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  1. You think I'd never come back? Think again!
  2. Feld0, when will you ever come back to the Wii U Forums? :(

    1. ~Rogue~


      When he's done with Poniverse

  3. That's reasonable... Thanks.
  4. I'll be trying to get 50 mice in one room at www.transformice.com! Hopefully, it'll work, but I need your help. Tell EVERYONE You know. I'll be posting it on every forum I find. Hope it'll work. Try and visit every day that's on the post, though you don't have to. Day: November 9th, November 12th, or November 13th Time: 3:00PM ET (Ends whenever you want ) Instructions: Go to the site. Once you're logged in and completed the tutorial, type in the chatbox: "/room love" And then start playing! Hopefully, it'll be the biggest party. And you have 3 days to go to it!
  5. I wonder why this got moved...
  6. I feel like I can't handle 2 forums at once. :'(

    1. Gummy


      I am on 3 haha.

    2. Finesthour


      I quit my old forums for this one. Lol.

  7. PONIES!!! Just kidding: I don't know why, but MASHED POTATOES!
  8. o_O Must... not.... become...... a...... POST WHORE!!!!
  9. You're not the only one. XD
  10. A third of the community has voted. Yay! Anyways, I always wonder why blue always wins. Anyone have an answer? Excuse me, anypony have an answer? Yes we can.
  11. I'm pretty sure that Celestia was in her comfy throne worrying about what's gonna happen to the mane 6. I'm pretty sure that Celestia was in her comfy throne worrying about what's gonna happen to the mane 6.
  12. I can access these forums from my school (School Holiday, but Mom's a Teacher). However, I can barely post anything do so many "Image Blocked:

  13. I predict that Discord will appear at the end of the series.
  14. Fetch the CHOCOLATE!!! GOOD BOY! Steals last post....
  15. I didn't even know that you could cosplay a pony without being killed by non-pony-believers! Looks great!
  16. 71 members voted! That's a real accomplishment!
  17. Wish I had a good image to use so I can win....
  18. No. Not at all. Cause then I would rule the world! Cause as I once said:
  19. I have shared my MLP secret to my friend. Weirdly, she also was a brony. Cool. XD

    1. Fillyshy


      Are you serious? :o

    2. Clod


      That's pretty cool, especially in 2011 when it was less common.