be a raster image in the pony art style. if gimpshop does not support these file types that sadly the images is only a raster how ever this image has been well done it looks show quality but you forgot the nostrils wich is quite bad but overlooking that it pretty good
  7. well guys today will be my last day on the forums for a while

  8. well graduation night went well only block exams and formal left now

  9. rarity vector all fixed now :D

  10. well the interview went well

  11. found errors in the rarity vector and will be fixing them this after noon

  12. good night all see you tomorrow sometime

  13. well i best get a good nights sleep