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  1. I placed a youtube video in the Equestria Girls Soundtrack. The video is well, by someone :P

  2. I'll just place this thing here
  3. ~Rule 63~ Lyeco

    Gaming Good non steam games.

    Almost all, but all popular steam games can be acquired by torrent. . If that is case
  4. Thanks to a fad inspired by Weird Al and d.notive's hit collab, TrotCon earns the nickname "fainting couch con."
  5. ~Rule 63~ Lyeco

    Gaming Good non steam games.

    Amnesia is in Steam Those are in steam too. I can suggest some underrated non-steam games (RPG)The Elder Scrolls 1-3, (Obivion and Skyrim are in steam) (RPG)The old Harry Potter games I think (FPS)Far Cry 1 and 2 Enjoy
  6. New ones, cool! I should really give a chance to the newbies
  7. I am planning to buy destiny for PS4 or PS3. I wanted to play without paying any subscription thingy. Is there anyway?
  8. Gotta update my profile as soon as possible.

    1. Lunia


      Same here-ish

  9. I am lonely too actually. I have friends yes, but they mostly like to talk to others most of the time rather than me.
  10. I am all-rounder too! I love all gaming brands, well there is some exceptions of course. I agree that I can love sony, nintendo and microsoft.
  11. R Because It is the main letter "ARRRRRRRRR" and many pirate terms has this letter
  12. Happy Birthday, 2nd user w/ the most posts :)

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    2. ~Rule 63~ Lyeco

      ~Rule 63~ Lyeco

      Yeah, but someone replaced you

    3. Finesthour


      Can't replace legends baby

    4. Evilshy


      Finest will always be the top poster in my mind.

  13. You are playing Forza :P. Same here

    1. Kyoshi


      Yep, I am quite addicted to that game which is crazy since I was never a huge racing fan. Goes to show how awesome it is. Been playing a ton of Nirburgring.

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