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  1. Im working on 100% on GTA 5. everyone else already beat it 100% probably but i cant find all the spaceship parts and i refuse to look it up. cause then i feel like i killed the fun. That and im replaying castlevainia for the 3rd time. That game is perfect.
  2. Move Over Faith Hilling and Taylor Swifting, There's a new trend.

  3. Just Beat GTA 5, It was awesome beyond words. I wont ruin it for anyone who has not played it but at the end Pick option C.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Stoney Pony

      Stoney Pony

      I sped run that Bitch lol

    3. fimdash


      ah. some people beat these long ass games in a single day lol. it's crazy

    4. Stoney Pony

      Stoney Pony

      Agreed, I haven't even touched the side quests yet or the enormous amount of things to do in it either. It's a big game.

    1. CITRUS KING46


      To be honest, my initial interest in this song was borne of my mishearing the "clarity" for Best Pony.

    2. Stoney Pony

      Stoney Pony

      If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy. if our love's insanity, why are you my Rarity! :P

    3. CITRUS KING46


      I heard no other lyric. The "Rarity" clouded everything else out of perception.


    1. Stoney Pony

      Stoney Pony


  5. I use to smoke, but i quit. but that was a daily habit for a while. Wake up have a square. Another ritual i have in the morning is Situps and Pushups i dont know why but i always do that. I also run quite frequently. Unless it's winter i stop running in the winter because winter's are bad in Chicago.
  6. Alright guys, i have not smoked in a month and im about too so things might get weird! im sorry in advance!

  7. TBK man that stuff rocks, I had a super king burrito. That thing is literally the size of a grown man's forearm. Nothing beats it.
  8. well manely (pun intended) because I smoke weed and one day on deviant art i typed in Flutterhigh and a bunch of funny pictures came up and this was my favorite. I change it quite frequently, i used to have one called Breaking Dash that had Rainbow Dash in a mugshot with a cigarette in her mouth holding up one of those signs that said something like ponyville penitentiary LOL. Thats the one i use the most because I love Breaking Bad and Rainbow Dash is just awesome. and i used to smoke cigarettes so it's kind of ironic to have a smoking avatar.
  9. I have a Rainbow Dash stuffed animal, and a Fluttershy stuffed animal in my apt like right when you walk in on a shelf. My girlfriend jokes that's how she knows im not cheating on her because any other girl would walk in and walk right out! LOL
  10. OMG i am the king of pointless and stupid, i jumped off my roof into my pool once. I hurt myself on multiple times at skate parks. I bungie jumped, spent the night in graveyards, camped out at bachelors grove, hit a police officer and ran, me and my friends used to play this game where you steal as much as you can then when someone tries to apprehend you, hit them and run. We used to play body shots which is where you hit each other as hard as you can in the chest and stomach until someone quits, I have burnt myself with lighter's, cut myself (for fun), Hit my head on the wall, punched holes i
  11. My buddy from Vegas came to Chicago last week. we got a hotel room with a couple of friends, got really drunk then started walking around singing this song until people actually wanted to fight us! LOL

  12. MLP is Girly? i have not noticed, i really dont find it all that girly it feels almost intentional that they were trying to branch out into a new demographic. It's still a show for little girl's but it feels like when they were making it they knew they were going to get some male fans, teenagers, adults, female fans, stoners. But confidence to be who you are makes you a man or a women whatever you may be. I hate to be "that guy" in this thread but MLP is the only girly thing i really like, I dont look like i watch the show but i where MLP shirts all the time so that gives it away. The only thi
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