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  1. GottlosMann

    Which school year stressed you out the most?

    Senior year of high school. By that point, I was sick of the drama and monotonous classes, and beyond ready to leave. I had pretty bad grades, not because I'm not smart enough (trust me, I am), but because I can't do monotony, and that's all my homework ever seemed like to me.
  2. GottlosMann


    Kind of like Deadliest Warrior, except Death Battle doesn't try to bullshit you into believing a complex computer program was used to determine the result. Also I want to see Raiden from MK versus Raiden from MGS.
  3. GottlosMann

    Things you hate that everyone seems to love?

    Call of Duty. It's just the same recycled garbage every single year, and a lot of people pay $60 for it. Every. Single. Year.
  4. GottlosMann

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Me with my girlfriend (directly to my right) and her family on Thanksgiving. I use my hat because plates are for squares.
  5. GottlosMann

    cute pony pictures Everypony lets post cute pony pictures

    It is December, and we're nearing that special time of the year where we exchange stuff, and people like me get a couple weeks away from school. I'm feelin' it, everypony!
  6. GottlosMann

    Everypony's Nickname

    My girlfriend's taken to calling me Master. As far as online names go, I've been using Mister Asmodeus for accounts I've been creating recently.
  7. GottlosMann

    Post Your Favorite Gif!

  8. GottlosMann

    Write your username with...

    Nose: GottlosMann That was easy enough. Toes: G INPO VF B Elbow: saaqhpyglldkmsw nmj nm Beard: G0YT6YO0EKLWQJHUJHU Well, poo. I actually put a lot of effort into typing with my beard.
  9. GottlosMann

    Non-Pony Funny Pictures!

    And 20 characters later...
  10. GottlosMann

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    Forum Member Crush: I... Shit, I don't think I have one. Pony Crush: Luna IRL Crush: Till Lindemann. I don't care if he's aged a little. I like my men manly.
  11. GottlosMann

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    So I graduated high school today (WOO!). These are just a couple pictures that were taken before leaving for the ceremony. The lovely couple standing with me is my grandparents.
  12. GottlosMann

    Opposite Gender Pet Peeves

    Listen, ladies, no decision you're trying to make could possibly take the number of years you're taking. And if I see one more huge gallery of nothing but mirror selfies with a filter and duck lips, I'm gonna scream. To make it fair, guys, I don't want to see nudes of your lady. She sent them to you, not me.
  13. GottlosMann

    Has anybody ever pronounced your name wrong?

    Unfortunately, yes. My name's Zachary, and I've actually had teachers say Zatchary while taking attendance.
  14. GottlosMann

    Post your Desktop

    Ask my dad. I don't decide what OS gets used.
  15. GottlosMann

    Why assume people are trolls?

    Because it's easier to believe some people are trolls than to realize there really are people so painfully dumb. For fucking example: