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  1. I miss the days when the fandom was just /b/, /co/, Ponychan, Fimchan and EQD (and the synchtubes). All the imageboards pretty much hated each other, but everyone used most or all of them still. It was less balkanized and more of a communal feel back then
  2. Derpyfags are interesting. There are really two different kinds. There are the oldfags that were around on /co/ when she was christened and became fans of her because it was proof that the show creators were reaching out to their fanbase on 4chan and interacting with them. Then there are the newfags that like Derpy as meme And no doubt, all of the characters have their share of the weirdly obsessed fans, but I've noticed that Twilight seems to have a lot more than anyone else. I get the feeling that it has something to do with them wanting a nerdy girlfriend and kind of idealizing Twilight into that role
  3. You're doing it wrong if you're going to 4chan to be part of a community. It's really the anti-community in a lot of ways. Building an identity for yourself is highly frowned upon unless you're a content creator. It's built on the idea of judging posts entirely by what they say, not by who says them, and to focus on topics rather than people. It's a lot of fun when you use it for what it is
  4. Yeah, moot is brilliant. He literally found a way to monetize shitposting and trolling. Ponychan was good at one point in the past, but it got wrecked by endless circlejerkery and reckless mismanagement by the admin and mods. True story, I used to be a moderator there, it started going way downhill shortly before I resigned. MLPchan is alright, but it's slow as hell and /anon/ is rarely more than a porn repository now, and /mlp/'s constant elitism annoys me more than the porn ever did. Thony said it best a long time ago:
  5. Dashfags also sadly tend to be meme spouting spergs (I say this as a Dashfag myself). It's weird how fans of each pony are almost mini fandoms in and of themselves with their own personalities. Dashfags and Flutterfags tend to be the worst, there's just so many entry level "20% cooler ecksdee brohoof" people in it. Twifags are like, weirdly possessive of Twilight and generally have gone down deep down the waifu rabbit hole (the spaghetti was flowing freely among Twifags post-Flash Sentry, plus that dude that wants to marry his Twilight plush, Ember Storm, etc...). Pinkiefags run the gamut from fun people that never take anything too seriously and are quick with a joke, to really sad people clinging to Pinkie in the hopes of making themselves feel better. Rarityfags are usually decent but are super elitist, and Applefags tend to be pretty chill about the whole best pony thing
  6. I've not spent a ton of time on /mlp/, mostly Ponychan, MLPchan, the old /b/rony threads and occasionally MLPG back when it was on /co/. I'm a 4channer at heart though, so I agree with most of that stuff, except for wanting to sex horses. The daily bestiality threads were getting a bit tiresome Oh jesus my sides
  7. Frequently, but luckily I have a case for it. And insurance. I've never actually broken or ruined a phone before, although the last one I had before my smartphone I accidentally took a pretty sizable gouge out of the screen with the headphone jack of my laptop Edit: I actually did break my roommate's phone once on accident. I was picking it up to hand it to him since he had just dropped it, and it slipped out of my hand as I was bringing my arm up and flew across the room and broke in a few places. It was still functional but in rough shape. I felt so awful
  8. By and large, yes, she is. I think it's more because Dashfags tend to be sort of obnoxious, and people start to dislike the character because they dislike the fans. I like blue fast though, she's a lot like me
  9. why are weeks right before a long weekend always busy as fuck?

  10. All I would need are either Rainbow Dash (she can fly me off the island) or Twilight (she can teleport me off the island) But I guess if I had to, I would take Soarin for "background" pony, because best horse and he seems chill, plus he can also fly. I dont really know any of the people here, so I'll default to the most attractive female here (whoever that may be) because I'm gonna be that guy, and Tom Hanks, since hes got experience living on desert islands
  11. Pinkie Pie is annoyingly lolsorandomecksdee and Fluttershy is the definition of a boring and one dimensional character. Outside of the mane 6, the only ones i really dislike are the ones that have 5 seconds of time in the background and the fandom somehow gets obsessed with them (octavia, vinyl, doctor whooves, etc...)
  12. A+ breh, this is really well done. I particularly liked the "Grill Sergeant" apron. Color this if you can, it's a real solid piece of fan art
  13. I always feel weird because I don't really get crushes on fictional characters. Or really many at all. I think I can count them on one hand since high school
  14. I tend to avoid bronies if I see them, since the people that wear merch around in public are usually the kind of people I'm not too fond of. I did see a cute girl with a Rainbow Dash bumper sticker while driving around one time though. I probably would have said hi in that case
  15. Lel, I dunno. I don't even know what any of these ranks are or what they mean. I'm at whatever I'm at in like 2 or 3 weeks or whatever. I don't know if that's fast or slow or neither