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    I've been a part of the Equestria Daily Roleplay for about six months, and am looking to branch out and find other friends in the community. I love to sing, write and cook from time to time. I'm sort of like Fluttershy, but I do the best I can to smile and have a good time!

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  2. Well, today is the 10th. Last activity in this RP was almost three weeks ago. I was hoping that I could keep it afloat, but apparently the interest in it has waned again and is no longer maintaining the push that it had been. So...unless anybody else wants to jump in, I'm officially done with this for the moment.
  3. Everypony: I am an avid fan of latchhooks, and as I don't feel that my drawing skills, tools nor space are adequate for properly becoming even a half-decent artist, I have taken to using small strands of yarn and a cloth grid to explore my want to make pretty things. As I don't envision Hasbro or DHX creating anything like it in the immediate future, I am wondering if anypony knows where I would find a latchhook pattern for any of the ponies--I don't really have any preference as to which ones-for a pillow to wall-hanging size latchhook. Also, if there is a creating device anywhere online for said latchhook patterns, I would like to know about that and how to properly access it. Thanks in advance! -Sunny Ah! It appears that I have answered my own question. For those who are so inclined, you can find the capacity to create latchhooks from any picture you have at There don't appear to be any copyright issues, as it would be a one-of-a-kind design. Once you have the design, you would need to visit your local arts and crafts store, such as Michael's, A.C. Moore or something akin to that to get some of the materials, like a blank canvas and a latchhooking tool. Yarn is also available for sale at which will have the precut yarn you would need for your project once you decide what you want to do. Well, happy latchhooking!
  4. "Ah. Perfect. The spell has been cast, just as strong as we knew it would be." Nightmare Moon took a breath, and then began the conversation. "Sister. We hope that all is well within the safe walls of your Kingdom. Tell us, how have the efforts at Cloudsdale been doing? It was quite an unfortunate happening that occurred there, that. We will not mince words here, as both of us known the enormous amount of leverage one could exert on the other in this telepathic bridge. We have one of your Generals, sister, and we have no intentions on releasing her until she belongs to the Republic. Your prized student was quite correct about Rainbow Dash. In the fact, we feel it only appropriate if we give her the audience she deserves, for one last time. After all, it will be the last time she will speak to you until we meet in battle, side by side allied against you. Please, take your time. Fill her head with all the lies you can think of, dear sister--none of it will stand against time." She blinked a couple of times before looking to Rainbow Dash. "The bridge will serve as if you were in the room with her. Speak your mind, tell her all that you wish to. We will merely observe and assure that there is no tampering with your mind while in the bridge. However, the spell will only last so long, so do not waste time in idle pleas for a rescue. We have assured you, Rainbow Dash, that you are not leaving here but under one of two conditions." < tag Dash/Twi/Celestia>
  5. Guys: We need a Celestia to pop up and play out this conversation with Nightmare Moon. I'm not sure where I'll take it quite yet, but it'll be juicy! -Sunny
  6. Nightmare Moon laughed slightly as Rainbow Dash offered the obvious and quite valid question. "We understand your curiosity; however, simply because we wish to kill each other does not mean we cannot be civil. It has just not been in our best interest to contact our sister until now--making such a connection is a dangerous venture, opening our mind to her and the reverse being done the same. From a tactical point of view, it is unwise. However, the situation that has arisen does merit such an exchange. Besides, who would we be to deny you the pleasure of seeing your Princess?" What you fail to understand, Rainbow Dash, is that we are both very old and very wise. If we were unsafe for long enough, even Sister could lead us to believe that her position is right, and there would be no grand Lunar Republic. < tag Celestia / Twilight / Dash >
  7. Her anger finally cooled, Nightmare Moon sat on her throne, waiting patiently for the arrival of Rainbow Dash. What caught her off guard a little bit was how quickly the pegasus had made it out of surgery and into the large hall, the similar length of the room that was seen in the Canterlot Castle. We hope that our message was well received, and communicated all throughout our Republic, so that it never has a chance to happen again. And on the manner of chances...right now, we are about to take a very big one by doing what we are about to do. She watched Rainbow Dash approach slowly, and finally stop a few feet away from the steps to the throne. "Ah. Rainbow Dash. It is good to see that you are well and have had an adequate chance to heal from the injuries you suffered. We have a proposition for you, considering the events of recent time. We are about to contact our sister, and speak with her...and as well as you have been able to contact Twilight Sparkle, so shall we be an active participant in the conversation. Is this an agreeable prospect to you?" < tag Dash / Twi / Celestia >
  8. You can never have enough friends! My skype's simple, but as it is my actual RL name, I would prefer to be individually contacted before giving it out. Thanks!
