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  1. Lol, Your Fine Your not only one to submit Other as Faction I would like to Thank Everypony for helping me out on this school project. Not compiling Data for another few hours, but am saying an Early Thank you. have a Great Thanksgiving Everypony!
  2. O Wow.. I did not know that Google was blocked in China... I will see what I can do to set up a poll here for everyone who cant. EDIT: Took a bit, but Figured out the Poll stuff
  3. Thank you so much! Also, Sorry for those who don't like Google Doc. Im using it so I can Keep track of data easier for my end. Plus, Im still learning this site as I rarely use it.
  4. Hey, I ended up needing to make a poll on any topic for Schooling, and I figured to do mine on Bronies. If you guys would help me out and take it, That would be amazing. It is Quite Short, so should only take a minute or 2 of your life. If you did this already, No need to repeat. Thank you. Here is Google Doc Link if You want to use it instead. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19fEO3dDhO21mQsoNe0zcOZVpqwZjhN9EDLBppfUISIo/viewform?usp=send_form
  5. School Comes, Get new Computer, Forget about sites, come back year later :)

  6. Twisted_Shadow

    Hey Everypony!

    Welcome To Dah MLP Forums Hope ya Stay... Its Been Awesome The past Few Days Ive Been on ;P
  7. Welcome to MLP Forums I Would Say More Stuff... But Im Pretty Sure Everyone Above me As Summed Everything Up...
  8. That Moment When Your Bored, So You Check the Same Thing 3 Times in a Row

    1. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      I know your pain so well and relate to this xD

    2. Jadefire


      I do the same thing to the refridgerator when I'm hungry.

    3. Twisted_Shadow


      @JadeFire You Never Know what Could Grow inside That Fridge in the 20 Second Period of the Door Close...

  9. Welcome To Dah Forums Pink Mist, Hope Ya Get Going on the Forums Quite well (But By the Looks, You Kinda already did that on the Posting Side of things)
  10. Twisted_Shadow

    Hello MLP Forums

    Welcome Back to you Then When It Comes to My OC, I don't Know If I will do Much RolePlaying, Do to it having the "Mary Sue" Aspect to it of Tragic Backstory, and Rare Power of Dark Magic, Even if My Character has More Flaws then is Listed In this. I still put my Character in the Archives Just in Case.
  11. Twisted_Shadow

    Hello MLP Forums

    Thanks For all The Welcomes (Even though I Replied Late, It still Counts....right?)
  12. Twisted_Shadow


    Night, Day, Doesnt matter. Its Always Day somewhere... Welcoem to the Forums ~~Twisted Shadow~~
  13. Welcome To The Forums Cant Wait to see Material From ya and Meet ya more ~~Twisted Shadow~~
  14. Twisted_Shadow

    Im embarrased..

    Time will Take its Toll, and Eventually Everything will work itself Out. My Entire Family Knows I'm a Brony, and Did a bit of Teasing to me as well. But over time (and take BroniesUnite's advice) Everything will work themselves out. They can't Control Who you are. Also, Welcome to MLP Forums and the Fandom (a Month and half Late )
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