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  1. New anthology, why am I just now learning of this? DAMN YOU FAULTY YOUTUBE SUB BOXES!


  3. Welcome to the forums! Hope you have a great time here, PM me or pretty much anypony else if you have any questions.
  4. Revelations because if you look closely it's about the Borg http://www.luciferianliberationfront.org/borg.html XD it also has some pretty interesting imagery concerning the apocalypse.
  5. As a spiritual satanist myself, this show had little to no influence on me choosing my religion which BTW is MY choice according to the bill of rights. And people who think that this show has any real messages for Satan are fools.
  6. Is Tien Shinhan clairvoyant?

  7. 1 Own a Ferrari 2 Go to Tibet 3 Program a video game/computer program that has $1,000,000 in sales Go to space Reach enlightenment
  8. Finally found somewhere to read mlp comics online. Google: "yayponys" without the ""