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  1. Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers (9.5/10) Down the Road - C2C (9/10) Hood Gone Love It - Jay Rock (10/10) Awake - Electric Guest - (9/10) This Will Be the Day - Jeff Williams (9.5/10) Today, was a good day for music haha
  2. You know what really grinds my gears? When I can hear people chewing. Good Lord, it messes with me a lot haha, it's gross
  3. I don't really like Obama. He just didn't do a very good job. Also, I didn't like Skyrim, like at all... But apparently its like the best game in the world or something haha
  4. Norman Gilligan Magillicutty would be his full name. Why? Because he is a professional hamster, and he is also very classy! Haha and that is the best name I came up with for a Hamster.
  5. I really don't like close minded people. Just because someone is different doesn't mean that they are bad and should be shunned. I also hate Animal Abusers... I don't know what it is but Animal Abusers make me more mad that almost anything in this world. Also, people that live to put others down, it's never okay to make someone feel bad about who they are.
  6. Just pre-ordered Saints IV and GTA V... I regret nothing!

  7. Alright it seems there is no more rhyming, that stinks it was done with expert timing.
  8. I've always like Umbreon! When I was a kid, he would always remind me of a dog and as a dog person I thought that was the bees knees! Haha but I've just always liked his dark and quiet nature, and he's always my choice in Pokémon XD
  9. About 300 on GTA 4 At least 150 on Saints Row the Third 100 on Halo (series) Probably 90 - 100 on Borderlands 40 on MW2 (It was a good game) and Minecraft 30 on Borderlands 2, Bioshock, and Portal 2 and about 25 on Forza Horizon (I have a lot of time on my hands haha)
  10. Is it strange that I only post one status update like every few weeks?

    1. Blue Bay

      Blue Bay

      I don't know, would it be strange, if I'd post status updates like...never?

  11. Huh... Can't believe I never saw those haha, you needed to get 1000 headshots with the AK to get it? Dang, I wish my MW2 still worked...
  12. I used to get sick sometimes, but after I got salmonella I don't get sick very much anymore. I'm not sure how it worked, but after that the only time I get sick is when it's a pretty intense illness. I consider myself kind of lucky all in all considering it only happens once or twice a year
  13. I feel like if our fanbase keeps growing, we may get stuff in even bigger games. Like maybe in COD there will be titles and emblems that reference it! That may be shooting a little high, but I'm just really glad we have even the slightest amount of stuff on there right now
  14. "Eeeeeyup" - Big Macintosh Hhaha but I really like the conversation Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy have before the party for Gilda; Um... Pinkie Pie... About this party for Gilda; do you really think it's a good idea? I mean... Don't worry your pretty little head about mean old Gilda! Your Auntie Pinky Pie's got it all taken care of! (Annoyed) I'm a year older than you. I also like the song about Zecora that Pinkie Pie comes up with
  15. Big Macintosh has always been my favorite! He has been my favorite because I feel like I can relate to him, just in the background, doesn't say much, but is there to help if needed