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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I've been collecting over five years now and it has resulted in a vast assortment of pony and pony accessories! My pony room is filled to the brim! I hope every fan and collector gets to see it! If you do, I hope you tell me what your favorite ponies were!
  3. My final collection video is out! I hope you all go to "silver letter" on youtube to check it out!! 

  4. My final collection video has finally arrived! My collection has over 1000 figures and is the result of over five years of effort! I hope you watch, enjoy and maybe give a like!
  5. I got cutie mark crew: sugar sweet rainbow collection! Go to my YT channel to see my unboxing video!!

  6. I got cutie mark crew: sugar sweet rainbow! I made a video unboxing them!
  7. There's probably been dozens of those episodes already. Twilight accepting being a princess then accepting her new shiny house. The CMC accepting their purpose. Those are just two examples.
  8. I noticed that in "She's All Yak", the song (Fit Right In) incorporates a lot of choreography which looks more "human" than pony. For example, both Rarity and Yona frequently stand up on two legs and even jump in such a way. Rarity seems to be more frequent on two legs than four in this song. Maybe this phenomenon has been seen before but it really stands out here. It makes me think this song was built from the ground up for Human rarity for an EQ song but was scrapped in favor for this episode.
  9. I wish they had just focused on Sombra as a major character and done the whole comic book take on him in the show proper. It was not entirely disappointing but I think using the comic book arc would have been an excellent idea.
  10. I'll be there yet again for my final year. I'll bring along Silver Letter too. Yes, she does photos on request!
  11. I would love to see a Kirin, I mean, Nirik...return! The school would be a great use for such a character.
  12. I, for one, do not have a problem with some of the underlying messages that the song may be pushing. There's nothing wrong with an outsider learning more about the culture of the host country. If the student six don't want to learn about pony ways then there would be no point in them even attending that school. The dance is a pony tradition so I don't feel that changing the name suited it well because it doesn't belong to the student six or their respective groups. I think this is where the episode pushes some unfortunate messages (i.e., the host culture should be neutralized for the benefit of multiculturalism). I also wish that the issue with Yona was a bit less predictable (i.e., Yona ruined the party through her own accidents). It's a decent episode, I suppose.
  13. It's been a while since I've been around here...