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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Silver Letter

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Arguments can possibly be made for either. I once asked Spikes voice actress, Mrs. Weseluck, about it. She seemed to believe that Spike and Twilight are more like siblings in their relationship. I tend to agree as it is one of equals for the most part, even taking into account Spike being an assistant.
  3. Pirate activity can explain how word of foreign things can spread so easily. They pass around information from other lands. Perhaps places recently visited by ponies.
  4. Silver Letter

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    I think this episode was limited by an unwillingness to really change anything. Things seemed to go back to normal in the end. I liked how Spike interacted with some of the other characters, but, he should have been more skeptical. It was a decent episode but it didn't need a singing element. I don't think that was ever set in stone. Their relationship was more of a brother/sister bond...but he should have known better anyway, to say those things.
  5. Silver Letter

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    While I am glad the finale put some story points to rest, it also raised some more questions. Is cozy Glow as insane as people seem to believe? Having a mental illness isn't something that can be turned on or off. The filly didn't go to the crusaders and gain their help only to randomly curse them out, scream about power, and start chewing her own tail. She seems competent, power hungry and evil. To me, this sort of taints some of the prior episodes, knowing that the good cozy was just pretending to be good and following their lessons. In the end, she had to be stopped. She intended on being an ongoing threat. maybe she belonged in a mental hospital. maybe with Tirek? I cant be sure.
  6. Silver Letter

    Post Your Collection

    It's here! My newest collection video for my massive mlp collection! 500+ ponies! Please go watch my video and leave a like!
  7. My mlp collection video of 2018 is here! 500+ ponies!!!


    1. BronyNumber2


      Very good, sir.

  8. Silver Letter

    Bronycon 18 in pictures

    Hello there. Who was at Bronycon this year? I went and took lots of pictures to show people. What was your favorite part? Did you meet any new friends? Did you take photos too? Go ahead and post them here! I hope you took lots! Here's my photo video! Please take a look and give it a like! Thanks.
  9. Silver Letter

    Food What's your favorite type of snack?

    I like Japanese rice crackers called "senbei".
  10. Silver Letter

    Who has the largest MLP collection

    I have one of the larger ones on this site at 500 figures, which includes common and rare figures. There are a few collections larger than mine in general.
  11. Silver Letter

    Does it bother anyone else that no toys exists for a lot of ponies?

    I think it's a pity that a lot of characters haven't been featured as merchandise yet. Yes, the main ponies are great and all, but it would be nice to have lots of variety.
  12. Silver Letter

    Could MLP stand with the big boys?

    MLP doesn't do enough to reach out to people through multimedia. If the franchise made video games, for example, it might increase its appeal to a wider audience.
  13. Silver Letter

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    I don't know any media off hand in which a core cast of characters is replaced after a certain point. Are you able to?
  14. Silver Letter

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    I don't really get that. It seems that some people see fandoms as an "all or nothing" proposition. I've had fandoms decline in my life but I don't abandon them just because time has passed. It's not a good reason.
  15. Silver Letter

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    The older fandom needs to stay around in order to help represent older fans of MLP in general and to remind people that fans of all ages can enjoy a show that's considered "girly" by mainstream society.