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  1. @ Rouge had spent most of his day just walking around and just thinking "did volt and dog boots even getto see the letter? Do they accept my appology? Goddesses help me." Rouge thought to himself as he walk down mane st. Twords volts appartment complex.
  2. @ After leaving the bakery rouge had sat down in a local park and let it sink in on what he had put his only friend and a complte stranger through.' I've just messed up royaly first I not only get into somepony elses buissness but then I force said pony and my only friend, and that was just after he had allowed me to stay at his appartment.' Rouge felt like a complet idiot not only for putting them through what he did but also taking time away from what ever one of the ponies had to do that day. ' okay enough mopeing around, I'm going to show them how much I realy mean I'm sorry.' And with that thought rouge checked his saddle bag and found he had just enough supplies to get the job done he sprinted into the closest board store and bought four twenty hoof by twenty hoof boards and had them bought to the back of the appartments that volt and dogboots lived at. ' good now let's get this party started.' Rouge thought as he started to put the boards up. "Oh, thank you, sir!" Rouge called to the stores stallion. **two hours later** "Good, it's all done, I can only hope that they may forgive me." Rouge said to him self as he looked over his work. After finishing the appolagy art rouge had went twords volts appartment building and started to write an appolagy letter. "Dear, volt & dogboots I know that you are probly mad at me, and justifyingly so. I am not bribing you , I only want to give this to you because you have been a good friend to me and I was only a hinderance to what ever you had planed. If you look behind the plant pot there is a bag of five thousand bits for you, volt and for causing you trouble dogboots I, am really sorry for almost ruining what you had and for getting into your bussieness when it wasn't okay for me to do that so I have left you a bag of five thousand bits over in your plant pot. I know that this doesn't make my actions justified in any way but go around back of the appartment and you will find something I made to say sorry, feel free to do what ever you wish with it. ,rouge wind" After posting that letter on volts door rouge went back to the park that was in the middle of the town.
  3. @@slimmyjimjim "Mad'am, this was all my fault please don't hinder my friends for my mistake. I had made been nosey and jumped into something that was not any of my business. So please don't punish them for my mistake, I will take apon any task given to me so that I can repay you for disterbing your peace." Rouge wind had messed up royaly and it was all because he didn't listen in the first place so he thought it not fair to volt and dogboots to whom he has caused so much stress already.
  4. @@thor9356, "Your right volt. I'm sorry dogboots I just ... I don't know I just thought I could help as much as possible. I'm sorry I will just leave." After fully realizing how much of a jerk he'd actualy been insted of helping he had hurt any chance of forming a friendship with dogboots and is probly going to have to do something pretty big to get dogboots to accept his apology. Rouge finds a way for dogboots to escape with out being seen by cuppie. "Here I found this way for you to get out of here, I hope you could forgive me someday dude." Rouge said in as much of a sincer way possible. ((I know I'm sorry I am still really new to all this and I am trying to plan out things before they happen.))
  5. @@thor9356,@slimmyjimjim, " okay you know what? Forget what I said about not facing your fears head on we are going to settle this before she thinks about leaving, we're going over to the bakery, right now it's live or die and we're going to live in the moment." With out warning rouge grabs dogboots by the hooves and starts flying tword the bakery and dispite dogboots threats and squrming rouge and volt had made it to the bakery and pushed dogboots inside. "Hey, cuppie? We need you to come here a moment."
  6. @@thor9356 "I... I just... wow okay look I understand that you may not trust me but just listen to what I have to say, running away from your problems is never the best solution. I know it may seem over used and old but it's the truth, I'm not saying to go and face them head on but it would be wise to face them as soon as possible. And after this whole ordeal is over I hope me and you can become good friends, kay?" Rouge was trying to cheer this dude up, it was like he didn't want to go and talk to her and rouge could understand why. " did you at least hear what she said after you told her?"
  7. @@thor9356, "Okay dude I went to the bakery after you gave me the directions to the appartments. While I was there I had talked to cuppie, she was trying to force her self not to sound sad I could tell by the way she was about to take my order. What happened between you two? And before you say 'nothing leave me alone.' Or ' what made you come to that cootionnclusion?' I had just put two and two together you looking as if life just wasn't worth it any more and what server do you know that likes their job wold try and sound void of emotion." Rouge had gone into full monolog mode and wasn't going to stop untill dogboots told him what happened. "I know that you may not see me as afriend, but I do. And I don't like seeing my friends hurt." Rouge explained to dogboots. Both dogboots and voltjust looked at rouge, volt was suprised at how obsevent I've been while dogboots continued to stare at rouge.
  8. @, @thor9356 "oh me and volt were looking for a place that sells anti-mater, a geo- distributor, a blow torch and some filtration mask, wana help, because this place doesn't look to good for ponies like us." ' just what happened to him and cuppie? wait... cuppie as in cuppie cake from ponyville? wow it is a small world.' rouge was lost in thought while dogboots just looked at rouge as if he were some mad pony.
  9. @,@thor9356 ((good cause im going to need this for later on)) "cause when i saw him he looked like a piece of feces. he told me where the bakery was and then when i tried to ask him what was wrong, he got even sadder 'if that was possible' and told me off. and then when i was at the bakery cuppie look just as distraught." rouge replied as they started walking around outside to find a place that would sell the things needed for their 'little' project. 'do you think that something went on between those two?" volt just shrugged. as they started to walk further rouge looked aroun and started to notice that every thing was a little bit off. "hey volt, do you know where we are?" volt looked around and noticed that dogboots was walking around aimlessly.
  10. rouge_wind


    Hey and welcome to the site. For the best part of the site I would recomend the RP part once your able to go their.
  11. @ "Oh, good good, okay we are going to need some anti-matter, a geo- distributer, a blow torch and some filtration mask." Rouge had told volt while he got up and went over to the door. "Hmm, we will also need a type of triger and a pressure system, you coming?" 'i wonder if we will run into that guy again, maybe volt knows' "hey volt do you know of a stallion that has a brown mane and coat he wears boots and also looks as if he has been on a fish boat our something similar?" ((Are volt and rouge in the same building as vinyl, curious, and the others?))
  12. @ ((is she/he based off of the best character on avatar: last airbender? OuO)) "Oh, okay then, welp it looks like we better get started on the paint pulsar, huh?" Rouge ask as he starts heading twords the living room and setting out the needed materials. "Hey volt? How good are you with tecnical sciences and space science, bro?" Rouge wonderd aloud.
  13. @@ParsoOfEquestria thanks it will really help with what is going on with volt and rouge. ​stupid character limit you shall die a billion deaths.
  14. @ "wha..whe..who.. WHAT????" 'how did he do that. this doesn't make sense.' "bro, wow." rouge said in disbelief "but your a Pegasus not a unicorn. what the hay?!" rouge started to think 'maybe he is an elemental pony but doesn't know it yet.' "Oay, let me explane what an elemental pony is a pony that isn't a unicorn that is able to control a element of some type, like my sis for example she can control the earth around her even though she is blind she can use the earth to "see" around her. the reason i acted the way i did was because she had told me not to trust anypony that is an elemental until i know for sure that they are good. so sorry. " rouge explained while volt just stood and listened.
  15. @@ParsoOfEquestria hey later on in the rp can i have my oc's sister come into play? if not its okay, i just wana know. o.o