  9. Nightmare Moon's anger was so wide open she wasn't even keeping her normal mental safeguards in place. Rarity and Fluttershy had just put a major dent into the Dark Mare's plans to slowly turn Rainbow Dash to the the side of the Lunarians. As she stomped through the hallways, leaving small dents in the floor as she strode forward, she was considering that it was no longer possible at all. **Damn you two! Have you any idea what you have done? We had plans for Rainbow Dash, and now in your haste, all of that is in jeopardy! Do you not realize the advantage she represented against the Solar Kingdom? I should torture both of you until you learn the lesson of understanding the flow of time, and how it can be sculpted to our advantage.** The doors to the briefing room swung open, revealing Rarity and Fluttershy, both standing at attention. Nightmare Moon looked at the two, which appeared to be stonefaced. As she walked forward, she used her magic to slam the doors shut. Fluttershy winced a little bit, but Rarity remained motionless. "YOU IDIOTS! NEVER IN OUR LIVES DID WE FEEL TWO HIGHLY TRAINED PONIES WOULD SO QUICKLY SUCCUMB TO PETTY REVENGE WITHOUT FIRST HAVING A REASON! AND NOW YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING! Tell us, Fluttershy, what is your wonderful plan to win back Loyalty's trust? Hmm? SPEAK UP! We ARE listening!" Fluttershy whimpered a little bit at the Queen's tirade, She didn't make much noise, other than her normal nervous squeaking. She wasn't about to cry in front of the Dark Mare, but it was getting harder and harder to hold back. Nightmare Moon levitated a wooden chair that was placed neatly at the table, and flung it into the nearby wall, smashing it to bits. "WE SAID ANSWER US! WE DEMAND A REASON NOW!" Fluttershy couldn't hold back, and she started to weep loudly from the screaming and yelling, collapsing into a ball. All this managed to do was further irritate Nightmare Moon, who stared down Rarity. She lowered her voice, and spoke coldly. "Let us be clear, Element of Generosity. If we do not get a reasonable enough answer from you in the next minute, the both of you will be made public displays of. You will be placed in the stocks, in open rain for three days with no food. Ponies that pass by you will be given our permission to mistreat you. Now...answer your Queen's question, Rarity...why?" The room seemed to freeze slowly, ice from the venom of Nightmare Moon ready to sink into the veins of some poor unfortunate pony that happened to cross her. "We acted the way we did because we felt it was in the best interests of the Lunar Republic. I had not been made aware that she was allowed to roam the castle freely, Your Majesty." Nightmare Moon picked up Rarity with her magic, and brought her so they were looking each other directly in the eyes. Fluttershy continued to cry, puddling into a mess of emotion on the floor. "If you even lay a hoof on a pony that has not been declared an enemy combatant again, we will send you back to our sister, and no longer acknowledge your existence. Have we made ourselves very clear, General Rarity?" Rarity nodded. As she did so, Nightmare Moon released her hold on her, letting her fall to the ground. Rarity landed roughly, clipping her left hoof on the table that was in the middle of the room. She walked away from the two of them, stopping at the other exit to the room. "You should both be grateful we chose to not have you charged with treason. It is still, like many other crimes in this Republic, punishable by death. You would do well to remember that. The both of you are still off duty until we instruct you otherwise. Now take your useless flanks and get back to your quarters." < tag Twilight Sparkle >
  10. Nightmare Moon kept a poker face as she walked with Rainbow Dash toward the infirmary. So you have ponies on the way to rescue you. This does not surprise us, although your brazen and cavalier attitude toward communicating telepathically is admirable. It is quite a shame you will not see reason, Rainbow Dash. But...with Fluttershy and Rarity acting that way? We are shocked...we were aware there was hate, but to that level so quickly? This is something that we will need to discuss with them, using whatever methods necessary to get our point across. The walk to the medical center was mostly quiet, the steady cadence of Nightmare's hooves being the only near audible sound. The walked in, the doctor waiting for them inside "Ahh...the patient. What's her condition, Your Majesty?" Shadow Tree said, his horn shining the dark green of his mossy