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  1. good night everyone. ^^

  2. good night everyone. Have been on Närcon stockholm and it was awesome. ^^

  3. good night everyone^^

  4. merry christmas everyone ^^

    1. Jokuc


      God jul though most people here celebrates the 25th you know :3

    2. The Evil Yoyo

      The Evil Yoyo

      God jul på dig med ^^. Know that most people celebrates the 25th but I still wanted to wish a merry christmas to everyone^^

    3. Thrashy


      And an early merry Christmas to you, as well. :)

  5. good night everyone ^^

  6. good night everyone ^^

  7. found this today, Imao XD
  8. good night everyone^^ I maybe don't answer any of my good night wishes but I always read your comments the next morning^^

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    2. The Evil Yoyo

      The Evil Yoyo

      OK, joust wants to thank anyone answering my good night wishes. I get really happy to see answers from anyone^^


      god natt på er mina kär vänner ^^

    3. The Evil Yoyo
    4. Swick (ded)
  9. sitting in school and is done with the work, SUCCESS!!!!

    1. The Swedish Brony

      The Swedish Brony

      Sweet, very much unlike me then xD

  10. good night everyone^^