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  1. Hey, if you seriously want it send me a message! I need to e-mail the registration people at Bronycon with both of our legal names, email addresses, and desired badge names in order to make the transfer.
  2. Bumping the thread because Bronycon is now in approximately one month! Like I said before, I don't need the full price for the ticket, I just want it to go to a good home
  3. (Note to Moderators: I've run this by @@Feld0, who has approved this topic and the advertisement therein) I made a post about this on tumblr and have yet to receive a response, and I figured this would be a better place to ask. Due to recent circumstances, I am no longer able to attend Bronycon this August. Refunds are not possible, but ticket transfers are, and I was wondering if anyone hadn't yet gotten their pass to go and wanted one. I got mine during the early bird special, so I'm asking no more than I paid: $65. I'm open to discussion regarding the price if there are special circumstances and you are unable to pay the full price. I just don't want that ticket to go to waste, and would love it if I could get someone else to the convention in my place! The attached photo is my pass, with my personal information blurred out, but it is definitely legitimate. Feel free to reply here, send me a message, or e-mail me at obr209@nyu.edu, and we can work out the details then.