coat as he studied over Rainbow Dash's body. "She has a severely bruised stomach, and her right front hoof has been broken in five places. We trust that you will tend to her with the utmost of care, as we have decreed this guest to be an important one?" Nightmare's face almost showed a glimmer of care and concern, the burning anger with Fluttershy and Rarity consuming her back thoughts. "Well, the leg and stomach will be easy...but her cooperation is my utmost concern. What should I do if she becomes...argumentative?" "Then you are to sedate her. No more than four hours at a time. Make sure she is well fed when she comes out of surgery. We trust your hoof and bedside manner, Doctor Shadow Tree." She levitated Rainbow Dash over to a nearby bed, where Shadow Tree walked over. There was a look of outright fear as she watched Nightmare Moon walk away. **Rainbow Dash. You are under no compulsion to reply, but hear our words well. Any rescue attempt made on your behalf will be met with the maximum amount of force necessary to repel them. We will order our unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies to not kill any rescue team that comes for you, but only to injure them to the point where they will need to retreat. We would recommend you not attempt to contact Twilight Sparkle or anypony else in our sister's kingdom. There will only be two ways you will leave the ground of this castle, Element of Loyalty. The first is a burial if you prove to become too much trouble to deal with any further, and the second is if you join with the Lunar Republic and serve at our side. You are far too important to need to slay, but do not think we will not raise our hoof if you continue to be belligerent. Please, relax. Doctor Shadow Tree is a skilled physician, and he will tend to your wounds. When you have healed, we request that you join us in the Throne Room.** Leaving the infirmary, Nightmare Moon's face grew a nasty scowl, as she started to stomp into the stone a little harder Now, to deal with our two generals!
  11. Rarity bristled at the comment that they were the traitors, instead of seeing the truth for what it was. "It must be all that time having your brain baked by that horrible sun, Rainbow Crash...always showing off, making a complete and utter foal of yourself. All of your accolades for what? Just some silly trophy that doesn't shine anywhere near as brilliantly as I do?" "You know what we should do, Rarity? We should give our good friend Rainbow Dash a proper Lunar Republic welcome" The evil smirk on Fluttershy's face turned into a malicious chuckle, as she walked right behind Rainbow Dash and sized her up for a moment. "And just what do you think you're do--" Dash never got the word out as Fluttershy kicked her in the side, knocking the wind out of her and causing her to stumble. The previously cheery and demure pegasus snorted. Rarity was next to join in the attack, using her magic to make all of the cyan-colored pegasus' legs splay out, and the "fastest flier in Equestria" landed on the floor with a pained *thump*. "Get up!" Rarity snapped, ready to have her fair shot at their enemy. Her horn almost began to take on a dark glow as she helped to lift Rainbow Dash off of the floor, ready to hold her in mid air. "This is for Appleloosa!" The unicorn released her magical hold on Rainbow Dash, and with her still trying to catch her breath, she landed with no control, her front hooves making contact first. A painful *crack* was heard from the right front hoof, and Dash tumbled over in pain, gasping as she tried to regain the oxygen flow to her body. Fluttershy was gearing up to stomp on the hoof, but a dark blue light appeared in the chamber. "BE STILL!" the command came from Nightmare Moon, who seemed to have the best timing in the world for Rainbow Dash. Both Rarity and Fluttershy froze on the spot. The Dark Queen looked at both of her Generals, an angry frown welded onto her face as her eyes glowed bright white with unbridled power. "What do you think that it is you are doing? Apparently our orders were not far reaching enough! Rainbow Dash is our guest! She will be treated as every other pony that lives under our Moonlight is, and this is not how that is done, Rarity and Fluttershy! Now, we demand an explanation, and we demand it NOW!!" Rarity had never seen her Queen so angry. She stumbled onto her rump, shaking slightly. "Umm...Your Majesty...we were...getting personal...revenge for...the attack...on Appleloosa." "And is that your decision to make?" The snarling growl in the room was directed totally at