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  1. You may haven't been on here for nearly a month now, but happy birthday anyway! :D

  2. I guess I'm the only one there that dislike Pinkie Pie and Discord.Ok.And no,I dont regret I just stated it.

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    2. Zero


      Yeah, at fist I thought she was funny and cute, but now she just gets on my nerves. :S

    3. sibonny


      She is the only pony from the Mane 6 I hate.And oh well,I dont really dislike Discord.He just isn't my favorite villain:|.

    4. Smarts


      Eh, I find her charming at times, but she can be annoying. That's why she is 5th on my list. :)

  3. Drawing something while listening to some dubstep mix.

  4. I guess I'm from the few ones there that their school start in September.Ok.Yay more sleepless nights.

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    2. sibonny
    3. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Most people who don't start school in September get out later than those who start in August. One might get a week more than the other, but they're more or less in school for the same amount of time.

    4. sibonny


      Yes,in a way.But long holiday mean happiness no matter what.

  5. If people saw s status with a band/movie/whatever they hate/dislike,they can just go away.Is the respective opinion,and you cant change it,not to mention that to comment on something you dislike/hate is just.So how about going away if you dont like it instead of coming there and showing your hate like the person who posted it give a f*** about yours?.

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    2. sibonny


      You dont need to say sorry because I didnt understood your sarcasm....and hold on a second,if you were sarcastic this means that you actually agree?:o

    3. Blue Bay

      Blue Bay

      I agree with your opinion "If you don't like it, just ignore it", yes.

    4. sibonny


      Finally somebody understand.

  6. Listening to Hollywood Undead.I love this band so much,specially J-Dog,Charlie Scene and FunnyMan(love the rest too,those are just my special ones)

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    2. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      I tried listening to them, I thought they were horrible, no offense :/

    3. Zero


      Meh, they're alright. :3

    4. sibonny


      No offense at all,I dont care about other opinions anyway.

  7. *spoiler* NightMare Moon return in season 4 OMG.

    1. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      Typing "spoiler" doesn't prevent the spoiler from being seen, you know...

    2. sibonny


      I know.But people can just go away if they see it.

  8. I think I'm the only brony who prefer Sombra over everypony.Ok.He is just underrated,not to mention that Meghan sucked to bad,I literally want to punch her in face.

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    2. sibonny


      Is that I hate seeing people who complain over other favorites,if they like it they can go ahead.People need to accept opinions,jeez.

    3. sibonny


      Many reasons,Jade.And hey,I can choose if I want to punch someone into face for no reason basically,yay free country.


    4. Homura Akemi

      Homura Akemi

      Looks like I misspelled favourite on my comment yesterday. D:

  9. ...there is a wrestling related topic I've been not aware of?...oh my. Anyway. Honestly, I'm not that interested that much(with Brad as general manager, I can just think about Brad pissing a superstar and being destroyed.). Oh well, honestly apart from this, there are two things I want to see 1) I don't know about you, but I find that Brock attacking Punk was a start of a (very interesting and beautiful) feud. To make it more interesting, let's put Heyman at the ring-side so we can see who he choose >D (or at least if he choose Punk, to see Heyman getting F5-ed for good.). But apart from t
  10. Watching 1000 Ways To Die.I love that show so much >D

    1. Smarts


      Watched it twice. Quite amusing if I do say so myself. I never laughed at death before until I watched that show.

    2. ~SadisticFluttershy~


      Ive seen that show.. It amazes me that how some people die by things that you wouldn't normally get killed by -_-

    3. sibonny


      I guess this is the effect of stupid people.@Chaotic Fluttershy

      And yes it is...some deaths just crack me up.The only way for me to feel sorry for them is when the person who die didn't did nothing wrong @SmartyPants


  11. I should like to help,but I didnt thing my art skills are that worth However, if there is anything I can do I should love to help
  12. sibonny

    Ask Queen Sierra

    no. I prefer blood,ponies heart's and crystals
  13. I didn't stated that that kind of 'classic vampire'..He dont even know on what he feed,so this born the theory that Sombra eat ponies IMAO. Or maybe he was just evil?Trauma?..Sold it soul?There are many options,actually.
  14. Maybe that's the reason why he did what he did,he need fear and sadness to feed on...or maybe he actually wanted to be evil and he just feed on crystals....and what if...Sombra is a changeling that took the form and then kill the original...and what if the original was the previous king of The Crystal Empire before Sombra took over?!*mind-blow*
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