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  1. You know you're a brony when... you are so damn tired that you really should be in bed but you are too busy Role playing being a pony so you drink lots of coffee just to stay awake and end up late for school/work the next day, feeling like a zombie.
  2. Ditzy hesitated, part of her wanted to do as he said, to listen and run when he said run but the other half said to stay, Jenny was right, sometimes the hero needed protecting too. What Jenny didn't seem to understand was that this version of the Doctor was generally a coward, yet now faced with grave danger, he was standing tall and brave against it. To save her and Jenny. So it was true, love was a greater force than evil, even when discorded. She made a tentative step towards the doors. Where were the others? Why had the Doctor come alone? Surely they must be close by. Derpy knew that she was no fighter. She could only fight with her heart. -----------------inside the TARDIS---------------------- Hearing his words of encouragement and his soft hug gave Pinkie the hope she needed to feel. Her mane returned to it's curly state a sudden POOF of pink. She hugged him back. "You didn't really think I'd leave you to have this party with out me did ya?" She said in a light hearted tone. "Of course we're in this together! We're all kind of like part of a good cake recipe. Can't have any missing bits or it won't turn out right. Now lets do this!" She felt the TARDIS come to a stop and watched as Dissy bolted out the doors. She glanced at the Earth Pony Doctor waiting to see what he would do, not daring to move but worried about what was going on outside those doors. She moved towards the doors slowly. "Come on everypony, we have a party to crash"
  3. ((OOC ~ Onslaught of awesome art incoming, shields up and arm yourself with tissues)) Ditzy gazed at the Master with deep sorrow in her eyes then turned to the Discorded Doctor at her side, not even able to meet his eyes at first. "What he says is true, I did leave when I should have stayed, I was just afraid you'd hit me again... I should have seen how afraid you were, how you trembled from something unseen... I was so... blind. for the first time in my life... I was completely blind." "and you were so angry with me that you tracked me down and and hurt me so badly that I was in hospital for four months. but what hurt the most was, that you told me you hated me. " Derpy's eyes suddenly locked with Dissy's as she continued relaying her thoughts to him so that the Master could hear how his own words had failed him. "But what you don't know is that.... I came back. I snuck out of the hospital to find you and you were hurt and unconscious. I didn't even know why. But I still had the key at that time so I took you to the TARDIS. do you remember finding yourself there and not knowing how you got there?" "I couldn't stay, because I knew it wasn't safe for me" "You had told me to RUN when ever I saw you, and every time you've ever said that, I've listened. We've fled from Daleks, cyber ponies, a swarm of flesh eating flies... Now, you're telling me to run from you. I now know that you were just trying to protect me.... from yourself... because you couldn't stop what ever was pushing you to hurt me." Derpy held Dissy tight as she continued... "Then, you came back to me again to tell me you were sorry and despite everything, I still forgave you. I've come back to you at my own risk... not even knowing for sure that you won't... hit me again... I'm so afraid you'll revert back, but I know that the power of love and forgiveness is so much stronger than any evil out there. What ever was in you Doctor, and what ever is inside the Master, I know that what is inside of my small, beating heart, for what ever it's worth, is braver, and deeper and far, far greater because it's something that never dies no matter how tragic or dire the circumstances. Yes Doctor... I do truly love you." "Here's how he can be sure Master"
  4. "Doctor be careful, it's the Master and he wants to hurt you" she felt the ropes loosen and she wriggled out of them. She was relieved to see that Dissy was still tan, though not as tan as he use to be. Ditzy turned and hugged him but glanced nervously over her shoulder at the Master. "We've got to get out of here."
  5. Ditzy thought she could hear the familiar sound of the Doctors TARDIS faintly in the distace. It echoed in the void outside. The discorded Jenny's time machine was right beside the TARDIS. Both machines hovered with in inches of each other. There was an ominous feel in the air, as if some impending battle was about to happen. Ditzy shifted uneasily. "Jenny, Jenny, wake up" she whispered as she tried to shake her awake " Something is about to happen."
  6. (OOC Sorry that I've been absent from this, just caught up, also having trouble trying to slot in here but will do my best. feeling a bit Pinkamena myself lately) Pinkamena heard the conversations going on outside the room she'd been in. As sad as she was that nopony had come to her, she still couldn't let them go with out her. "I'm coming too" She said from the door way. "You're all my friends and we stick together, just like Dashie said" She took out her element of harmony and put it on. Despite all sadnesss and confusion about the Doctors condition and the state of affairs, Pinkamena could never let her friends down. "'Well.... what are we waiting for?" she said with just a hint of her old cheerful self in her voice. Ditzy heard the Master speak out loud. "Why can't you just leave us alone, he's suffered enough, and so have I, You're no master, you're just a fruad" She struggled against her ropes wishing she could get her wings loose. (Can we start moving the TARDIS in so they can confront him??)
  7. Overhearing the uproar Mikestar couldn't help but glance over the bar at the loud red maned stallion. Silver had long since headed over to his marefriends place so Mikestar had headed off to get that drink he'd been craving. "Is he yelling at that mare?" he thought. He was slightly tipsy but still had his wits about him. He levitated across the room several feet landing near the two of them and met redwaves eyes with a cold stare @Redwave "That is no way to talk to a mare" he said with a steady voice holding in his anger. His horn was slightly glowing despite his efforts to remain as calm as possible. Mikestar simply nodded politely to Kingfisher, aware that she too was trying to stop the scene from playing out. Mikestar turned to Lyona "Are you in need of assistance?" he asked her, then glanced back in Redwave's direction to make sure he didn't need to suddenly defend himself. ----------------------------- (Not sure where cinder is but...) Silver approached Cinder and Scribes house. There was a lot on his mind after the incident with Redwave and Miny but he just wanted to see Cinder. She'd know what to do, or at least, she'd know how to listen. He knocked on the door. (No time to write more at the moment, will try to catch up later. excellent storyline so far but i expected nothing less )
  8. Ok my characters Silver Note Mikestar Derpy ((Derpy animated by C_Quell of Deviant Art)) Gmork
  9. "She's well, I think. I haven't had a chance to see her yet. We do write often when I'm away..." he was distracted by the sight of Redwave in the distance and just around the corner "Great, he's the last pony Minty needs to see" He thought. "Ur... would you two excuse me a moment?" Silver really couldn't decide which was worse, Minty being left alone with Mikestar, or seeing Redwave with his mare friend. From what he had heard from the town of Ponyville she'd retreated for quite some time after the mission. If she was just now coming out of her home, she certainly didn't need to regress. Practically the whole of Canterlot had heard their argument. "He's just not right for her" Silver thought angrily. Not that Mikestar was much better but he'd deal with that issue later. "Distract her" he whispered to Mikestar "Ask questions later" He quickly flew forward, rounding the corner and cut Redwave off in his tracks. @, "Redwave, what brings you to Ponyville?" He kept his wings spread a moment hoping to give Mikestar a chance to distract Minty and hoping his friend had caught on to the hint. "I thought you were long gone on one of your sea faring adventures" Mikestar felt a little confused and dazed at first. "Distract her from what? Has Silver lost his mind?" He thought. Turning to Minty he said, "So Minty, ur........ gee I could use... a drink! Yes that's right do you happen to know where I can get one? Apple cider sounds good. I'm sure Silver can catch up in a bit." he did a mental facehoof at himself "That sounded lame" he decided "But he put me on the spot!"
  10. @@KitsuneSoul108, "R-really?" A massive blush crosses her cheeks and she can't help but smile broadly. "Yes yes and YES" she says, swooping over to give The Doctor a sudden kiss on the lips She adds dreamily still clinging to him "Did I mention yes" @, "The answer is... exactly five minutes."
  11. "A c-couple... ur don't you mean a pear...or is that a pair... I get the two mixed up. " She laughs nervously and you notice a slight blush on her cheeks as she glances sideways at the Doctor. "Or do you mean a couple, couple... as in... a dating couple.. if so, don't be silly. Were not a couple! I'm his companion, Ur... Rrr right Doctor?" *nudges the Doctor*
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  13. ((( OOC @, I think you underestimate yourself. The 800 character limit will force us all to expand our horizons... see it as an adventure it itself!)) "Minty!" Silver exclaimed with glee at seeing his friend. He pulled her into a mint smelling hug. Mikestar just raised his eye brow at them. "Where in Equestria is he finding all these mare friends?" He wondered. "Shy, awkward Silver Note? Perhaps I should join the Royal Guard." ''It has been a while." Silver said to Minty. " I've been back to Ponyville a few times to visit Cinder but not seen you. Nopony seemed to know where you were. My friend here, is Mikestar, he's an artist from Canterlot. Well,... he's not actually from there, just living there at the moment." Silver Explained. "This is Minty, former royal guard member and good friend of mine." "A pleasure to meet you." Mikestar said with a slight bow. He opted not to kiss this mares hoof considering what happened the last time. "It's true what he says, I tend not to plant my hooves in one location for too long. but right now there is good work in Canterlot. Lots of family portraits, and no lack of bits to pay for them." @, He gazed at the mint colored mare a moment. "Somepony should really paint you fair filly, your eyes are quite stunning..." Mikestar suppressed an OOOF as Silver nudged him firmly in the ribs. ((Hope that orange isn't too annoying it's just easier to access than the darker one, more his coat color also. I have a feeling Mikestar is going to be fun to RP LOL.))
