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  1. breezy00

    Pony-Show Round 3 [August 2013]

    + Rainbow dash, Octavia, and Luna - Pinkie Pie , Lyra, and Celestia I've got nothing against pinke pie it's just she has won two times already and i think somepony else should have the spotlight like my best friend rainbow here
  2. breezy00

    Pony-Show Round 3 [August 2013]

    + 1 Rainbow Dash, Derpy, and Luna - 1 PINKIE PIE, Lyra, and Celestia I've got nothing against pinkie Pie It's just she has already won 2 times and i want rainbow dash to win
  3. I know how you feel i just got back from a funeral today and my uncle has cancer and they say he can die anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 years
  4. OMG i want it so bad where did you get it
  5. breezy00

    Who is your pony waifu?

    I don't know what you are talking about Big Mac is my waifu so back off dude i like his personality too so BACK OFF my waifu got it
  6. breezy00

    Pony-Show Round 3 [August 2013]

    + 1 for Rainbow Dash, derpy, and discord - 1 for Pinkie Pie, Lyra, and Sombra
  7. breezy00

    Who is your pony waifu?

    i would have to say my waifu,and i'm a girl just to be clear, either soarin or big mac Why? 1. because big mac is a big tough guy who doesn't say much and is always dependable. 2. soarin because he is a wonderbolt first of all and second I'm just like rainbow dash and want to be a wonderbolt too and look in the bush
  8. well you can talk to me if you need emotional support and i am sorry this happened to you
  9. I am cristian and we had a benefit for him and we raised loads of money for him but my grandparents are gonna lose there house in a foreclosure and my uncle lives with them so he will probably come live with us or my uncle tony
  10. <_< thats so not fair my highlight of the day yesterday was changing my little sisters diaper
  11. breezy00

    I'm new

    if you have any questions just PM me and i will help with anything
  12. well i have a little sister right now and i just hope she does not do something like that to me in the future and my mom is pregnant so I'm going to have to put up with to little rugrats
  13. breezy00


    Well there are many different ways to chat together like you can PM or private message me you do that by going to my profile and then you find the button that says private message or you can post a status update and people can comment on your status or you could just comment on anything. hope i helped!
  14. breezy00


    hello Ginger Joy if you have any questions just ask me and the creator of this website is Feld0 and i would love to chat with you with anything and if you don't view my profile I am a girl so i would love to be your friend
  15. breezy00

    Season 4: Predictions & Hopes

    I think that twilight might go back to the human world and stay for a really really long time. what do you guys think will happen i season four of mlp¿!!¿