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    Do what thou Wilt be the whole of the law - Aleister Crowley
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    Guitar,Bass,Longboarding,weed,video games,MLP,The walking Dead,Breaking Bad,Dexter,adventure time, the elder Scrolls,Legend Of zelda,Resident Evil,COD,South Park,LOTR,Anime,MMA,Football,Hockey,Boxing,Minecraft,running,muay thai boxing,cars,Motorcycle's and music which is the most prevalent thing in my life. All kinds of music i dont play favorites, But i prefer Rock and alternative.

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  1. Stoney Pony

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Im working on 100% on GTA 5. everyone else already beat it 100% probably but i cant find all the spaceship parts and i refuse to look it up. cause then i feel like i killed the fun. That and im replaying castlevainia for the 3rd time. That game is perfect.
  2. Stoney Pony

    Guess what gender the user above you is.

    A Whatever
  3. Stoney Pony

    Odd or Notable Quirks and Daily Rituals

    I use to smoke, but i quit. but that was a daily habit for a while. Wake up have a square. Another ritual i have in the morning is Situps and Pushups i dont know why but i always do that. I also run quite frequently. Unless it's winter i stop running in the winter because winter's are bad in Chicago.
  4. Stoney Pony

    What's the last thing you ate or drank?

    TBK man that stuff rocks, I had a super king burrito. That thing is literally the size of a grown man's forearm. Nothing beats it.
  5. well manely (pun intended) because I smoke weed and one day on deviant art i typed in Flutterhigh and a bunch of funny pictures came up and this was my favorite. I change it quite frequently, i used to have one called Breaking Dash that had Rainbow Dash in a mugshot with a cigarette in her mouth holding up one of those signs that said something like ponyville penitentiary LOL. Thats the one i use the most because I love Breaking Bad and Rainbow Dash is just awesome. and i used to smoke cigarettes so it's kind of ironic to have a smoking avatar.
  6. Stoney Pony

    Other girly things you like.

    I have a Rainbow Dash stuffed animal, and a Fluttershy stuffed animal in my apt like right when you walk in on a shelf. My girlfriend jokes that's how she knows im not cheating on her because any other girl would walk in and walk right out! LOL
  7. Stoney Pony

    Dumbest/pointless stuff you did

    OMG i am the king of pointless and stupid, i jumped off my roof into my pool once. I hurt myself on multiple times at skate parks. I bungie jumped, spent the night in graveyards, camped out at bachelors grove, hit a police officer and ran, me and my friends used to play this game where you steal as much as you can then when someone tries to apprehend you, hit them and run. We used to play body shots which is where you hit each other as hard as you can in the chest and stomach until someone quits, I have burnt myself with lighter's, cut myself (for fun), Hit my head on the wall, punched holes in walls, punched a tree, cement, i got arrested for vandalism, spray painted "God is Gay" (kurt cobain one got it), Me and my friends actually kidnapped my other friend put a hood on him and told him we were gonna kill him for 5 min, I know right but he was cool about it he kept saying he knew it was not real. I did alot of stupid things. and i regret most of them but i was a stupid kid. They actually made me a better person today believe it or not, or dont! I DONT GIVE A F***!!!
  8. Stoney Pony

    Other girly things you like.

    MLP is Girly? i have not noticed, i really dont find it all that girly it feels almost intentional that they were trying to branch out into a new demographic. It's still a show for little girl's but it feels like when they were making it they knew they were going to get some male fans, teenagers, adults, female fans, stoners. But confidence to be who you are makes you a man or a women whatever you may be. I hate to be "that guy" in this thread but MLP is the only girly thing i really like, I dont look like i watch the show but i where MLP shirts all the time so that gives it away. The only thing that i can remember that was really girly borderline gay lol was when i went to Acen (anime convention) with my Ex girlfriend In full drag and makeup on her request that was super Gay (no offence) and i still cant believe i did it but that's about it. and this was when i was short and not very muscular so i actually looked like a chick. I wore this red dress real similar to ada wong's dress from RE, with fishnet's and a brunnete wig, the only reason i had the confedence to do it was because my girlfriend was with me. Otherwise i would be afraid of getting the $#@% kicked out of me. LOL I would be having a square outside and dude's would walk up to you trying to make small talk then when you spoke they where like " HOLY $#@^!!!" I also like to meditate but thats not really girly but i also am a total metro i have too have the finest clothes, i Use face creams and things like that. It's not Gay to care about how you look and women freaking love a guy who has style and can tell them what looks good on them. Men of the MLP forum Find your self a cool friend who's Gay, and have him teach how to tell what looks good on a women, and the best things from bath and body works to use. You will thank me later, when you two go home and are alone
  9. Stoney Pony

