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  1. Oh Akatosh why

    Hey Everypony :3

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you have a great time here, PM me or pretty much anypony else if you have any questions.
  2. Oh Akatosh why

    Favorite Book of the Bible

    Revelations because if you look closely it's about the Borg http://www.luciferianliberationfront.org/borg.html XD it also has some pretty interesting imagery concerning the apocalypse.
  3. Oh Akatosh why

    Bronies worship Satan?

    As a spiritual satanist myself, this show had little to no influence on me choosing my religion which BTW is MY choice according to the bill of rights. And people who think that this show has any real messages for Satan are fools.
  4. Oh Akatosh why

    5 things on your bucket list.

    1 Own a Ferrari 2 Go to Tibet 3 Program a video game/computer program that has $1,000,000 in sales Go to space Reach enlightenment
  5. Oh Akatosh why

    You Wake up and are your own avatar! What do you say?

  6. Oh Akatosh why

    What are you doing for Halloween?

    Gonna go trick'er treating as prince zuko (I'll probably post a pic at some point). Last year according to my parents since I'm 13, (you're never to old)
  7. Oh Akatosh why

    Hello! My name is...

    Welcome to the forums! Glad to see another friendly face around here. If you ever want to play some TF2 then PM me! If you need anything then PM me! Even if you don't want to play TF2/you don't want to know anything, then still PM me!
  8. Oh Akatosh why

    how do you carry your weapon and why?

    What do you mean? I AM THE WEAPON. Actually, I just carry pepper spray and two pocket knives. One of which I bought at camp Sinoquipe with my Boy scout troop, the other being a (rather small) SA knife.
  9. Oh Akatosh why

    If you could marry any alien?

    Time lords of course! I would literally die of a heart attack if I got to travel with one! I mean, what's not to like? They're humanoid, they have awesome spaceships and can take you anywhere in the universe. The only problem I can see is that you would die on them, but even that can be fixed by medical technology from a billion years in the future. Prop's if they're british.
  10. Oh Akatosh why

    What is you image of the future?

    The "Future" is a VEEEERY broad term, but I'll do some increment's. 10 minutes from now: I'll be eating dinner5 Years from now: Smarter Robots IE: better path-finding on house bots. More robots helping the average person IE: Surgical robots, More things like this. More expensive gas, larger focus on renewable fuel IE: Hydro electric, Solar, Geo. American economy losing more and more steam, Asia's economy rising. The rebellions in the middle east winding down. 10 Years from now Not much petroleum left, strides forward in the renewable energy sector including the first practical usage of cold fusion. The first truly intelligent machines. Space travel starts taking off. (lololololololololololol) Bionic enhancements. Fudging the line of what it is to be human. 20 Years from now: Cold fusion is refined, Petroleum is nearly gone. America collapses. China rises to be the greatest world power. Mars base, Plasma based rockets start to see use. First truly sentient machine. The singularity is in sight 50 Years from now: Most diseases cured. Singularity reached. Robot wars begin. Power armor is used in infantry man. First manned leaving of the solar system. Alien signals show up on radios. Earth is destroyed in an attempt by the robots to end the war. Planetary colony's are barely holding on 75 Years from now: Aliens appear, help us kick the ass out of the robots. (the aliens probably went through this themselves) The sharing of ideas and technology. Forming of alliance. Rapid expansion into interstellar space. Close to light speed travel reached. Immortality withing sight, people living for hundreds of years. 100 Years from now: Immortality achieved. Immortality leads to development of regenerative ability's as well as the cure for every conceivable disease. Energy based weapons begin to see use. 3rd Alien race enters the mix, war ensues. FTL is beginning to look possible Short range teleports come into use 500 Years from now: FTL is widely used. We have left the galaxy. Large stellar federation is made across the galaxy. Contact with beings outside the galaxy. True terraforming. Golden age dawns due to the federation of sentient races. Half life 3 is released. Why don't we leave it there?
  11. Oh Akatosh why

    Gaming Any educational games you loved to play as a kid?

    Sigh. you guy's got these fun old DOS game's, I got Mavis Beacon. We all know who had the worse childhood here. (extra text is extra)
  12. Oh Akatosh why

    Phone/Tablet OS Preferences?

    Crazy kids with 'yer fancy pant's "Smart phones" all I need is The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. not any of 'yer fancy "touch screens" and 'yer "camera's".
  13. Oh Akatosh why

    Thank you all

    *Ultimate hug of ultimate penultimates*
  14. Oh Akatosh why

    You can go to equestria but there is a price attached

    These are my choices and I believe that I could follow through for them. You would have to serve 5 years as a guard pony--- This is one of them that I'm more apprehensive of,I mean this would be like "Yes, just... Stand here all day and do nothing." You would have to marry rainbow dash--- This is a punishment? I mean RD is the best of the mane 6! You would have to swear an oath to do ANYTHING Celestia asked of you--- This would fall around the line of my other duties as guard. Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem pledging my services to someone/pony? You would have to swear an oath to do ANYTHING Luna asked of you--- Look above You would have to swear an oath to protect Equestria--- I would get one of the Canterlot blacksmiths to forge me a blade worthy of Valhalla!!!! My enemy's would perish at my blade!!!!! You would have to spend 2 years with equestria's historians answering any questions asked about earth--- Meh. Just sounds kinda boring. You would have to spend 5 years serving ponyville in your best capacity--- This kinda falls under what I was doing above. And besides it would give me something to do You would have to do a very dangerous task in the Everfree Forest--- I've already said. I just need a blade worthy of Valhalla!!!