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  1. HunterScars

    Why Is Luna Loved So Much?

    Luna is best princess no reason required, end of conversation
  2. HunterScars

    Rainbow Dash Derp -> First Time Vector Art

    uhm did you say in your deviant art description that it was made in GIMPshop ? if that is the case it is sadly not a vector a vector is a image is made through programs like photoshop , inkscape / ponyscape ( user made version) , and adobe illustrator with formats such as .psd .svg .svgz ( compressed svg) or .ai i believe that the image you have created to be a raster image in the pony art style. if gimpshop does not support these file types that sadly the images is only a raster how ever this image has been well done it looks show quality but you forgot the nostrils wich is quite bad but overlooking that it pretty good
  3. come back when your a bit older
  4. uhm yeah you might wanna run and fast
  5. HunterScars

    Rarity "Very Funny" vector

    hey guys after the miserable attempt of my last vector i decided that i would try again with a slightly easier pose and a different pony well here is the out come of my newest attempt with illustrator if you what to use the Ai file then P.M me
  6. HunterScars

    Thoughts on Twilight's friends becoming Alicorns?

    uhm princess cadence was a pegasus before she became an alicorn if you read the MLP crystal heart spell chapter book she is tells twilight about how she became an alicorn and that she was a Pegasus beforehand ( and im 98% sure these books are canon) right back on topic this is a thoery ive had scince twilight became an alicorn as Megan Mcarthy said twilight sparkle will not outlive her friends but that will only be possible if her friends also become alicorns it would also be of great importance to equestrian defense if the elements of harmony are all alicorns
  7. HunterScars

    Visual Art My art dump

    these drawing are really cool man i only wish i could draw as good as you please keep updating this thread with new artwork
  8. HunterScars

    Thoughts on Soccer

    1 it's Football NOT soccer 2 its the world greatest game besides cricket 3 its fun as hell it seems like only Americans think that it is a women's game cos men usually play American football or base ball or other far shittier games
  9. HunterScars

    Which pony would you prefer in a time of need?

    i thiink i would talk to princess celestia she seems knowledgeable and has experienced this kind of loss before ( losing her sister for 1000 years) and she is also very kind and is very good at cheering people up otherwise i would go to rarity ( shes my fave)
  10. HunterScars

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    10/10 cuz luna
  11. HunterScars

    The mane-six zombie Apocalypse

    this kinda reminds me of the Don't go outside fanfics by wolokai uhm survivor: Rarity have you seen her martial art skills ? she fly kicked a fuckin Manticore in the face spycho killer: pinkie pie would just loose her inner psycho with pinkamena Diane pie first to die: rainbowdash would this shes top shit and try to kill them by herself then gets over run by sheer numbers
  12. HunterScars

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    i agree with your sig both tiny and adorable 10/10
  13. HunterScars

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    10/10 it pretty freaking awesome