    Your Inner Demons

    I dont really know, I have lived a real tough life but i dont linger on it. I was lucky enough to repress my past with fun times and good memories of my teenage years. If they ever surfaced, that would probably be my inner demon. I really dont see that happening though. I have been going to a psychiatrist for a very long time and she tells me that i might have become a real evil human being if i did not learn to repress them. So I got off lucky, alot of people dont and you hear about them shooting up schools or becoming serial killers. and i dont hate them i truly pity them and feel sorry for them. I know what it's like to live with Darkness in your heart, to question if you deserved what you got. or if it was your fault, thats why i try to help out as many people that i can that have been through similar situations in there life. It gets me into trouble alot because the minute i hear someone is at the brink, i do everything in my power to save them, it's rather selfish of me to think i can pull someone from the edge but i cant stand there and watch them fall. If someone does not want to be here who am i to make them stay, but i cant help it when. I was ready to die no one was there for me so, i made it a point to be there for everyone else.
  10. Stoney Pony

    Have you thought of commiting a crime?

    Well, Actually Crime is my middle name! I have done every drug in the book Except Heroin, Meth, and Crack and have trespassed in Haunted Locations. Almost everyone of them humanly possible in my hometown. I got arrested once for assault but it was really SD. And me and my friends broke into house's and apartment complex's to drink on so many occasions i cant even recall them all! One of my motto's is it's only a crime until you get caught
  11. Stoney Pony

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Hell yeah, Animal Crossing is such a stupid, pointless game but i cant get enough! Im all like " I NEED THAT CARPET!!!" "THIS COUCH DOES NOT MATCH MY TV!!!" *SMASH* It's like a guilty pleasure of gaming for me but it really is quite purposeless. Like you really want this piece of furniture for your house so your running around town doing pointless tasks for your Lazy neighbors, Picking up weeds and being in debt for the rest of your existence! It's kind of like a metaphor for life!
  12. Stoney Pony

    Gaming What is your favorite FPS of all time

    I have fond memories of Playing Goldeneye on the N64 that game was legendary when we were young. Looking back at it you realise the game was crap. Halo was an amazing shooter but i would have to say my personal favorite was COD Black ops. Not only was it the best COD online in my opinion it was just an amazing shooter campaign wise as well! Oh, i almost forgot the airport level in Modern Warfare 2! Best level in a COD game...Wait dos that make me masochistic??? 0_o
  13. It would have to be the Master Sword, there is nothing greater! Either that or Vash's Angel Arm from Trigun. One in each arm so i could say "come at me bro!!!"
  14. Stoney Pony

    What are you listening to right now?

    What is and should never be- Led Zeppelin
  15. I just found out and i think manana (tomorrow) i am going to Jump off of the Sears (willis so people know what im talking about) tower! If you know me at all on this site then you know im the biggest batman fan ever, i have a Batman poster in my room, Batman keychain, Ive read almost every Batman comic and i Have an extensive library of Batman comicsas well, I post Batman at least once a week, I have every Batman movie, (yes even Batman and Robin) I have a batman suit, a life size Batman in my apt (yes sometimes when im with my girlfriend i put a sheet over it) Im a bigger Batman Fan then i am an MLP or Rainbow Dash fan and i am a huge Rainbow Dash Fan i have a rainbow dash plushi in my room too, ( yes sometimes i put a sheet over it when im with my girlfriend) There is a Batman sticker on my amp, and my bass guitar, and i even have my Batman sheets from when i was freaking 7 in my closet! so to find out one of the worst actors in our generation will play the fictional hero i based my moral code of off was devastating to say the least! Ben Affleck will never Be Bruce Wayne! NEVER!!!