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  1. Appleloosa

    What is your height and weight?

    5'10" 155 lbs I'm in shape, I just wish I were taller....
  2. Appleloosa

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    sure dude! Lol, you don't have to ask
  3. Appleloosa

    This day just got worse

    As a fellow student whose GPA and grades have slipped over the years, your doodle it all too true to how I feel
  4. Appleloosa

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    I dont rp, but id be happy to hangout! mines "Appleloosa"
  5. Appleloosa

    Who hasn't watched the show in a long time?

    Right there with ya buddy. I havent seen a single episode since the one with Maud Pie the day it was aired. And skipped the 2 episodes before. Honestly I was one of those "Twilight with wings, shows over" people at the end of season 3. I hated that idea. So going into season 4, I didnt have much excitement. I wouldnt say my interest in the show is dying, I still look at the fan stuff and go on these forums alot. I just needed a break from the show. And now when I do decide to go back and watch it again, ill have 90% of season 4 to watch! Biggest challenge is avoiding all the finale spoilers
  6. A baseball glove forum... Not a baseball forum, but a baseball glove forum. Everyone there is nice though!
  7. Appleloosa

    What languages do you know or want to learn?

    I can speak Spanish at a pre-school level, and know about 2 words of Italian
  8. Appleloosa

    Hello fellow bronies!

    Ahh, I see well you seem really interesting nonetheless! Welcome! (again lol)
  9. Appleloosa

    Hello fellow bronies!

    Aw, sucks to hear about your finger. Hope it gets better soon! And welcome! Assuming by your name, Im guessing you like Luna in which case I like you already! haha
  10. For being the self proclaimed official MLP Forums 2nd Most Random Member (also for being a fellow Boondocks fan)
  11. Appleloosa

    Snapchat Exchange Thread

    Hey guys! As you know, Snapchats one of the newer social media trends getting popular these days. I for one love using it as a means of communicating with friends! And I recently thought it might be fun to snapchat some of the awesome people here! My snapchats "Appleloosa" same as here. I kinda realize its more of one of those things that most people are reluctant to publicize, but maybe it would be a fun thing to experiment with. Anyway lets see how it goes!
  12. Appleloosa

    Things you love that everyone seems to hate

    As a guy with friends who only play PC games and have an unrelenting hate for console (its the cool thing to do I guess?) For me its playing Call of Duty
  13. Appleloosa

    Do we have any Brony bodybuilders?

    I frequently go to the gym and lift, but by no means do i body build. mostly agility and lifting specifically for baseball. And I would never be able to wear mlp stuff there, wouldnt hear the end of it. Omg, it would be amazing to have some guy throw on 3 plates with a fluttershy tank