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  1. 5'10" 155 lbs I'm in shape, I just wish I were taller....
  2. As a fellow student whose GPA and grades have slipped over the years, your doodle it all too true to how I feel
  3. SWEET OC. 0.0

    1. Appleloosa


      Thanks! :) Autumn Rhapsody looks awesome too! Actually, I owe my OC to @Bronyette, I asked her to come up with a design and she drew up a masterpiece!

    2. Satsuki Kiryuin

      Satsuki Kiryuin

      Ohhhh, I see. He looks sweet. ^-^ The colour scheme and the mane is just great. :3

    3. Satsuki Kiryuin

      Satsuki Kiryuin

      Ohhhh, I see. He looks sweet. ^-^ The colour scheme and the mane is just great. :3

  4. I dont rp, but id be happy to hangout! mines "Appleloosa"
  5. Right there with ya buddy. I havent seen a single episode since the one with Maud Pie the day it was aired. And skipped the 2 episodes before. Honestly I was one of those "Twilight with wings, shows over" people at the end of season 3. I hated that idea. So going into season 4, I didnt have much excitement. I wouldnt say my interest in the show is dying, I still look at the fan stuff and go on these forums alot. I just needed a break from the show. And now when I do decide to go back and watch it again, ill have 90% of season 4 to watch! Biggest challenge is avoiding all the finale spoilers
  6. A baseball glove forum... Not a baseball forum, but a baseball glove forum. Everyone there is nice though!
  7. I can speak Spanish at a pre-school level, and know about 2 words of Italian
  8. Ahh, I see well you seem really interesting nonetheless! Welcome! (again lol)
  9. Aw, sucks to hear about your finger. Hope it gets better soon! And welcome! Assuming by your name, Im guessing you like Luna in which case I like you already! haha
  10. Good god, that Computer Science final made me wanna commit

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    2. Appleloosa


      Oh of coarse! Actually I REALLY shouldnt be joking about suicide like that :( Its just a saying me and my friends say that stuck to me. I dont mean anything by it.

    3. Moonlight Magician

      Moonlight Magician

      The thing is, I had a review I could have studied. I didn't think I would need to study, but boy was I wrong. I guessed on a lot of questions. Sucks being a procrastinator such as myself. :(

    4. Appleloosa


      You basically described my whole studying process right there haha

  11. For being the self proclaimed official MLP Forums 2nd Most Random Member (also for being a fellow Boondocks fan)