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  1. Don't give me that bananas. I'm pansexual. I meant going homo for ponies is wack. just my opinion, I just don't see it. Though I wouldn't that was 100% true. How do you know what something can do? I don't think we were suppose to build cites. I don't think dogs were suppose to be a pet, along with cats. There's a list of things that "aren't suppose to be". It's called evolution, everything is probably isn't planned out. And that unnatural thing was suppose to be a really bad pun..
  2. Going gay for an animated horse? Would people get "gay" over a character that has his/her character made from fanatic. If a drawing of an opposite gendered cartoon character made you gay, then I'd feel uncomfortable.
  3. To girly? Why would you worry about a necklace you aren't going to where outside your shirt? Being girly is the last thing to worry about. I don't care about looking girly because frankly people don't say it to me. And I made sure of it. If you want it, get it.
  4. raisins blazenraisins vinyls daVINYLs (based from Skype name, daWHITEFOXx, whitefox's my middle name((Literally)) vinylography vynilography (Spelled how people pronounced it) vynil vynik vynikk xxvynikk (Then capped) XXVYNIKK (XX's from The XX, XXYYXX, XHIXIX, XX, XOXO, etc)
  5. So these are pretty much all my work. Some aren't in there because I don't feel like posting some of my digital doodles. Then there's some private tags. And collabs. So these are thumbs, they're bigger. I would like some opinions of my work if I can get some. :)I don't own some of the stocks/resources/renders in this, so if you're curious, I'll try to tell you the source! I don't own the resources used in the makings of these, nor do I use them for commercial use.
  6. I use streams. Or just watch the episodes later. Since I have the hub (I don't use it often) I watch it on the tv. Sometimes I just watch it in livestreams, like the ones you see on EQD.
  7. It's better than scary movies, because it's in your face, and you're in control. Also people/commentators probably drink a lot of energy drinks. People like scary movies, blah. It's like the lesson in the halloween episode in mlp. Plus it's some adrenaline.
  8. Glazed donuts lays plain chips general candy Indian tacos (I'm a native american, my family loves them) bacon chicken condiments tea
  9. I spend my time opening the oreos packaging, being careful and precise. I grab an oreo gently in my grasp, then I put them in my mouth, then use my teeth to crush them into tiny parts while using my saliva to break down my foods.
  10. I don't like most bronies/people. I think fluttershy is overrated and her character is being over exaggerated. I don't like television, nor do I like movies. (some exceptions) I hate people who think children seeing reality is wrong. Yaoi and yuri is a stupid bandwaggon. Boobs aren't hot, they're milk sacks for pete's sake. religion is stupid. Some screaming in music shows emotions. Gameplay is always better than graphics. Consoles suck, pc rules. I think breast cancer patients are over worshiped.
  11. What's up. ///Even though I know about 10 bronies at my school, I'm not friends with not even one of them. So IRL bronies aren't such a thrill for me, (((sadly))). Welcome to the forum.
  12. Happy birthday!



      I'm pretty late to reply, thanks. :)