the small unicorn, who was now shaking like a leaf on a windy day. She mustered enough strength to eek out the word "No." "We are severely disappointed in the both of you. You are hereby off-duty until further notice. Now get out of our sight before we do the same to you!" With no complaints or comments, both Rarity and Fluttershy quickly disappeared from view, leaving Rainbow Dash on the floor, crying from the pain she was in. Her stomach was bruised, and it felt like her front right hoof had been shattered. But the more painful part of the attack was not visible: her heart, and faith in her former friends, was ripped into pieces. Nightmare Moon looked down on the weeping pegasus, and knew what she needed to do. "Come here, child..." With the highest degree of care possible, Nightmare Moon lifted Rainbow Dash from the ground using her dark magic and placed her up onto her back. "We are sorry our soldiers treated you in such a horrible fashion. We will deal with them personally; trust me on that. Now...let's get you to the infirmary...and get your leg healed." < tag Dash >
  12. "Heh! That's rich? We betrayed you?" Fluttershy's tone was indignant and disrespectful as she flapped her wings dangerously. "Well, it appears that even the so-called "Fastest Flier in Equestria" is also the dumbest one, because she allowed herself to get captured by obviously superior Lunarian forces. Where's the tomboy-ish attitude that never says die, or was that just you trying to look cooler so that you could fake into being our friend?" "Fluttershy...let me handle this, please." Rarity stepped forward and looked Rainbow Dash square in the eye. "Now, see here, you do not speak to Lunarian troops with such disrespect! And I am presuming that you did not get in here as some sort of agent of that vile Princess Celestia, and that you are indeed a prisoner, that you carefully consider who it is you're threatening. Have I made myself clear, Loyalty?" Rarity was huffing with clear irritation. Many names had been attributed to Rainbow Dash since the start of the war--the Prismatic Predator, the Sonic Scourge...none of the new monikers she had earned held her in great light, and since she was Fluttershy's counterpart for the Solarians, every ounce of information about what had happened in Cloudsedale was to be incrementally delved out. One thing was for sure, though--these two ponies were anything but friends. < tag Dash >
  13. Not really, Pinkazoid, I just wanted to make sure that you had the timing down--from what I saw of your post, it looked like the Lunarians had captured her during the raid on Cloudesdale. Don't mind me, I just wanted to prevent confusion from occurring.
  14. Pinkazoid: Actually, Rainbow Dash had been captured before the raid on Cloudesdale--I don't know precisely the timing of it, but I do know it was before Sunrise Song and company did their bomb run.
  15. After being checked out from their briefing with Nightmare Moon and seeing the doctor in the infirmary, Fluttershy and Rarity were walking the halls of the quite castle, with the occasional shout of jubilation from outside as a party for the raid on Cloudesdale was in full swing. "Well, I must say it sounds as if the troops are quite content with the recent raid. It's a shame you weren't able to join them, Fluttershy. Getting some revenge on the Solarians must have been at the tip of your mind when we came back from Appleloosa." "That's an understatement, Rarity...I am angry that I needed to stay, but I will not question Nightmare Moon when it comes to our battle readiness. She has not failed us yet, and I do not foresee her doing so in the near future. It's all right...the time will come when I will be able to exercise my personal wrath on the sun-loving fools of the Solar Kingdom." The two of them walked for a little bit, shouts bringing smiles to their faces as the celebration continued to roar on. "Oh, darling, don't forget--it's your turn for torture room watch. I'm sure there are some Solarian fools there that would just love to squeal the secrets of their false Princess to you...that might bring you some sense of satisfaction." "And just who are you calling fools, Rarity?" came a voice from behind them. The pegasus and unicorn turned to see Rainbow Dash, an angry snarl plastered to her face. "I dare you to say that again to me." "Well, well...if it isn't the little betrayer herself, Element of Loyalty. What in the flank are you doing here, you so-called friend?" Neither Rarity nor Fluttershy knew when Rainbow Dash had approached them, but she was there now.