  14. ((OOC I'm a creative writer it's easy and maybe Mikestar needs to be brought own a peg or two. LOL I did write him as pretty cocky! Hope that's an acceptable term in the USA.)) The train arrived promptly and Silver made his way off to the landing platform followed by his unicorn friend. "Well where we are, I'll be heading for Cinders place. You could come along. I'm sure she wouldn't mind an extra guest." Silver surveyed the streets of Ponyville. It was starting to feel like home. The ponies here seemed less uppity and reserved than those in Canterlot. "I might just do that at least for a little while, then I'll be staying at the local inn. Hopefully it has a good bar" The unicorn smirked. he didn't plan on spending this trip sipping tea. "SILVER" There came a wild cry from the air as Derpy Hooves pounced down on her dappled pegasus friend for a hug. "Been waiting for you" she said with a smile presenting him with a muffin. "I thought you said she was an earth pony?" Mikestar commented raising an eye brow at the sudden introduction of loose feathers floating around him. "Ur... she is, this is Derpy Hooves, best mare friend, and mail mare. Not special somepony. Derpy meet my other best friend Mikestar." Silver said, introducing the two. "A pleasure to meet you" Mikestar taking her hoof for a kiss. Silver just rolled his eyes watching poor Derpy blushed. "Eyes off, she's with somepony" he whispered to the unicorn. He then turned to the mail mare. "Just on my way over to Cinders. How are you and the good Doctor?" "We're both doing very well. I brought you a package, it has muffins in it of course. For you and Cinder and for Scribe and your friend as well. Enough for everypony. I'd better get going though, I'm late on my mail run." Derpy gave him a final hug and swooped off into the sky, dropping several letters as she did. Seems that mail won't find it's destination any time soon.,,,, (Mwa ha ha ha... Score: character limit: 0, Mikestar: 2 ))
  15. Silver was packing his bags. "Weekend finally" he muttered. He'd spend every weekend in Ponyville visiting Cinder. His wings had become quite a bit stronger from the journeys. "I'm just glad Princess Celestia hasn't sent me on another mission I guess she knew I wasn't up for it." He swung the saddle bag over his back and closed the door to his small room in the Royal Guard barracks. He trotted into the streets of canterlot looking for a good take off point. "Off to see your mare friend?" a familiar voice said. Silver spun around "Yes Mikestar, as much as it may surprise you, I still have a mare friend." He gave his friend a bit of a shove."Isn't it about time you settled on just one old friend? You can't keep playing the field forever." 'You know me Silver" Mikestar said, stepping in next to him as they both began to walk. "I can't ever seem to settle down. Life is too much worth living, you know what I mean? Besides, haven't found 'the one' if you know what I mean. until I do the many will suit me just fine" Mikestar winked at his friend. "I need a holiday, perhaps I'll come with you this time, if you're willing to take the train that is. I'm going through a dry spot with my art. I might find motivation in Ponyville. What do you say? Can you put up with me for the trip?" "You're always welcome Mike. Lets head for the train then." Silver told him with a grin. It would be good to have company on the journey. "I'll just grab a few things first, mainly my art supplies. Not much use going with out them. I'll meet you there?" The orange coated unicorn headed for his studio to pack. Meeting at the train station, they both boarded the train heading for Ponyville. ((OOC so decided to bring in Mikestar we did discuss bringing him in before so hope that is ok. Watch out mares, he's a bit of a 'mares man' but I think the right one could change him who knows... might need to work on his character sheet a bit for this. I don't plan to RP him as my ponysona as that would be boring! thought we needed a few more stallions in this RP Oh and decided to reverse colors for Derpy and Silver, if Derpy makes an appearance I'll be using the bluer color as it's more her. She's actually closer to my Ponysona .... weirdly enough.))